Monday, 20 February 2017

Entertain Yourself for Less

Keeping yourself from getting bored and maintaining a social life is a priority. However, it's not always easy to achieve, especially when you're on a budget. You want to have fun, either alone or with your friends, but everything seems to cost too much. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can save on entertainment of different kinds. Even if you don't have much money to spend, you can still enjoy yourself in your spare time. Next time you're looking for something to do for less, try one of these methods to save money on your entertainment.

Stream Music and Movies for Less

Having plenty of movies, TV, and music to entertain you is one way to keep from getting bored. You can watch and listen to what you want wherever and whenever you feel like it if you have a mobile device. One of the best ways to save money on entertainment is to look for free apps that allow you to stream the content you want. For example, if you want to watch movies, you can download the latest ShowBox APK - click here for information on how to do it. You can also use Spotify to listen to music for free if you're willing to put up with adverts. Or you can pay to use it if you would rather have the full service.

Use Your Local Library

A lot of people don't think about using their local library nowadays. It's so easy to access lots of things at home that they might not see a use for the library. However, while ebooks might be cheaper than physical books, they still cost money. If you don't want to spend anything on books, you can take them out at your library. Libraries often have ebooks now too, as well as DVDs, music, and other content. If you love to read, you can save a lot on books by using your library. If they don't have a book you want, you can order it in.

Dine Out on the Cheap

If you love eating out, you don't have to give it up just because you're on a budget. There are lots of ways to do it cheaply, and you don't have to stick to fast food. Firstly, you can look for deals like happy hour or other promotions. You can also find coupons or vouchers that allow you to eat out for less.

Look for Coupons, Freebies, and Offers

There are lots of things you can get for less if you look for free items, offers, and coupons. For example, there are some companies that give you a free gift for using their services, such as insurance comparison websites. You can find coupons online or offline, so you can save on food and entertainment such as theater tickets. Whether you want to see a play or watch a movie, you can often find a cheaper way to experience it.

Entertaining yourself doesn't have to cost you a fortune. From streaming movies to eating out, you can find great deals that will save you a lot.

How To Become The Next Big Mama Blogger In Five Steps

As a mom, it can be difficult to find hobbies outside of your kids and family - and sometimes you don’t particularly want to spend too much time focused on other things! But one way that you can combine creativity and your love of family is by, like me, starting a blog. Here are some tips to help you get started.
Find Your Niche
If you decide that you want to become a blogger, the first thing to do is decide what angle you’re coming from. The most successful blogs like Enjoying The Small Things and The IE Mommy always have some sort of niche, whether that’s as broad as being a mom, or dealing with special needs kids, or food blogging. Consider your interests and figure out how you can build a blog that other people want to read around them. Choose the things that you’re good at and that you have some level of expertise in, and that you’d like to research some more.
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Design Your Site
It’s important that your site looks professional and well put together. If you’re not sure how to do it yourself then go for a platform like Wordpress that will help you. You could even hire a designer to put it all together for you so that it looks shiny and well done. It’s also important that you have your own catchy domain name – you could even get it printed on business cards so you can hand them out to people and recommend that they go to look at your site. If you take photographs, make sure that you use a good quality camera and that you take some photography lessons first.
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Get Your Work Proofread
There’s nothing that detracts more from a blog entry than poor spelling and grammar. It’s important to make sure that what you’re writing is readable and easy to understand – and bad spelling will mean that your reader is regularly thrown out and distracted from your amazing household tips. In order to be taken seriously you need to make sure that you run your work through a spellchecker. If you think that you’re more of an ideas than a writing person, then get a friend or your partner to check your work to make sure your grammar’s good before you put it online.
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Know Your Stuff
Make sure that you know your stuff and that you aren’t making things up as you go along – particularly if you’re talking about household tips! You don’t want to tell someone how to remove a stain and then have them ending up destroying their whole carpet as a result. Make sure that you’ve done your research and that you can back up your facts with multiple sources.
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Be Sincere
The most important factor in a successful blog is that your readers like you. Share as much personal information about your family as you’re comfortable doing, and make sure that your writing style is friendly and warm, as if you’re talking to one of your best friends. If you aren’t feeling it, then your readers won’t be either and your blog will never quite get off the ground. You need to really want to share your expertise or to build your own blogging community – if you build it, they will come, as Field of Dreams (sort of) said! If you do any promotional posts then make sure they’re for products that you sincerely believe in – people can smell BS from a mile off. All you want from your friends is a sincere smile and some kind honest words – this is what people want from their bloggers too.

Smash Your Fitness Goals With These Lifestyle Boosts

So, you've already decided that getting fit is your goal for 2017. Let's look back to the very start of the year, where you felt as though a new leaf was being turned over and you were brimming with motivation. Fast forward to the present day, however, and for most of us, it's probably a different story now. So many people step into the new year with the best of intentions, only to find that, as always, life ends up getting in the way. You might have had it set in stone that you were going to hit the gym before work, every morning without fail. But then things start to happen - maybe you need to go to work early one morning for an off-the-cuff meeting, or perhaps your child is sick and you need to stay home. All it takes is one of these instances to throw you off the wagon and boom! You are already slipping back into your old, unhealthy habits. But do not fear - the year is still fairly young, and you have plenty of time to turn things around. Here are some of the ways in which you can make sticking to your health and fitness goals a whole lot easier, and how you can really start to see some results.

