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Friday, 29 August 2014

Outdated Technology and How to Remove a Rat Infestation!

I recently posted about my cell phone being soaked in the toilet by my son, and I was able to save my ever so amazing phone here: http://www.funkyfrugalmommy.com/2014/08/wet-cell-phone-fix.html  As you can see I do not have a smartphone and am quite happy with that, it takes great pictures and that's what I use for photos on my blog. 

I recently got informed by Bell mobility that I am being forced to upgrade to a smartphone! Apparently if you do not have a smartphone you can no longer send or receive picture messages and could soon see a disruption in other services!?! I just called them the other day to find out why my messages weren't going through and got informed of this terrible news. I was told to go buy myself a nice new smartphone. As you can imagine I was not impressed, I like my cheap little phone it is sturdy and only cost me $15 a month for unlimited text and picture messaging. Now I need to go out and spend over $100 on a new phone and an expensive plan to keep up with technology. 

So my rat post is late because my only camera that I had all my pictures on for this post was my phone and I can't send them to my email. So after being angry I figured out a way to get it done so here we go!

Rat Infestation Solutions!

Oh rats! I have a hatred for rats that has grown since I got my birds (chickens & ducks) especially after reading about people waking up in the morning to find their beautiful chickens eaten and dead because of rats. Not to mention the fact that dirty rats ruin over $19 billion worth of food and goods in the U.S. as well as destroy hundreds of crops every year causing hardship for the hard working farmers. Rats need to be kept in line and there is a wide array of solutions available. I have done quite a bit of research on the topic to rid myself of the rats and here is what I have come up with. *I have included links where you can purchase the items on Amazon to save you time searching.*

Why rats are bad for your chickens: 


And a sick story of a rat attack on a baby:

The first method we tried is traps. We had success for about a month and then they got too smart for the traps and are now able to set them off without injury and eat the bait. If you have yet to try them there are a few different kinds:

This one is the one that worked for a while and we used peanut butter and contrary to popular belief yes rats do like cheese and it does work as bait in traps. 

These traps are worthless and haven't caught a single thing and we tried them along with the spring loaded ones above and the rats can set these off easily and eat the bait. They are a waste of money. The only reason I think people buy them is because they are much easier to set with no chance of snapping your finger inside.

These are much more humane and you can trap them and relocate as you please but this is not really solving your problem in any way. 

 Another interesting way I saw was an electrocution trap.You bait it inside and when a rat steps into the contraption it gets a jolt of electricity and the deed is done. These are quite pricey and may or may not work for you.

The second method of course is poison and there is a million different options but a lot of them are seriously dangerous if you have children, animals, or other innocent bystanders around. Not only will the innocent ones around you be in danger of these poisons but you can also harm predators of the rats with these poisons. The hawk that eats the rat you poisoned could die from the poison as well, not exactly what the goal is here. 

I have read that vitamin D3 is rat poison and can be found in some poisons and not cause any harm to any animals other then the rat so if this is the route you try look for a safer solution rather then most on the market. 

This one here is supposed to be a safer poison.

I like to shoot air rifles and other fire arms. I am a great shot and it is a great sport. One of the ways I found I can practice my shot as well as get rid of rodents is by pulling out our air rifle and shooting them as they come into our chicken run.  

This is the one I bought on Amazon, an amazing price for an awesome gun!

For all of us frugal people out there who are like me and counting all of the dollars going down the drain with some of these rat solutions I bet you are thinking well what about homemade rat poison? That is where these wonderful ideas come into play. I found some terrific ideas on Wikihow and I hope you like them. http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Rat-Poison 

And last but certainly not least my research has lead me to this fine contraption: http://www.shtfblog.com/how-to-build-best-mouse-rat-trap/ 

This trap looks like a fun experiment so I am making it as we speak, I will let you know how it works. Of course I am not going to eat the disgusting creatures I trap in here like the guy who posted this trap did but if I can help the world get rid of a few more rats I am a happy camper! 

Remember that by trapping rats it is one way to rid yourself of these pests but always be sure not to lure them to your domain by leaving trash out, feed uncovered, or food in places that attracts them. Much like any other disgusting plague the first step to getting rid of them is prevention of bringing them around in the first place. Sadly for those of us with farm animals they are just a part of our lives now and we need to get them gone!

