Thursday 16 May 2024

Our Stay At The Delta Grand In Kelowna


This year we finally decided to start taking some time out for ourselves and our family even if it meant doing some staycations. We rented a 2 bedroom suite at the grand hotel and resort in Kelowna and it was good for the one day we stayed. I definitely had some pros and cons about our hotel stay that I would love to share with others in case they have the same hotel in mind. 

Let’s start with the positives and share what we really liked about our stay!

First off the hotel was very clean and the staff was very friendly. They were very informative and helped us find everywhere we needed to go. 

The housekeeping staff was buzzing around the building cleaning and sanitizing the whole time we were there, and they were very polite. 

The rooms were very big and the suite was beautiful and had a full kitchen, each room had a tv and you could easily sign in to Netflix or use the tv guide to watch shows. The beds were very comfortable and the pillows were the perfect size and had the right amount of fluff. The duvet was nice and light and the sheets were very soft, making for a very cozy sleep.

The balcony access was on the floor level so we were able to walk out and go for a walk around the lake right from our room. They had a nice little table all setup for sitting outside and enjoying the view. 

There were plenty of options for entertainment like a bar, restaurant, casino, pool, spa, and more. We didn’t have a chance to sit and eat due to the time restriction in our itinerary but it smelled amazing. The casino was lots of fun and we did pop in for a drink and some budget betting. We both had $20 to use on the slots and I had won up to $120 but lost it all in the end. 

I got this fantastic suite for an amazing price using my favourite travel credit card, I used my Avion Rewards card by RBC and was not only able to save hundreds of dollars by using points but I also earned points on everything when we used the card during our stay. I will be booking many more amazing hotels with this card so I can bank up my points and get vacations for much cheaper than the regular price. We stayed there because it was walking distance from where we had tickets to see the amazing comedy show of Gabriel Iglesias! That was a wicked good show and if you haven’t watched him yet he is on Netflix for your entertainment needs. 

Now for the negative stuff. 

We don’t have much to complain about except for the fact that for the amount of money we had paid you would expect a free breakfast buffet as a perk. They offer nothing for continental breakfast so that was a bummer. 

The pool was also very mediocre. The amount of money that place makes they should be able to have a bigger pool with slides and floaties available for guests. 

Our final complaint was there was no bath robes offered in our suite. I would have happily worn one all night long and then purchased it as a keepsake as well! 

Other than those minor complaints I loved being there and running around with my family at night. We stayed up until 3 am wondering around town and playing in the halls and other areas of the hotel and it was so much fun. 

If you get a chance to stay at the Delta Grand Hotel in Kelowna I suggest you jump on that opportunity. Even Gabriel Iglesias stayed at the Delta and shared his pic with the world on his social media. We were really hoping to run into him and buy him a drink or some chocolate cake! 

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