Friday, 21 July 2017

Parents: Will Your Property Protect Your Kid's Financial Futures?

Every parent wants to protect their kids for the future. That’s what being a parent is all about. While your legal obligation may end at eighteen, it’s still nice to know you can help them well into adulthood. After all, your love doesn’t get less as they get older. If anything, their place is your heart cements more and more as they grow. That’s why many parents take steps to ensure their children are well cared for in later life.

How they do this varies from family to family. Some parents are in the fortunate position of putting aside a trust fund to hand over when their child reaches 21. Others are even able to help them with a deposit for their own homes. But, some of us don’t have the money to afford such luxuries. The good news is, that doesn’t mean you won’t have anything to pass down. Instead, it’s important to think about the investments you’ve already made. Top of the list for most people is their house. A roof over your head if the most valuable commodity, and that’s not only because of the security it provides. Let’s be honest; there’s a lot of money in it, too! But, home ownership doesn’t create instant security for your kids. Taking these steps, however, could.


In truth, the majority of us are paying off our mortgages well into our later lives. But, paying the debt as fast as possible has the benefit of allowing you to take control of your retirement, and provide for your children. If there’s still a hefty mortgage when the property goes to them, they’ll have to sell to pay that off. Don’t leave them in that position. Research tips and tricks about paying your mortgage as fast as possible, and get to work.


Another fantastic step you can take is to increase the value of your home. You want that house to earn as much for your kids as it possibly can. It may well be worth a fair amount as it stands, but every penny counts. So, it might be worth doing a little improvement work during your lifetime. In the short term, this benefits you, too. You get to enjoy any additions you include! Renovating an attic or basement could see a major return. Kitchen renovations are also a fantastic way to increase value. Bear in mind, though, that they don’t have quite the same long-term impact.


All the above points will be worthless if you don’t leave the property to your kids in your will. It may seem morbid, but it’s the only way to ensure your efforts pay off. As your children, they do have some legal standing anyway. But, to avoid family disputes or confusion, you should outline your desires. An even amount to each child is the best course of action. That way, they can sell the house, and hopefully use the money to buy their own.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

A Duct Tape Kayak? What? - Amazingly cool ways to keep older kids creative, engaged, and learning all summer!

Finally it’s hot outside! Finally it’s summer! Finally school is over and the kids are home….for the next 2 ½ MONTHS!
You already know how this goes. It’s all great until after the family vacation, or after camp, or until it rains for ten days in a row.
Summer is fabulous, but summer can’t keep the kids entertained all by itself. Sometimes, it needs a little help.
That’s where we come in – with more amazing books to keep your family entertained and engaged.
Note that these are mostly titles for older kids. Fun, wicked cool, but occasionally a wee bit complicated.

Duct Tape Engineer: The Book of Big, Bigger, and Epic Duct Tape Projects by Lance Akiyama
Publisher: Rockport Publishers
Trade Paperback , 160 Page, 200 color photos
8.75” x 10”
$22.99 US /$29.99 CAN
ISBN 9781631591303
Age 14+

From a working cannon to a bridge, this powerful everyday adhesive is perfect for creating incredible things! In Duct Tape Engineer, master tinkerer Lance Akiyama shows readers how to design and build fourteen mega projects ranging from backpacks to queen-size beds from nothing but duct tape. Every project is specially designed by Akiyama to be a blast to build, and last a good long time. Packed with full-color illustrations and easy to follow instructions, Duct Tape Engineer is perfect for crafters of any age. (PS Duck Tape Brand works closely with the author on lots of project and loves this book! Check out this video if you have a few minutes - )

Author Lance Akiyama combines tinkering and education into a single aspiration: to create a better world by inspiring the next generation of innovators with exciting hands-on projects. He has created project-based learning tutorials on, started an after-school engineering service, and is currently employed as a STEM-based curriculum developer for Galileo Learning. Lance spends his free time designing elaborate plans for advanced contraptions, keeping journals in cryptic backwards writing, and attempting to fly by strapping paper wings to his arms and leaping from rooftops. He lives in the San Francisco Bay area. Lance Akiyama is the author of Rubber Band Engineer (2016), Duct Tape Engineer (2017), and the forthcoming 2018 book DIY Ballistics Engineer--all from Rockport Publishers.

