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Considerations To Make Before Filing for Divorce


Considerations To Make Before Filing for Divorce

If you’re struggling to get along with your partner or feel you’ve fallen out of love with them, you may think that divorce is the only solution. However, legally ending your relationship is a significant step that impacts you, your partner, and your children. In this article, we’ll discuss considerations to make before filing for divorce.

Plan Some Time Apart

Marriage can be difficult, especially when juggling raising children, having a job, and caring for a home. The stress of all this can pile up and increase your risk of arguing with your spouse.

Consider planning some time apart; for example, you can take yourself on a solo date or enjoy a weekend getaway with your girlfriends. When planning your time away, openly communicate with your spouse and keep things equal. If you take yourself out to eat one weekend, allow your spouse to do the same the next weekend.

Pro Tip

In addition to dedicating time to yourselves, you may set up some date nights together. Over a month, each of you may have one solo day and a date night to keep things balanced.

Legal Separation

Although some of us associate divorce and separation as the same thing, legally speaking, they’re two different options. Some couples find it helpful to have a legal separation before deciding on divorce.

During a legal separation, you and your spouse will live separately and divide your assets, finances, and responsibilities while remaining legally married. This can give both of you time to reflect on your marriage and decide if divorce is truly the right decision.

If you’re unsure whether divorce or legal separation is right for you, analyze your situation. This gives you time to work on your relationship without fully committing to ending it.

Couples Counseling

Couples counseling is a common consideration to make before filing for divorce. This can be especially helpful if you struggle to get along with your partner but aren’t sure you want to end the relationship. A counselor may help you better communicate with each other and offer solutions to common issues that may arise in a marriage.

Couples counseling can also help you work through any underlying issues that may be causing tension in your relationship. Approach couples counseling with an open mind and willingness to listen and compromise. By remaining willing to work on your relationship, you can save your marriage and avoid the pain of divorce.

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