Friday 31 May 2024

Reasons To Get A Window Bird Feeder

Our cat Beans (who is becoming quite the Instagram star) absolutely loves to watch the birds outside just like any cat should. We love to hear her make her weird sounds and chirps at the glass as she paws at the window and gets excited. As a family of animal lovers we also love watching the different birds come for a snack and our favourite has to be the squirrel family. The squirrels have gotten so brave now that they will even come up and take a seat right in the feeder and fill their bellies. 

We have gotten to watch some pretty amazing birds eat and socialize at our window feeders which is super cool. Not only is it a sight to see but as a daycare provider I can use it as an educational tool. We sit and watch the birds and discuss why they do the thing they do. The kids have learned about the different colours of birds and that daddy birds are brighter than mommy birds. We have learned that not all birds are friends with each other and that only certain ones will eat together. The educational factor is such a great bonus.

I love the fact that this neat window feeder feeds our feathered and squirrelly friends  during all seasons as well. Keeping them fed and healthy is such a great way to contribute to nature and help to keep our planet happy. You don’t usually think about these creatures as important but they are pollinators, pest controllers, and a big part of the ecosystem. The birds and squirrels pollinate hundreds of plants throughout everyday when they feed and explore. They also eat lots of nasty bugs that we don’t want to grow in population and keep native species of plants and animals in check simply by eating and maintaining the environment everyday. These creatures are important as food for larger animals as well so if they are staying healthy and reproducing they are doing their part for bigger predators by supplying them with food. 

We spend about $50 a month on quality bird and squirrel foods to keep them packed full of nutrients and living high quality lives. We watch for sales on feed, seeds, and come up with unique crafts to do with the kids that contribute to the environment as well. Planting flowers and trees that contribute to the birds and squirrels environment is a great way to make your yard look beautiful and ensure they choose to live around your home. Take a look at the amazing feeders like this study metal one and give it a try, you will be happy you did! 

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