Thursday, 18 January 2018

Recently Engaged? Small Tricks To Save Money On Your Wedding

As the holidays come and go, it's almost tradition for countless people to get engaged. Whether kneeling in front of the Christmas tree or frolicking around in snowy bliss, the season set an ideal backdrop to say "Yes." And this year, you were lucky enough to make this commitment as well. 

Well, once you pop the question or slip a ring on your finger, the reality of the coming months hits:

You have to plan a wedding. 

While money might be on the top of your worry list, you don't need to let these woes take over. An average of 44,230 weddings take place every weekend, and these don't all need to be extravagant affairs. There are many ways to save money on your big day, but these are some choices you can make to save a little cash. 

Tie the knot in the off-season.

While you may have dreamed of a Summer wedding your whole life, booking during these peak months can rack up your bill. By booking your wedding in early Spring or late Fall, you can likely save on booking venues and caterers. 

Book your ceremony and reception at the same place.

Why book two different places when you can find one beautiful location to do it all? This will not only be easier on your wallet but on your guests as well. Everyone can simply move to different parts of the venue depending throughout the day. 

Find a deal on a limo.

There are more than 130,000 limos in service in the U.S., and many of these are rented for weddings. But that does not mean you need to follow suit. It certainly pays to shop around for limo deals, but it might also be worth it to find other ways to get around. 

Get creative with the food.

To save some cash, many couples are skipping the sit-down mean and opting for something more budget-friendly. This could be a buffet or all appetizers for example. There are plenty of ways to work within your budget while still keeping your guests happy. 

Be crafty.

When it comes to the flowers and other decorations especially, get your friends together to see what you can create. By including natural elements especially, you can significantly cut down on your decor spending. 

Wear a non-traditional dress.

If you or your partner are wearing a wedding dress, take a different approach to finding your perfect gown. Consider skipping the bridal stores altogether and finding other dresses that you like. You may also consider refitting a dress that once belonged to a family member for a more vintage look. 

With endless ways to pinch pennies while still having the wedding of your dreams, feel free to get creative with your money-saving tricks. Because no matter how much you spend, you will still have a beautiful and memorable day.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

25 Ways to Organize Your Life in 2018

Did you know that one in four Americans wishes they were more organized? It can be difficult to get started, especially with the amount of clutter we have in our homes, offices, and digital devices these days.

The scientific benefits of staying organized include reduced stress, better sleep, increased productivity, better eating habits, and easier achievement of fitness goals. In a UCLA survey of around 1,000 women, those who described their homes as "cluttered" had higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Since staying organized is oh-so-important, I'd like to share this infographic with tips on how to stay organized in 2018 from Simply Self Storage. They detail tips and tricks for organizing every facet of your life including home, work, family, meals, and social life, as well as the scientific benefits to back up their importance.

Follow these hacks and you're sure to have a more organized 2018!

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

6 Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and it's the perfect opportunity to get crafty with the kids! While traditional cards are sweet, nothing says I love you like a homemade craft made from the heart. That's why I love these 6 adorable Valentine's Day printables that Personal Creations has put together for you and your little one to make using a few basic materials. 

The printables are templates that let kids create their favorite animal with just their handprint. Print the template of your choice, then have your little one stick their hand in washable paint and place on the template to create the outline of an animal.  Wait to dry, then help them complete the craft by cutting out and gluing additional pieces to your animal craft. You don’t have to be a DIY expert to make a masterpiece this Valentine's Day, just print the templates below for handprint crafts that are quick and cute!

You are Flamazing!

Of All The Fish In The Sea, You're The One For Me!

Hogs and Kisses!

I Turtle’y Love You!

Owl Always Love You

I Love Hanging With You!

5 Tips to choosing a great baby carrier

Having a baby is a blessing and a miracle. While having a baby is a very exciting chapter in one’s life, there is a lot that must be done in order to prepare for the baby’s arrival. A baby needs a lot of stuff such as diapers, crib, changing table, clothing, bottles, a car seat and baby carrier, among other items. Having a baby can be quite expensive which is why it is helpful when family and friends throw you a baby shower to help you acquire everything that you need to prepare for your bundle of joy. This article is perfect if you are looking for the best baby carrier for your unborn child. Perhaps you are going to add a baby carrier to your registry or maybe you are going to buy one on your own. Whatever you choose to do, this article will help you select the best carrier for your needs.

