Monday 3 June 2024

Rain Cloud Handprint Craft


Little hands and feet have to be one of my favourite keepsakes. I absolutely love how you can see the growth of each little human as the days fly by in daycare. We love to paint and using the weather as a source of your inspiration is always a great idea. Not only do you get a great work of art but it is an educational moment as well. 

Take the time to describe the clouds, where the sun is hiding, and the rain that comes down to add health and nutrition to the planet. This is a great way to take spring storms and turn them into stories of change and our wildly unpredictable and ever changing environment. 

To make this handprint craft all you need is:

  • Yellow, blue, and grey paint
  • Paper
  • Markers
Paint one hand at a time to avoid making a huge mess. Paint near the wrist yellow like a sun coming out from behind a cloud, paint the centre of the palm grey like a cloud, and then do the fingertips blue for the drops of rain. 🌧️ 

Stamp each hand onto the paper cleaning as you go. The sooner you wipe each hand the less mess you will have as you continue the craft. 

Let the paint dry and add the details like sun rays, clouds, and drops of water. If you are really artistic you can draw a child under an umbrella or a duck in some puddles or keep it simple like we did as this can be time consuming. Stickers always make a welcome addition for those who are artistically challenged. 

What crafts do you like to do when it’s raining outside?

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