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Realize you can work out ANYWHERE

One of the things that stop so many of us from getting the exercise we need is the mentality that exercise only happens in the gym. When you think about it, gyms are a relatively new phenomenon - the human race has been around for a lot longer than gyms have been, after all! If people 200 years ago could keep fit and healthy without the use of a high-tech elliptical trainer, then we should be able to do so too. Find the opportunity to work out wherever you may be - this is especially useful if you are really strapped for time. This could mean anything from taking the stairs instead of the life in a multi-story parking lot, or it could mean that you do 40 squats during the ad break of your favorite TV show. Start seeing the world around you as your gym and you will soon see new opportunities to exercise wherever you go.

Make your kitchen your friend, not foe

Another reason why so many of us fall off the fitness bandwagon is due to struggles in the kitchen. For the cooks among us who are a little less experienced, the kitchen can be an intimidating and complicated place. But let's face it - you are not going to get any nutritious and healthy meals from Dominos, are you?! Cooking from scratch at home at least 90% of the time is one way to ensure that you are actually filling your body with the essential nutrients and vitamins it needs. If the mere idea of cooking a meal at home fills you with dread, don't be afraid to use a bit of a helping hand! There are many fantastic gadgets on the market these days that make home cooking so much easier. For example, these are the best food processors available, which make blending food so much easier than grinding away with a pestle and mortar. You may also choose to invest in a crock pot, which is a lifesaver for many beginner cooks and busy moms. Simply pop all your ingredients and seasonings in there in the morning set it to 'low' for eight hours, and once you are back from work, you will have a delicious meal to serve up straight away.

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Get your kids involved

They do say that living a healthy lifestyle is so much easier when the people around you are all doing the same thing too. If your children have been brought up around a lot of fast food, this might be a challenge - but by being diplomatic, it will be possible to wean them off convenience meals and onto fresh, healthy food. Explain to them that they can still have fast food, but only as a treat. If they are mature enough, explain some of the health implications that eating greasy, fried foods can bring. Once you have made the switch to eating healthy food as a family, you will all be able to support each other and no doubt you will feel much more energized too. Exercising with your kids is also a great way to get back on the fitness wagon, as by combining family fun time with a bit of physical activity, you won't even notice you are exercising!

Friday, 17 February 2017

Is Your Home Fit for a Family?

Starting a family is a huge decision. You’ll be bringing new life into the world together with your partner, and it’s both your responsibilities to take care of your child, teach them about the world, and watch them grow. It’s not something that every couple can stomach and you should never commit if you don’t think you can go the whole way. Unfortunately, one of those big considerations you need to be thinking about before you have a child is: “is my home big enough?”.

Whether you want just a single child or you want to start a large family, you’re going to need more space. You can’t expect to have a child if you live in a simple studio apartment with your partner. You’re going to need more space to fit a nursery which will eventually be upgraded to a child’s bedroom, and when they grow older you’re going to need to give them more privacy.

Consider Moving Home

The most obvious way to deal with the issue of space is to invest in a new home. If you’re currently renting a home, then this is the perfect opportunity to dive in being a homeowner. If you are financially stable and have been wanting to move into a home recently, then this is a great time to start looking for properties that suit your needs as a budding family.

You can check real estate websites or realtors near you to find the perfect property. Keep in mind that taking out a mortgage is going to be a long-term investment and it will be difficult to break out of it if you decide to change your mind, so here is a couple of things to think about when you are picking a home.

Are There Enough Rooms?

Think about how many children you want to have and consider the number of rooms you need. Generally, you can fit two or more children into a single room if you’re cramped for space, but eventually, they are going to want their own rooms so you need to plan ahead. You might have empty rooms for a while but they can be used productively such as turning them into studies, storage rooms or playrooms.

A playroom is a good example because it’s something that your children will use when they are young, but when they grow older they probably won’t be using it much and you can claim the room back for something else. It’s important that you think dynamically with your new home by imagining what uses each room as and what it can be used for in the future.

Local Amenities

The next thing to consider is local amenities. Do some research on the quality of schooling near your new home location and ask yourself if it’s enough. Some people prefer to have expensive elite schools so that their children can get the best education, but homes around these locations are very expensive so unless you want to take your child to school on long commutes, you might have to forfeit your ideal schooling path or fork out more cash for a better location.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

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Step up your greeting card game with Lovepop, a company changing the way you celebrate friends and family. Featured on the hit show SharkTank, Lovepop’s cards are more than just your standard greeting card.
The cards are designed on cutting edge software and handcrafted in the Asian art form of sliceform kirigami. The creative designs are perfect for weddings, birthdays and any other occasion when sending a cookie cutter card just isn’t enough.
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If you can’t send your love to Italy this year, gift them the Gondola Love Scene instead. The 5” by 7” card features a couple in a pop-up gondola gliding along Venetian waterways. It’s a classic romance scene with a 2017 twist — the couple is taking a selfie inside the gondola. Perfect for Valentine’s Day or your next anniversary.
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Expand your palette this year with Winc, a wine club that brings personalized spirits to your doorstep.
How It Works
Take a six-question survey to help Winc understand your taste preferences. Winc will then put together recommendations for different wines you might enjoy. Each bottle you receive comes with in-depth tasting notes, and you can select the ratio of red versus white you’d like. To get you started, Winc is offering 4 bottles for $30 or $20 off your first order!