  1. Determine the type of carrier you want to use. Everyone has their own personal preference on the type of baby carrier that they will use. Here is a breakdown of the types of carriers that you should consider.
    1. Sling. This type of carrier consists of a wide piece of fabric that is worn across your chest and over your shoulder. You can select from padded or unpadded.
    2. Front carrier. This type of carrier uses two straps and has a cloth seat. The baby is worn in front of your body.
    3. Wrap. This type of carrier is a wide piece of fabric that is worn across your chest and wrapped around your arms.

  1. Consider the weather. While you may not think that this should be a factor in choosing the best baby carrier, it can be quite a challenge to find yourself in the midst of a summer heat wave wrapping up in a baby carrier. You will be very hot and sweaty after wearing heavy fabric as well as your baby all day long. Some brands offer a cool mesh option that not only makes the carrier lighter weight, but it will also prove to be cooler for you during the warm months.

  1. Where will you store the carrier? If you are going to be traveling or going to a place where you need to store your carrier in your diaper bag, you will want to consider wearing a wrap or a sling. The reason for this is that a sturdy carrier can be bulky and may not fold down into a diaper bag like a piece of fabric will.

  1. Maintenance. Taking care of your baby carrier will be a critical component to consider. Having a baby carrier can be helpful as you will be able to wear your baby around the house and get tasks done. However, your baby may spit up on the carrier from time to time making it so that the carrier needs to be washed. How easy will it be to wash and care for the carrier that you select?

Budget. Baby carriers can be quite expensive. Before choosing one and spending a lot of money, read reviews and conduct research on baby carriers. You may find an affordable carrier that can do the job and not break your budget. 

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Making a clean start in 2018

JUSTJUNK gives tips on how to defy the odds and stick to those New Year’s resolutions

It’s make-or-break time for all of us trying to start off the New Year on a new foot.
Researchers find that most of us have a tough time sticking to our resolutions — regardless of how well-intentioned they may be — for much longer than a month. That means by the time the February blahs set in, the majority of us have already said goodbye to those promises we made ourselves as the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve.
But that doesn’t mean you’re doomed to failure if you want to make a clean start on the year. Setting realistic goals and measuring progress can help provide the motivation you need to stick to your goals.
JUSTJUNK, a leader in the junk removal business for the past 15 years, sees a surge in business every winter as Canadians across the country resolve to declutter their lives.
“We’ve learned a few things over the years from our clients about what it takes for people to stick to their resolutions,” says Mike Thorne, President of JUSTJUNK. “Keeping it simple and fun will go a long way towards success.”
Here are a few tips from JUSTJUNK for a clean start in 2018:

1. Declutter your space
Whether it’s your office or your home, start with one room at a time and divide it into what you're keeping and what you'll be getting rid of. After you've decided on what you're keeping, then it will be much easier moving the pile of "junk" out of the room.

2. Declutter your schedule
It’s easy to feel frazzled if you’ve got too much going on in your life and you take on too many spur-of-the-moment activities. Establish routines with the special people in your lives — like movie nights, dinners or weekend hikes — and build them into your schedule so it’s not all about work.

3. Try new things
Be inventive with your free time. Try new activities, new games (or ones you haven’t played in years) or try your hand at a hobby you’ve had your eye on for ages.

4. Disconnect to connect
Make a concerted effort as a family to spend more time together and put down your phones, tablets and other electronic devices. Let every member of the family have a night to whip up dinner, read aloud to each other or try out one new activity together at least once a month.

5. Get outside more often
Get rid of all the “stuff” that fills most of our garages and replace it with gear to enjoy outdoor sports and activities.
Based in St. Catharines, Ont. and with franchises across the country, JUSTJUNK removes unwanted materials/items from residential and commercial properties including furniture, appliances, garden refuse and construction and demolition debris.
JUSTJUNK crews help ensure as much of the material they collect as possible is recycled or donated to charitable organizations for re-use, helping to divert waste from landfills.

JUSTJUNK removes junk and unwanted materials/items from residential and commercial properties including furniture, appliances, garden refuse and construction and demolition debris. The pricing rates include all labour, loading of the materials from anywhere on the property, clean up and all disposal or recycling fees. Customers are provided with an up-front, written estimate before any work begins.
To learn more, please visit:

DIY Terrarium

A decorative terrarium is just as cute as it is easy to care for and the best part is that creating your own may be easier than you think. Not to mention, these mini tabletop gardens make for the perfect gifting item. Whether you’re gifting for the plant lover, the hostess or just about anyone, a DIY terrarium is sure to put a smile on their face.