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Facts about rats, the good and bad.

Everyone needs to know that there are two different kinds of rats. Domestic rats that are raised as pets and wild dirty rats that are nothing more then disease carriers. Domestic rats are loving, gentle, and affectionate where as dirty wild rats want nothing more then to feed on anything and take over the world. The most common mistake that people make when writing about rats is that they really do need to try and separate the two just as they would when they write about dogs and wolves or cougars and cats. 

Lets start with wild rats!

Wild rats are disgusting, they carry diseases like typhus, trichinosis, salmonellosis and rat-bite fever and eat pretty much anything. They urinate everywhere they go because they mark their territory constantly, everywhere a rat steps it's peeing. Rats eat their babies if they feel the need, they feed on other rats that are sick or dying as well as any other animal.

Did you know that rodents destroy around one-fifth of global food supply every year,  causing over $19 billion in damaged goods as well as creating more famine in the world. Rats are able to squeeze themselves into places as small as a quarter, and their bite can penetrate a toenail. Since rats get into food so often, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration actually allows a set amount of rat droppings in commercial food products.

Rats are the largest single group of mammals in the entire animal kingdom because they mate with any other rat, from brother to sister, mother, to son and everything in between. 

Rats are to blame for the Black Death, Bubonic Plague and other notorious plague outbreaks. Infected fleas spread the Yersinia pestis bacterium (a.k.a. plague) to rats, and the rats then passed it along to humans.

Rats' front teeth grow 4½ to 5½ inches each year. Rats wear them down by constantly gnawing on everything in their path, including cement, brick, wood, lead pipes, and other small animals.

Rats reproduce at a dramatic rate and it has been heard of for a rat to have somewhere near 2000 babies within their 5 year life span.

A rat can fall as far as 50 feet without getting hurt. A rat can also survive being flushed down a toilet, they can actually crawl up sewer pipes into houses. 

They make my skin crawl and lately they are invading my town. As soon as the sun goes down the rats begin coming out of the bushes, I do not have any coming into my house because it is sealed shut from top to bottom but they are in my yard and under my shed. 

Here is a nasty article about a baby being eaten by rats http://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/News/Baby-awaits-surgery-after-rat-attack-20140827

Now let's talk about domestic rats.

Domestic rats make great pets, they actually want to spend time with you. Rats have very sensitive tummies and whiskers and love to be pet on the head as well as from the head to the middle of the back the tail area can be very sensitive.

Rats can sense electromagnetic fields, the more technology surrounding your pet rat can be hazardous to its health, and general mood. 

Rats can sense your mood, they can feel whether your happy or sad and it is best to handle your pet when your in a good mood. 

Rats have poor eye sight especially ones with pink eyes. 

It is physically impossible for a rat to throw up. 

Rats do much better accompanied with other rats. They love each others company and males are usually not aggressive to one another of they are raised together. 

Rats are the smartest rodent next to ferrets. They can figure out mazes, walk tight ropes, sit, fetch, lay down, roll over, and much more. They are smart enough to play tug of war and even hide and seek. 

It is very important to keep a clean cage so your rat doesn't die from respiratory problems caused by the ammonia found in urine. 

There is an excellent resource about pet rats here: http://www.petrats.org/care_sheet.aspx

Feel free to leave any facts you have about rats in the comments below, and join me tomorrow when I discuss options for removing wild rat infestation.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Freedom Japanese Market Subscription Box

