Tuesday 25 June 2024

The Best E Bike For Teens


Getting an E bike for your teenager during the summer might just be one of the best decisions you can make. If you live in a busy area where traffic can be an issue, you work all day and can’t drive them back and forth or they just aren’t old enough to drive and hate catching the bus this may be the best option for you. 

Our son is 16 this year so he still has a little ways to go until he is ready to drive on his own. Not only does he need to learn the basics but driving is very expensive. Not only do you need to pay insurance but you also need to buy gas, the vehicle, maintain it, take the time to teach them and accidents can cost a fortune. This is why an E bike is the best option for teens who have busy lifestyles. This bike is absolutely perfect for all the travelling he is going to do, it goes for a long distance on a single charge, has big wide tires, has suspension, took less than an hour to put together, and cost under $1500. 

We chose to get our son a bike that goes around 50km an hour and can travel up to 50 -75 km in one charge. The bike also has fat tires for off road driving, headlight for night time, a phone holder, storage pouch for cell phone and keys, as well as a locking mechanism on the ignition and battery for extra security. 

Now our son can travel all around town to his friend’s houses and work without needing a ride. Pedal assist is a must have feature for when the battery dies or they wish to make it for longer distances. We ensured to get great full face helmets with goggles and gloves to ensure the proper safety measures are taken while riding. 

Now this summer our kids are all getting E bikes so they can get around town while we are working and we are all happy with our decision. 

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