Star Wars: Build a Scene -  Build Papercraft Scenes from a Galaxy Far, Far Away by Benjamin Harper and Claudio Dias
Kit w/ 48 page booklet
Publisher: becker&mayer! Books
9.5” x 13” x 2.25”
$19.99 US / $24.99 CAN
ISBN: 9780760353158
AGE 14+

Star Wars: Build a Scene includes everything you need to make iconic papercraft scenes from the Star Wars universe. The kit provides ten sheets of punch-out pieces and step-by-step instructions for creating three detailed 5" x 8" x 4" paper dioramas, including one with LED lights.
Re-create the drama of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader’s duel on Mustafar from Revenge of the Sith; the nail-biting trench battle on the Death Star from A New Hope; and the Kylo Ren and Rey lightsaber fight in the snowy forest of the Starkiller Base from The Force Awakens. The accompanying book includes illustrated assembly instructions for the models, along with three essays on each classic scene and how they were designed and filmed.
Each model takes roughly 2–4 hours to build.

Stick Sketch School: An Animal Artventure - Mastering the Art of Stick Figure Critters by Billy Attinger and Rachel Kochackis
Paperback, 144 pages, 200+ color illustrations
Publisher: Race Point Publishing
8.5” x 10”
$19.99 US / $25.99 CAN
ISBN: 9781631063053
Age 10+

Stick figures are hotter than ever. The biggest web comics are produced in stick figure format, and they are hugely popular in social media. But the best part about stick figures is that anyone can draw them! Billy Attinger showed how to draw stylized stick figures in his popular Stick Sketch School, and now he's back showing the world his stick figure animals. Take an "artventure" around the world: learn to draw stick animals in the jungle, the Arctic, the rainforest, the Outback, underwater, and more! You'll even learn how to draw extinct animals and fantasy animals in stick form. Each spread features a grid to show the reader how to draw the lines, how to add movement, expression, and more. Ideal for the visual learner and accompanied by tips and tricks from stick artist Billy Attinger, the book shows how to make your stick animals personal, recognizable, and unique!

Author Billy Attinger is an artist, entrepreneur, and creator of successful brands, including Stick World(r), an iconic collection of stick figure art whose multi-million dollar program has been licensed and sold successfully throughout major retailers around the world. Billy resides in sunny Southern California where lives with his wife and three beautiful children, whom he credits as the major source of inspiration for his lively, playful, and humorous style. His company, Inconceivable Studios, as well as his portfolio, can be viewed at and

Author Rachel Kochackis was a pionieer in early digital warfare (video games) and was part of the original Stick War think tank (high school Spanish class) with Billy Attinger. A consistently misunderstood frequent flyer to the school psychologist, she helped cofound the faux-rock band The Roach Motels. She has enjoyed success writing books and screenplays and currently resides with her three trilingual dogs: Victoria, Chloe Osita Horachata, and Jasper.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

7 Crucial Ways To Protect Your Kids For The Future

If you have kids, you probably know all about the overwhelming urge to protect them at all costs. It’s built into us and it’s totally natural. However, the way that some parents can go about this is totally different to others. Some may say that there’s no right or wrong way, but the things you do now will greatly protect your kids for the future. Here are 7 crucial ways to protect your kids for the future:

Understand The Stages Of Child Development
The first 3-5 years of your child’s life are so important. They need love, affection, attention, encouragement, and mental stimulation in order to develop properly and become a confident toddler, as well as good nutrition so that they are as healthy as possible.

The first 3 years of your child’s life are especially important. It’s at this stage that their brain is like a sponge, and the things you say and do will have a bigger impact on them than you think. This is the time they learn to handle their emotions, develop security and confidence, and more. It’s so important that you’re consistent with your car so that they can become secure adults. These things can stick with kids for a long time!

Save Up For College And Future Education
You want the best education for your kids, so it’s a good idea to save up as much as you can to help their future education. A college fund is something many parents save up, and it can really help your child in the future. They may want to be a doctor, a dancer, or something completely different. Whatever it is, make sure you’re ready to help them.