Taking your taste buds on a foreign culinary adventure is something everyone deserves a chance to do. I have always wondered what kind of snacks people in Japan have eaten but will never be traveling in that direction to see first hand, with Freedom Japanese Market subscription box I have the ability to taste and share with my family the amazing snacks from Japan. 
This is what I saw as I opened my box, an adorable hand made origami crane with a personalized letter and photo of the family behind the business. The letter was also they key to every item in the box. Each item is described perfectly so you know what to expect when digging into your treats. 
This is what my box contained: 
  • Chibi Maruko-Chan Marshmallow which is little marshmallows filled with grape jelly
  • Corn Soup Crisps which are chips that taste like delicious corn soup
  • Super Cola candies that taste like cola with a fizzy centre
  • Pocket Juice Stick that can be drank as is or frozen like a freezie
  • Strawberry Cheesecake Crunch chocolate bar
  • Corn Sticks that are puffed corn in different flavors
  • Chibichan Noodles are a tasty noodle snack that can be eaten as is
  • Takoyaki Balls are octopus flavored snacks
  • Konpeito is a traditional Japanese candy made of sugar crystals and flavoring
  • DIY Gummy Kit you just add water and make your own treats
  • Sour Lemon Gum Challenge is 3 gum balls, one of which is super sour
  • Makken Gummy is a gummy sticky hand
  • And a bonus candy called Fettuccine Gummy tasty gummies that are grape flavored
All of these treats were delicious in their own special way and my kids enjoyed every single one! Eager to try all of these new treats my kids were happily digging in without any fear of new flavors, they had so much fun. 
I was very surprised to see the amount of treats that were in my package and it is something that made me want to try more new flavors from Japan.  Freedom Japanese Market offers a lot more then just the wonderful subscription box I got. I highly recommend you check out their website to see everything they have to offer. 
Freedom Japanese Market

All the Japanese candy and snacks are selected, assembled and shipped by the team at Freedom Online Japanese Market. 
  • Free Shipping Worldwide!
  • Each box is completely packed with about a pound of handpicked popular, traditional and wacky Japanese snacks.
  • All candies and snacks are shipped fresh from Japan, and will never see the inside of a sweaty container ship.
  • Each subscription box contains many items sold exclusively in Japan.
  • You will only receive products we would eat ourselves.  We will only send packages we would be excited to receive.
  • You can secure your subscription through PayPal for 100% security.
  • As a club member, you will pay absolutely no renewal, handling or service charges.
  • You can cancel your subscription anytime, without fees or penalties.
 Only $25 a month and absolutely free shipping worldwide has to be one of the best prices for a subscription box! 

Anyone that orders a subscription via my referral will receive an extra candy free in their first box, all you need to do is mention in the order notes that you were referred by Funky Frugal Mommy! 
The wonderful owners of Freedom Japanese Market want your opinion on what Japanese snacks you would like to see in their subscription boxes so please feel free to leave a comment on what you think they should include. 

As well for my fellow bloggers and website owners, they have a terrific affiliate program where you can earn some extra cash as well. It is absolutely free to sign up and you will earn 5% commissions on your referrals! Check it out: http://www.freedomjapanesemarket.com/affiliates

Follow Freedom Japanese Market on:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FreedomJMarket 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FreedomJapaneseMarket 
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdHGAIwgiKpqGjZ2ZUOLBHg/feed?view_as=public 
Google+: https://plus.google.com/110269934613071465588/posts 

Monday, 18 August 2014

ALFAcashier Affiliate Program Review


Affiliate programs are one of the best ways for bloggers or website owners to make money. The more visitors we have the better and if they see ads on our site useful, or helpful to them they click them and for being an advertiser of that business we get a small profit for being one of the referrals to their business. It is a great way for businesses to gain more customers and it is so easy for everyone involved. 

ALFAcashier is a popular online currency exchange service supporting conventional and emerging cryptocurrencies.

Pricing and Availability
ALFAcashier has free registration, but charges a commission on each exchange operation performed by its members.

About the company
Founded in 2012, ALFAcashier is an easy-to-use exchange platform supporting all major electronic currencies, including cryptocurrencies, and erases the boundaries between electronic payment systems. Since 2014, ALFAcashier supports SEPA/SWIFT transfers to banks around the world, withdrawal to PayPal and secure storage of banking details and purse numbers of its members online. The service is being constantly improved to offer current and prospective users more flexibility, exchange options and functionality.

There is a wonderful affiliate program offered by  ALFAcashier which now has an amazing VIP level where the members earn 20% in exchanges produced by their referrals. 

The VIP level offers affiliates as much as 20% of all future referred currency conversions. The VIP status is granted for a lifetime and is non-revocable. ALFAcashier offers users a complete set of banners of different formats that can be easily inserted into any webpage or a personal signature block of a user’s forum posts. Obtaining the VIP status in the ALFAcashier affiliate program enables users to generate stable passive income by referring new users to the system. Payouts can be made to the user’s PerfectMoney purse when the accumulated amount of affiliate commissions reaches $100. 

