Tuesday 30 April 2024

Wild Acorn Presents Kids' Comfortable Sleepwear

Keeping kids comfortable is top priority as a parent. You always want them to look cute but when they are in uncomfortable jeans and tight shirts they don’t feel their best and it makes it tough to play and explore the way a child wants to. Having adorable clothing that fits right, lets the air in, is easy to clean, and can handle the tough playtimes thrown at it can be a challenge. Wild Acorn has stepped in and brought the world cozy bamboo clothing. 

Wild Acorn, the pioneering bamboo clothing line for kids, proudly announces the launch of its eagerly awaited Spring Collection. Created by certified Baby-Led sleep consultant and Influencer Star Sarah Bowmar, Wild Acorn is redefining children's sleepwear with a focus on optimal sleep and comfort.

Sarah Bowmar, driven by the quest to create the perfect sleepwear for kids, drew inspiration from her own experiences as a mother. "What inspired me to create Wild Acorn was my daughter, who slept best in bamboo," shares Bowmar. Bamboo, being 3 degrees cooler than traditional fabrics like cotton, formed the foundation for a collection dedicated to promoting healthy sleep habits.

Wild Acorn's Spring Collection features hypoallergenic bamboo fabrics, ideal for children with sensitive skin, especially those prone to eczema. The temperature-regulating qualities of bamboo make it suitable for year-round wear, ensuring little ones stay warm and cozy in winter while keeping cool in summer.

The Spring Collection encompasses a diverse range of products tailored for babies up to five years old. From foldover mittens and bundlers to tie gowns, each item is intricately designed to enhance healthy sleep habits. The designs draw inspiration from Sarah's travels, nature, and the Bowmar family's life, featuring water-painted designs that showcase their connection with bunnies and chickies.

The brand extends exclusive discounts to military personnel, healthcare workers, first responders, and teachers. Sarah Bowmar emphasizes, "Our goal as parents is to help other parents and better the lives of children. We want to provide a clothing line that is accessible to all families."

For more information on Wild Acorn and to discover their exclusive discounts, visit their official website at wild-acorn.com.

These outfits are so cute and can be worn everyday of the year. Let your kid play and explore while being hugged in soft and durable bamboo bunnies and bees (or any of their other amazing designs) 

Take a look at the whole lineup and see why so many parents are choosing to buy Wild Acorn clothing for their children! 

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