To help you create your own, ProFlowers put together a DIY terrarium video tutorial. With 5 simple steps, you’ll be on your way to creating a tabletop garden in no time at all. Let’s get started. 

how to make a terrarium

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Stylish and Swanky- The Range of New Age Interior Decoration Faux Plants

A calm and serene environment is something which every office personnel demands. It is very important to have a setting which helps in adding to the peace of mind in order to execute oneself completely. Now, what could be the one thing that can help build such an interior setup? The solution seems to be readily available in today’s scenario, and quite easily as well. Interior landscape design can be well achieved with the high-quality faux plants available these days. 

Important: Why?
This indeed is a pertinent question as to why should one go for artificial plants for interior landscaping ideas! A well defined interior setting reflects the enthusiasm that binds the place, elaborating its ability to produce a quality performance. A dull and mundane setting within the commercial spaces seldom attracts anyone, thus advocating its downfall. However, with such an intelligent option available, why should one take such risk? Simply frame your office interiors within your mind, choose the preferable synthetic plants and let them adore the corners and help remodel the setting. A well-designed office not only lures clients but also compels the employees to perform better.

Choose the Right One!
With technological inventions at their peak and intelligence of growing number of scientists, the number and varieties of fabric plants have just outnumbered ones desire. With so many types available one could be easily misleading and end up giving a wrong dimension to the office interiors. For indoor plant service, it is required to select the ones which would be appropriate for the given size, purpose and taste of the office. Suiting the purpose of the office is indeed important otherwise this beautiful idea loses its significance. Depending on the area you are about to replenish with style, choose the products. 

How to Go About It?
If you are someone who is new to this idea of fake plants, then having various questions in your mind is cool, and quite obvious. While going for interior landscape designing, first scale your office area altogether. Having a mental picture of the interiors is important so as to work towards reproducing it and nothing else. Selecting different faux plant styles suiting various areas indeed holds great significance. If the area is small then going for small potted plants hanging in the corners could be an idea. Placing synthetic plant mats could be also useful to distinguish an area into different sections. 

One and Many!
To cater to one’s thirst for interior landscaping, Plantscape inc comes with several textures to these synthetic greeneries. A large number of types await your assurance to add demeanor to the interiors: topiaries, boxwood hedges, bonsais, orchard trees, palms, potted plants and so many other kinds, all made of high-quality synthetic fabric which gently mirrors the actual plants in great details. All of these varieties are scientifically designed to last long lives and enhance the situation to a higher standard. When thinking about remodeling the entrance of a hotel lobby, or escalating up the view of a restaurant, the choices are just too many!

Fire and Water: Keep Off
Interior landscaping with natural plants could hover in some minds since many people think they could be a better option, but all in vain. Natural is not always beneficial, and it is a high time people understood this. When going for real plants, not only one has to invest much care to survive the plan but also deal with the problems which come for free with the oxygen-giving lives! Is not the world always complaining about a shortage of water and time! Then how is it possible to invest a great deal of water which is a must for the living plants; even if that becomes possible, would you have the time to spend on such maintenance purposes? This shows you an orange signal to landscaping with real plants. With no ability to keep fire off them, living plants further alarms with a daunting red signal!

No Maintenance. Check!
Make up your mind for interior landscaping, select the fake plants imitating the real ones to suit your demand, and that is it! After installation, just sit back and relax as you have to spend no extra cents or seconds for those beautiful and captive greens to exacerbate their outlook. No maintenance is the catch for these saintly products as commercial spheres finds it hard to invest both on time as well as capital. Achieving the required results at minimum time and expenditure attracts many people more so when they do not have to worry about taking care of them.  

Benefits: A Lot.
Natural plants may look divine, but on certain levels synthetic ones have surpassed them, even mimicking their appearance rightly! When talking about the benefits of plant scape with faux plants, one can very easily lose count as they are so many! 

· Firstly it saves the time which one has to spend on producing a real plant.
· These artificial greens do not require any kind of nourishment for its survival as they are non-living.
· Even with life-less ingredients, these fake ones deliver the right amount of liveliness, good enough for people to believe they are real.
·  Keeps off problems like fire and insects; therefore preventing these ailments from affecting its high and lustrous quality.
· Serves for a long period with hardly any maintenance. Occasional spells of rain or a light dusting are enough to make them look as good as new.
· Available in various types which gives the designers a good platter to choose from.