Get Life Insurance
Dying isn’t something that anybody wants to think about, especially a parent who’s leaving a child behind. However, getting life insurance will protect your kids for the future. They won’t be lumbered with funeral costs and things like that, and they’ll have money so that they can live comfortably. You can take a look at whole life insurance pros and cons to get a better idea of whether this is something you need to get right now. If you have little ones depending on you, then it usually is!

Don’t Try To Micromanage Everything They Do
Micromanaging your kids is a bad idea. It can make them second guess themselves, and repress what they really want to do/say. Do them a favor and avoid micromanaging every little situation!

Set An Example
Make sure you’re setting an example with your words and behaviour. Want healthy kids? Be healthy. Want them to get off their computers? Stop staring at your screen so much.

Eat Dinner Together
Families who eat dinner together are generally healthier and smarter than those who don’t. It’s a fact! Make family dinners a must.

Get Some Exercise
Finally, get some exercise together as a family. This will show your little ones that exercise is not a chore, and that it can be an enjoyable bonding activity.

Monday, 17 July 2017

5 ways how owning a sewing machine can save you money
Sewing is a fun activity that enables you to showcase your imagination power, originality, and creativity. Of course, there is a practical stage to sewing, particularly with the capability to make your personal quilts, dresses, bags and an entire collection of other stuffs; it can yet be on costly side when you consider accessories and fabric. Yet, it is very satisfying feeling to create your own products with the help of sewing. You will feel proud after finishing a sewing work, and better yet, you get a fresh price of pillow case or clothing, or anything you have managed to effectively design with your sewing talent.
There are several methods you can sew without spending too much, with some sensible shopping and taking a while to explore, sewing in a budget is reasonable and still enables you to create noticeable designs. Here, in this post we are going to share some very helpful ideas that will help you to save your money. So, without wasting more time let’s have a look at these awesome money-saving ideas.
You can create your own design instead of going to brand shops
If you have basic sewing skills then you can use your skills and use your imagination and create any style of garments. On the other hand, if you prefer buying cheapest stuff, you can still help yourself to save some bucks with your sewing knowledge. You can employ some simple pattern that you discern how to craft with Sewing machine. For instance, for females, pick knit blouse, simple pull over – no zippers or buttons. Yoga pants and skirts or dresses are good to pick. Choose retro style and create jumpers! And for males, knit shorts/ athletic pants and t-shirts and make Jon-Jons. Design one muslin replicate for size and do some changes as required. Just use your imagination or take the help of numerous websites on the Internet to make something interesting and useful and save money.
Repair your old dresses
Seasonal fashions and inexpensive high street brands have caused the increase of not reusable clothing. People usually purchase threads on cheap prices, compromise on the quality, and ultimately get the outfits that resist for long time. So rather than throwing out your unused, worn out or old garments, think about using your Embroidery Sewing combo and repurpose, repair or alter all your favorite dresses. Having a nice collection of trendy clothes might be extremely vital for you, however if you are low on your financial plan that can be little hard for you. So, try to get artistic and update your garments instead. What is the sense in spending money on fresh garments, if you cannot wear them after few months? If you have purchased garments in a clearance sale that doesn’t perfectly fit your and that you cannot return for any reason, then knowing basic skills related to alteration you can save your dress from wasting.
Make dresses for Others
If you love sewing then you can made cloths for people of any body type, size or shape.  In this way you can make money easily. There are so many people who want to get their cloths stitched according to their style and choices, and you can help such people and you can help yourself. Become a designer and fulfill the requirement of your clients. Check out
You can design your own gift instead of looking for an expensive one
Presently, where there is a price tags and Hallmark for every item, it looks like we are likely to give gifts frequently. Well, giving gifts to our loved ones is a fun thing to do, however it can put burden on our pocket. But, not anymore. Now if you own an Embroidery Sewing combo then you can grab salvageable parts and turn them into eye-catching gift-able artwork. Re-purposing and recycling are in latest trend nowadays. Just take benefit of that. For example, if there are loads of shirts of your husband having stains and holes in it but you don’t want to throw them away, then you can cut the sleeves of all the shirts, open up them and craft it into a beautiful quilt and present it to your lovable husband. Great idea, isn’t it? You can also create some customized bowls, rugs, scarves etc. rather than spending about 25 USD on a gift item, you can create something unique for just 5 USD.