“The VIP affiliate status is the very pinnacle of our affiliate network hierarchy,” explained Helena Schwartz, Head of Business Development, ALFAcashier. “We realized that our affiliate network needed a strong impulse to draw more traffic to the service. The VIP level offers an incentive strong enough for top users to do push the envelope and get their share. We surely hope to see some VIP users very shortly.”

All affiliate status updates are fully automated and are made by the system when the user reaches a predefined level threshold. ALFAcashier takes all measures necessary to prevent spamming and abuse by the members of its affiliate program.

Source: http://www.pressat.co.uk/releases/alfacashier-adds-a-vip-level-for-the-members-of-its-affiliate-program-0ba77ebeb1c2cf128769b0d8cb4d58eb/#ixzz3Aly6aJR9


Final Thoughts
Set up of my links for the referral program was very simple to do. If you are a blogger or website owner you know that setting up affiliate links is simple and the easier the better. I can keep track of my earnings and make any changes I need from my referral page. It is a great system and once it is all set up on your site then you just sit back and collect commissions. Check them out here: 

I'm excited to add another great affiliate program to my collection.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Party

My son turned 6 last week and we had his party yesterday. We had a whopping 13 kids come over and have some crazy fun. I went and decked out my house the best I could on a budget and I was able to do his entire party for $150 including food! Here is what everything looked like along with descriptions on how I did it.
For my chandelier I took strips of cheap plastic table cloth and tied all the ninja turtle colors around it. Turned out really neat.

I created sillouettes of NYC using chalk and black construction paper, I had them placed all around the house to give the feel of being in New York.

I used cardboard, black construction paper, and duct tape to create a huge Leonardo sword that my son is actually able to play with. It stands about 3 feet tall.

I also made Donnie's staff which is made from rolled up paper and duct tape. It is just about 3 feet long as well and very sturdy.

For Mikey's nun chucks I used rolled up paper and toilet paper tubes cut into chain like links. I cut a slit in each ring to connect them and then taped them back together using silver duct tape to create a life like chain.
I made lots of NYC manhole covers or sewer lids to place all around the house as well. I just used a big bowl and one a bit smaller to get the perfect circles in white chalk, then created the pattern in chalk as well.
For my brick wall I used a plain plastic red table cloth and drew all the bricks on with a sharpie. To make it more realistic I made cracks and holes and added some turtle power graffiti in the middle.
For the back wall where all my food was laid out I used strips of plastic table cloth in a blue and green pattern, then I did a pattern on top of that using black and green twisted streamers.
Green balloons with plastic table cloth masks. 
So this is how the dining room looked, minus my ninja turtle table cloth and all the food.
I bought some cheap dollar store bins and put a sign on that said "Mutant Ooze".
All of the drinks had ninja turtle labels on them, the nutritional facts are so cute. I cant get a clear picture on my phone so you can check them out here: http://halegrafx.com/printables/free-printable-retro-tmnt-ninja-turtle-water-bottle-labels/
I splurged and got him a Bulk Barn Pinata for his party for $18. The kids loved it. I filled it with candy bought at the dollar store and in clearance bins at Shoppers Drug Mart. It cost me about $9 to pack it full enough for 13 kids.
This is the pic I used for my graffiti on my brick wall.
I made about 20 Kraang balloons for the kids to battle with in the backyard.
Each child got their own individual worms and dirt wrapped in cellophane. Chocolate pudding, chocolate baking crumbs, and sour gummie worms.
I also made lime jello as mutagen for each child in their own little green container, and everyone got a  green bubble wand. I wish I got a picture of all the kids playing as well as the table filled with food but what can you do? I used empty coffee containers, you know the silver ones, and used them to hold the bubble wands giving it more of a city trash can look. The rest of the table was green dishes, lots of fruit, veggies, chips, water, and I ordered pizza from Papa Johns. I got 4 large pizzas delivered for under $50 using their lunch special. The cake was just a store bought chocolate sheet cake that I put his ninja turtle toys on, and that's that. 

Everything came in well under $150 and it was a terrific party! If you have any questions on how to do anything please just ask in the comments and I will reply and if needed post instructions on how to make whatever you need.