After going through the intricate details with which these lifeless beauties come with, should one be a fool to not choose them over the real plants! Who does not like real plants but they come with the harsh realities as well! Moreover, the faux plants look no less than the living ones and are in turn added to benefits so fruitful!

Friday, 12 January 2018

Valentine's Day Pun Printables

With Valentine's Day just over a month away, you might be looking for fun ways to say "I love you" to your family, be it your sweetheart or to your kids. While a traditional card can be fun, a fun card that you can print out and add as a note to their lunch is another creative way to show a little extra love!

That's why I love these V-day puns from Shari's Berries. There are 70 puns based on categories like animal, food, and science puns so you can pick out the perfect one for your kid's lunch! Plus, if you don't have the time to make a cute card, they've also included 10 printable pun cards that are super adorable!

I've included them below, but if you want to download them all you can visit their blog post or print out the PDF here.

Animal Puns:

Science Puns:

Food Puns: 

Nature Puns:

Supplies Puns:

What's your favorite pun?

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

The Doux Giveaway

The Doux® (pronounced The Do) is a “new school” modern hair care system with an “old school edge.” With packaging that is bold and bright and product titles inspired by 90’s hip hop, The Doux is poised to kill it with those seeking a way to smoothing curly, kinky, and wavy hair into both, curly or straight styles. The product is now available at Target making it the newest product to try for anyone looking to manage natural curls of all types and textures. 
Created by Maya Smith, a 25-year celebrity stylist and International Curl Master, The Doux was first launched in Europe in 2011 in response to her passion for helping people master the hair they were born with. STRAIGHT, NATURAL, CURLY, or RELAXED, according to The Doux, if you grew it, it’s ALL GOOD. “I was living in Germany at the time, had my own salon there and my specialty was helping clients to transition to a relaxer-free lifestyle. I’m obsessed with people maximizing the potential of the hair they were born with. Mastering curls is my passion and purpose,” explains Smith.
The people felt her passion through her products. The Doux blew up overseas so much so that it caught the attention of media in the USA. “Once we started getting press in the states the demand for The Doux was incredible. I had to return to the states and see this vision through,” Maya Smith explains. In 2014, Maya opened The DOUX Salon™ in Macon Georgia’s historic Downtown district and started selling her professional grade products at her salons and on-line.

Fast-forward three years and a lot of work and dedication, The Doux has arrived in Target stores; no easy feat for an indie brand. “We are so excited to bring The Doux to the masses. It’s 20 years in the making. We listened to 20 years of feedback from actual clients from Minneapolis to Morocco. We listened to what people wanted, a salon grade, high quality product that delivered on its promises. Helping people to manage and maintain their natural hair and celebrate their own bold, unique style is what the last 25 years of my professional life has been about,” Maya Smith shares. 
The Doux also redesigned its packaging, with the intention to disrupt the category. It’s bold with bright colors, which is the opposite of the more subdued look you see on the shelves currently. “I’m a fan of 90’s rap so I wanted to incorporate lyrics and titles in the packaging,” adds Smith. With titles such as Bonita Afro Balm, Mousse Def, Sucka Free, Fresh Rinse, and The Light, The Doux will most definitely catch the eyes of Millennials and Gen X’ers alike.


Shampoo and Conditioner
*SUCKA FREE™ Moisturizing Shampoo, *FRESH RINSE™ Conditioner
Sulphate & Paraben-free Shampoo and Conditioning Duo with Shea Butter & Sea Silk. A gentle cleansing system for thick, dry, or color-treated hair. Ultra-hydrating conditioner has amazing slip for easy detangling. Sea silk smooths the cuticle, leaving hair frizz-free and full of body. MSRP: $12.99 each.

*BONITA AFRO BALM™ Shine Enhancing Texture Cream Delivers shine and manageability for pixies, Afro's, tapered cuts, and twist/braid/coil sets. Certified organic botanicals, alcohol & paraben free. MSRP: $15.99.
*MOUSSE DEF™  Texture Foam Non-flaking mousse gives definition to curly styles without stiffness, cloudiness, or crunch. Soy proteins and natural humectants make this humidity-resistant styling aid ideal for thermal styling as well. MSRP: $14.99
*THE LIGHT™ Shine Mist Preserves color and protects hair from heat styling. Reduces drying time and delivers weightless shine to finished looks. Adds natural luster to natural styles. Infused with Black Cacao, Passion Fruit, and Palm Oil. MSRP: $14.99.