Decorate your house with your own creations
Any person who simply loves interior designing knows that it’s hard to come across nice rugs, bed sheets, and curtains to go with the same decoration and design system of the house. But with the help of Sewing machine, you can effortlessly make custom products to fulfill your creative urge whenever insight strikes. In the summer season, you can create designer waterproof cushions to place around the swimming pool, whereas in the winter, you can simply make a bed sheet for the guest-room.
Buy bigger one on cheap and resize it to fit you
Well, if you are looking for a cheap alternative to a designer or stylish garment then there is an option for you. you can just make purchase of an outfit which is bigger than your actual size and get it on cheap price. Now you can easily alter that dress according to your actual size enjoy wearing the same.
Buy once and Use it for generations after generations
Sewing machine is actually a one time investment. Make a purchase of multi-purpose sewing maching and it can be used by many generations. It is always useful to have a machine to do repair, and alteration work at any time. If a garment cannot be altered or customized, then try to recycle it into anything useful. There are millions of resources available on the internet to instruct you on how to customize and tailor garments into everything from different toys, garments, household furnishings, and accessories. This will not just help you save your money but also when you practice sewing, you start appreciating the quality and amount of work that has invested into creating something wonderful.

Each year some people do custom projects, alterations, and repairs work, and there is a huge demand of such services. You can be your own tailor. Begin doing easy hemming and repairs. When your skills get better, then you can perform more tough alterations. If you want to start your business then you can simply promote your services on many fabric and craft outlets that give free bulletin boards.
Well, sewing is said to be a wonderful and amazing hobby that you can ever turn into a cos-effective business. If you really like to alter and repair old fabrics and garments then you should do it for sure. However, if you do not like sewing, then you can make purchases from the end-of-season or seasonal material and do not feel depressed. You win in both the instances. 

Saturday, 15 July 2017


Although chryotherapy has gotten more and more popular thanks to celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Jennifer Anniston, Mandy Moore and even master motivator Tony Robbins; there are many out there still unaware of what it is, how it works and its benefits. Dr. Lenoard Hochstein, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and owner of Hochstein Med Spa in Miami who offers the treatment to models, athletes and high powered entrepreneurs offers some facts to help you determine if cryotherapy is for you.

What is Cryotherapy?

Whole Body Cryotherapy is the exposure of the entire body to extreme cold lowering the client's skin surface temperature to approximately 30 degrees Fahrenheit in 30 seconds. This remains nearly constant throughout the entire session which at Hochstein MedSpa, is 90 seconds. Skin receptors sense the cold and send signals to the brain to promote regulatory functions.

“Cryotherapy is a great treatment because it stimulates the body's natural response to decrease inflammation, pain, spasms and promote healing. Endorphins are released into the bloodstream, which relax the body allowing toxins will be flushed out. It’s fast and effective,” explains Dr. Hochstein.

Chryotherapy’s Beauty and Weight Loss Benefits 
The immediate release of endorphins can help with insomnia which means better beauty sleep. The accelerated production of collagen improves skin elasticity and texture, reversing skin aging and the appearance of cellulite. “Anyone wanting to maintain a toned body will appreciate that studies have shown a 500-800 calorie after burn associated with the body’s process to warm itself up. Whole Body Chryotherapy boosts the body’s metabolic rate, accelerating weight loss. Pro athletes rely on chryotherapy as a powerful treatment to decrease recovery time and increase athletic performance,” explains Dr. Hochstein who is a fan of the treatment and has done it himself.

Other benefits include…
* Alleviation of headaches/migraines and physical/mental stress
* Improvement of skin complexion and certain skin disorders
* Improved rheumatoid and osteoarthritis
* Can help reduce itching and inflammation in serious skin conditions (psoriasis/eczema)
* Enhances sports performance and increases muscular resistance to fatigue
* Increases libido/sexual stamina
* Stronger hair and nails
* Helps to provide relief from nerve pain
* Stronger, fuller hair
* Psychological competitive edge

It’s very important you have the procedure done with a professional staff able to oversee the treatment plus adequately screen the client. The best candidate for cryotherapy is a healthy person, and that health history will be carefully reviewed prior to treatments. 

