Tuesday 14 May 2024

Dandelion Crafts To Enjoy This Summer


Getting the kids outside and enjoying the sunshine is one of the best ways to create lasting memories and have loads of fun. We absolutely love to incorporate nature into our daily activities and the kids love to learn about the environment at the same time. I love the bright and cheerful colour from dandelions and they can easily be one of natures most ignored jewels. Take the time to look at how pretty they are and if you can get some use out them that’s better for you and them!


You will need:

  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Markers
  • Dandelions
First cut out your lions head. I just freehanded a puffy cloud style shape for each one. You can always draw them out and trace them if you like using any clipart off of google. 

Then punch out holes in the cardboard using a sharpened pencil. The pencil should make the perfect sized holes for putting the dandelions inside.

After that draw a cute lion face onto each piece of cardboard. 

Take the kids outside and let them collect buckets of dandelions. After they have a bunch let them each thread the dandelions through each punched hole. The dandelions make a gorgeous lions mane that looks so pretty when it’s filled in. 

I am going to encourage parents to take this lion with them on hikes and walks to create multiple styles and colours of lions manes. Not only is this an excellent fine motor skill but it keeps he kids entertained when they are walking or hiking. 

I loved this craft and I could see us using other shapes to create this again and again. 

The next craft we did was simple dandelion crowns. The kids loved making them and posing for pictures. Lots of princesses and princes with nature crowns to make parents proud! This is an excellent flower crown tutorial you can read to make your own. 

Another great dandelion craft is to create a sun-catcher using the leftover dandelions the kids collected. I love making sun-catchers with the kids because I know parents get to see them everyday when they place them on their windows. They are so cute when they are done and the kids get to proud of their gorgeous artwork. The best way to make these is the same way we make our other DIY sun catchers but instead of using tissue paper on the transfer paper we use dandelions or leaves and other great pieces of nature. 

What other dandelion crafts have you done this year? I would love more ideas. 

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