Friday 26 April 2024

Activities That Help Kids Improve Their Communication Skills

Activities That Help Kids Improve Their Communication Skills

Strong communication skills are important for children, especially as they grow older and begin to navigate going to school full-time. We recommend trying out these six engaging activities that help kids improve their communication skills. These activities will make the learning experience as enriching and educational as possible. They will help your children cultivate their understanding and interactions with the world around them.


Show-and-tell stands as a timeless classroom favorite, encouraging children to speak confidently in front of a group. This activity requires kids to select an item of personal significance and prepare a short presentation about it. Through this process, they learn to organize their thoughts, articulate their feelings, and engage an audience, all while building confidence in their public speaking abilities.


Charades combine fun and movement with learning communication skills. By acting out words or phrases without speaking, children sharpen their non-verbal communication skills and enhance their ability to interpret body language. Charades foster teamwork and empathy as participants learn to understand and be understood without words.


The game of telephone involves kids whispering a message from person to person until it reaches the end of the line. This activity highlights the importance of clear articulation and attentive listening. It amusingly reveals how people can distort information. This fun game teaches children the value of precision in speech and the role of active listening in effective communication.

20 Questions

Playing 20 questions can help improve a kid’s questioning and critical thinking skills. The guesser must ask up to twenty questions to identify an object chosen by another player. This game helps your children hone their inquisitive minds, teaches them to formulate clear, specific questions, and allows them to deduce answers from given information. This style of play promotes logical thinking and patience in communication.

Picture Storytelling

Picture storytelling allows children to create narratives based on a series of images. This activity enhances creative thinking and storytelling skills as kids learn to construct coherent stories with a beginning, middle, and end. It also teaches them to convey complex ideas and emotions, improving their expressive abilities and imagination.

Model Building

Model building sharpens a child’s ability to comprehend and follow detailed guidance. This hands-on activity helps kids cultivate patience and focus, encourages them to ask clarifying questions, and forces them to address challenges they may encounter. Thankfully, supplies for model-building are relatively inexpensive, so you can get your kids started on this fun hobby right away!

Activities that help kids improve their communication skills play a crucial role in their overall development. Each activity shown above provides a unique avenue for children to enhance their ability to express, interpret, and connect with themselves and others. As they work through these experiences, they gather essential tools that will help them navigate the broader world of interpersonal interactions and self-expression.

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