Thursday 11 April 2024

Our Favourite Toys For Outside

We have an above average sized yard and we take full advantage of outside play time and adventures. Since we run a family child care centre we need to have plenty of things to keep the kids busy and having fun. Learning to climb, pull, push, balance, and share is a vital part of growing. 

Over the years we have gone through hundreds of different toys and found what works and what doesn’t. Some toys are just too high off the ground and regulations can be strict about what the kids are allowed to climb. Some toys are at the right height but kids like to push and fight over them so it’s best to keep them low to the ground just in case. For the older kids we have a fenced off area that is not for daycare use. 

This year we bought some awesome new toys and I feel they are the perfect size and encourage plenty of sharing and adventure. 

This slide (that you can find here) is one of my favourites for sure. It is the perfect size for most kids aged 2 to 6 and is very nice colours. It also folds up for easy storage. 

I absolutely love both of these swing sets. They have benefits for both big and little kids. This wonderful set has the big basket swing and an individual swing for different styles of fun. The swings (swing set with two swings found here) are the perfect height for kids to get up and down on their own and reduce the risk of falls and injury. This one can also hold up to 660 pounds if you have big kids swinging or want to add different swings.

This swing is a crowd pleaser for everyone all the way to the grown up stage. My husband and I both enjoy swinging on this swing. Our daughter can swing on it for hours listening to music in the sunshine and she is 14 years old. This swing (you can get here) is probably the best investment for me so I can finally have my hammock back in the summer without kicking my daughter out of it. This one can hold 500 pounds so it is going to last forever. 

Sports are a must have so we always have plenty of balls around. All the kids enjoy throwing basketballs or any balls so now they have a place to score some points and work on their skills. This basketball hoop (you can get here) is adjustable and made pretty solid so it should stay together for years to come.

We are always going to have the sandboxes around because this is a time honoured tradition for all kids. The best one to get is the turtle (which can be found here) because it has a lid and nice round sides just in case kids trip and fall around it. 

We have gone through hundreds of different shovels and buckets over the years and these are absolutely the longest lasting and strongest for rough kids. (Find your set here)

One thing that has lasted for ever is our amazing strider or balance bikes. (find your strider here)These little bikes help to teach kids how to balance on a bike way before they learn how to peddle. You can encourage proper biking techniques, rules like wearing a helmet, and bike safety that will come in handy later in life. 

We always have the classics like cozy coupes, or ride on cars because they are always a crowd favourite. Teaching little ones how to watch out for each other and learn about traffic is a great way to teach safety. We try to do a car wash once every summer to show them how to care for their little cars and encourage responsibility. Teeter totters, and tough wagons are always a great idea as well. 

We use this adorable tunnel we had gotten from our Lovery box for an outside toy and the kids have a blast rolling around and taking turns going through the tunnel. You can always find a tunnel (like the ones here) that are meant for outside play time as well. 

Another great purchase is a balance beam. We have used this balance beam for years and it is so well built that is has no cracks and no missing pieces. There are many other balance beams and stepping blocks available but these ones are definitely the best for big groups you want to play together. 

What are some of your favourite toys for play spaces? We also took the time to create a grown up play space as well because we need a place to hang out and relax as well. A gazebo (like ours found here) an egg chair (this one is similar to ours) and some comfy couches (like these ones) are perfect for grown up time.

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