Most people are surprised to feel how tolerable a cryotherapy session is given such extreme temperatures. The cryosauna requires a standing positon where then nitrogen creates a “dry” cold, which is much more comfortable than an ice bath. A trained technician should be on hand to talk you through it and make the three-minutes pass quickly and easily,” says Dr. Hochstein.

How often should I do cryotherapy?
“We recommend that our patients do 8-10 sessions within the first 2 weeks and then ideally move to 3 times per week depending on what you’re looking to treat. The evaluation process will help determine how many treatments would be optimal for you,” explains Dr. Hochstein. Many benefits such as a rush of endorphins and better sleep can be experienced as early as the first session, however maximum results are obtained with repeated treatments.

Who is a good candidate for cryotherapy?
People from a wide range of lifestyles and ages are a good candidate for this treatment. While it is certainly helpful to athletes and those with chronic pain, it is also highly recommended for individuals who simply want to improve their overall health and appearance. “The results as a treatment for cellulite is quite good and many people with pain find that they come for the beauty benefits and have their aches and pains treated too,” adds Dr. Hochstein.

Dr. Lenny Hochstein is a board certified plastic surgeon in Miami, Florida. World renowned for his meticulous attention to detail, symmetry and overall excellence, including published scientific papers, awards, early entry directly into medical school where he graduated valedictorian; Dr. Hochstein has two decades of experience, over 20,000 surgeries with breast augmentation as his main specialty. His dual accreditation of American Board of Plastic Surgery and American Society of Plastic Surgeons speaks to his high standards and reputation of providing exceptional care to all his patients. In 2017, Dr. Lenny Hochstein added Hochstein MedSpa to his Miami practice to offer lesser invasive treatments and anti-aging solutions adhering to the same values of high standards and quality. Anyone selected to be on his team must be exceptional, credentialed and committed to offering excellent care.  

Read my post on the health benefits of Olive Oil!

Sweet Treat Team Challenge - International

On your marks, get set, EARN! Swagbucks is holding a fun team challenge called the "Swagathlon" to help you earn free gift cards! For those of you who don't know what Swagbucks is, it's a website where you can earn cash back on everyday tasks you do online like shopping, answering surveys, discovering deals, and watching videos. You can even earn for searching the web! 

If you've never tried Swagbucks before because you didn't know where to begin, their Team Challenges are a great way to learn the ropes! The challenge, begins Monday, July 17th at 8am PT, but you can pre-register starting on Friday, July 14th!
Here's how you can join the challenge and the site:  
1. Click here to join the challenge and be assigned to a team.
2. Starting June 17th at 8am PDT, in addition to earning SB you'll contribute points to your teams total as you complete different activities on Swagbucks.
3. Check back on the page often to see the scores and what you've contribute so far.   

All members who participate and contribute at least 600 points to their team’s total will receive a SB bonus in the form of a SB Swag Up Rebate on their next gift card! 
Not only that, but if you sign up under me this month and earn 300 SB before August 1st, you'll get a 300 SB bonus!

Members of the 1st place team will receive a 100 SB Swag Up Rebate, members of the 2nd place team will receive a 50 SB Swag Up Rebate, and members of the 3rd place team will receive a 30 SB Swag Up Rebate. Your SB Swag Up Rebate will be made available on Friday, July 21st at 2pm PT and will expire on Friday, August 4th at 11:59pm PT.

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Moving on: 3 Sure Signs It's Time to Find a New Home

Sooner or later, you might feel like it’s time for a new home. Although moving is stressful and saying goodbye to your old home is sad, settling into a new place is an exciting new period of your life. When a significant change is due, it can be difficult to acknowledge the signs - and we hang on to what we have instead to avoid the emotional turbulence.

Image from: Pexels

Keep this checklist in mind and get going when it’s time for a change - it’s not that scary, after all.

You’ve outgrown it

Just like it is with running a business, you need to be able to tell when you’ve outgrown your current situation, regardless of whether you rent or own your home. Family’s expand, stuff tends to hoard up, or you might have managed to outgrow it all on your own. If you constantly try to keep it tidy but never feel quite satisfied, or if you’re living on top of your family members and are starting to feel slightly tired of them, it could be the right time for a move.

