Tuesday 11 June 2024

Tie Dye Water Fight


As a family we love to find new and exciting ways to make amazing memories with our kids and our friends. I have been creating fun and unique ways to bring joy and excitement to my kids lives ever since they were born and as they get older I have to be a little bit more creative. 

I have always loved water fights on hot summer days, not only is it a blast to chase each other around and blast water guns and throw water balloons but it is great cardio and cools you off on hot days. I had to brainstorm ways to create the perfect water fight with tie dye liquid and white shirts so we could have a keepsake and amazing photos at the end. 

First we tried to add liquid dye to the balloons before filling them but this took forever and made a huge mess. The dollar store balloons popped on ever 3rd one so we were just getting frustrated. Then I had the best idea I think I have ever had. 

I decided to buy the bunch of balloons (you can find them cheaper than Walmart here) that fill up handfuls of balloons all at the same time. I also found a new product called Better Than Balloons (find them here) and they are like round packets that fill with water using the special hose attachment that comes in the package. You tear them apart on the tear line and you have little packs of water that burst on impact. They are a little painful but lots of fun. We also took a funnel and filled these with tie dye powder before adding water. For the dye I found this amazing pack of just the dye powder in every colour of the rainbow (the entire package can be found here for way cheaper than Walmart) This is where the stroke of genius came into play.

By taking a colour of powder and dumping it into the bunch of balloons fill holes and giving them a little shake to ensure it all makes it into the balloons we saved hours of balloon tying time and the dye is now super concentrated tie dye product meant for this very thing. 

We filled up buckets of water and placed them strategically around the yard and added dye packets to them as well as a water gun so every person had places to stop and refill their water guns with tie dye liquid if we ran out of balloons. We got our plain white shirts from dollar tree for $1.50 each and ensured to get safety glasses for everyone as well to make sure we didn’t get dye in our eyes or balloon pieces. 

The whole fight took around half an hour to complete and we got some amazing photos. To take photos of group activities like this one we use our phones and place them in a high spot with a great view of the festivities and then use our smart watch camera to take photos throughout the fun. All you have to do is remember to push the button every couple of minutes and you never know what you might snap. 

This amazing water fight cost less than $100 and we have water guns and safety glasses for future use. We got a keepsake ride shirt and lots of great pictures. We had so much fun putting this together and can’t wait to come up with another amazing activity for summer. What do you like to do in the summer that is fun for the whole family? 

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