Tuesday 23 April 2024

Scandinavian Home Design: 5 Tips to Get it Right

Scandinavian style has become increasingly popular in recent years for its clean, minimalist aesthetic and focus on functionality. If you’re looking to embrace the Scandinavian home design trend, here are five tips to help you get it right:

Choose Light and Neutral Colours

A hallmark of Scandinavian design is the use of light, neutral colours like white, beige, grey and light blue. Painting your walls or cabinets in these hues creates a bright, airy feel and makes small spaces appear larger. To add warmth, incorporate natural wood elements and accessories in muted, earthy tones like brown, black and green. Avoid loud, bold colours and patterns that feel cluttered.

Incorporate Natural Materials

Natural, untreated materials like wood, cotton, wool and leather align perfectly with the Scandinavian design ethos. Opt for furniture and accessories made from sustainable, unvarnished woods with simple shapes and clean lines. Use cotton or wool textiles with minimal patterns. Leather adds durable comfort. Natural materials provide texture and warmth while maintaining the light, breezy style that defines Scandinavian decor.

Choose Functional Minimalist Furniture

Scandinavian furniture favours function over ornamentation. Seek out clean, minimally adorned pieces like wood dining tables, upholstered sofas without excessive detailing, and wood or rattan chairs. Ensure your furniture is highly practical, with ample shelving and storage space. Multifunctional furniture, like sofas with hidden storage or beds with built-in nightstands, maximises usefulness while embodying Scandinavian simplicity.

Add Pops of Colour and Pattern

While a Scandinavian room is predominantly neutral, you can add interest with pops of colour and pattern through accessories like throw pillows, rugs, and wall art. Look for graphic black and white patterns, or bright accents in colours like yellow, green, red or pink. Use sparingly against your neutral background to keep the look and feel relaxed and streamlined. Handwoven rugs, ceramic objets d’art, and floral accent pillows or wall hangings are ideal.

Choose the Right Flooring

Flooring is a major design element that sets the tone for your Scandinavian space. Here are some top options:

Hardwood: Light-hued maple, ash or oak hardwood floors suit the clean, contemporary Scandinavian style. For added uniqueness, consider a custom design from a high-end brand like Dinesen. Their planks come in lengths up to 15 metres, offering seamless continuity and a breathtaking focal point. A Dinesen flooring installer can help you achieve the luxury Scandi vibe you’re aiming for.

Tile: Natural stone tiles like marble, travertine or slate bring an earthy vibe and a subtle hint of pattern. For cooler tones, try porcelain tiles designed to mimic stone. White tiles also keep things light and bright.

Laminate or Vinyl: Budget-friendly laminate or vinyl plank flooring can closely emulate pricier hardwood if chosen with care. Seek out convincing wood-look options in pale natural shades.

With a neutral colour palette, natural materials, functional furniture and subtle patterns, you can fashion an inviting yet minimalist Scandinavian interior. Focus on simplicity, practicality and a light, spacious ambiance. Your home will embody the best of Scandinavian design principles.

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