Remember that it’s possible to move to a larger apartment in the same building. It will save you both time and effort, and you don’t have to go far unless you’ve got a solid reason behind it. Moving to a new city or to the other side of the one you’re living in means more preparation than simply moving next door, so keep a good moving company handy. Shiply can cure many of your headaches as you get to compare quotes and find a good price - or you can have a look at this DIY moving article.

Staying put in the same street or building is a good alternative if you have children, live close to your job, or any other reason you have to continue residing in the same neighborhood.

It’s not convenient anymore

Maybe a change of workplace makes your current abode inconvenient, or something else has changed in your life. It could even be that you forgot to take certain aspects of the place you’re living in into account when you first viewed it; no grocery shops nearby, a lack of parking spots or even noisy neighbors is often enough to make most people think about moving on to a new place.

Remember to think about all of this when you’re looking for your new place, and make sure it is suitable for both your current needs as well the ones you might have in a few years.

You want a new neighborhood

Let’s face it; times are changing, and your old neighborhood may not be the same as it used to be. It could be smart to consider a move when the nightlife starts to take over in your streets, trendy spots are robbing your old streets of its shabby charm, or it’s experiencing a rise in criminal activities and general nuisance.

It requires a bit more research as you don’t want to end up in the same type of community, though, so remember to ask around and hear people’s opinions. This article has a lot of good ideas on questions you can ask about your potential new neighborhood.

Realizing that it’s time for a new place is not always easy. Although you’re going through a stressful situation and would like to settle into a more suitable home as soon as possible, don’t rush it; find the one that’s perfect for you and stay in love with it for years to come.

It's Summer - So Time Start Saving For Christmas

For the more money-savvy of us, Christmas is just around the corner. At least, this is the way of thinking in order to get you motivated enough to start saving and/or buying ahead of the time. It’s definitely something to consider, especially if you are always left just that little bit short come December. But how do we go about effectively saving now?

Pay Off Loans

One way to make sure that you have enough money for the festive holidays is to ensure that you are paying off anything that you currently owe. If you are tied into a finance deal, a good way to get out of it which is cheaper for you (thus giving you more money to spend at the end of it!) is to look for the best credit card deal you can find and use that to get out of it. It may seem like a strange thing to do - battling finance with more finance - but if you are paying off an APR percentage with your finance deal but get your credit card on a 0% rate, it’s better to use this offer in order to bring your total cost down. That way, you’re not paying out more than you need to and can save the difference. Instead of taking out credit cards and loans in order to pay for Christmas gifts, it’s better that they are put to an alternative and more helpful use; this is definitely something where you will be able to see the benefit past Boxing Day.

Make Use Of Offers

Amazon have just celebrated their Prime Day deals, with top brands selling for up to half of what they’re actually worth. However, this doesn’t mean that the deals stop here. In fact, it’s quite the opposite; we have a lot of sales coming up online before Christmas hits. Black Friday is at the end of November, which sees hundreds and thousands of items dropping down in price, just waiting to be snatched up by those who can put them to use as Christmas gifts. Check out your local store in the meantime for any end-of-summer sales they may be having; although you will generally be getting the items that didn’t sell over the warmer season on offer, there are some gems that can be found amongst them if you look hard enough. Keep watch on sites like Wowcher and Groupon for any other flash deals.

Follow A Saving Chart

If you’re not sure of exactly how much you should be saving each week, it’s advisable that you follow a chart in order to get your finances into gear. There are sites online that can steer you in the right direction towards keeping your money under wraps, although it’s simple enough to make one yourself. There are certain challenges that you can join if you are part of money saving Facebook groups, such as putting away an amount and doubling it each week on the run up to Christmas. This can leave you short of money as we go further into the winter months, so you will need to know how to effectively budget. 

Beat The Cold On A Budget

Having a chilly house is awful. You’ll never be able to fully relax with your family and it can even be bad for your health if it’s constantly freezing in there. There is an easy way to heat the house, of course, just turn the heating right up all of the time. The problem is, that’s going to result in a pretty hefty energy bill. Being comfortable in your own home is the most important thing so you can’t compromise, but you’ll have to find a cheaper way to keep the house warm. There is a whole host of very cheap things that you can try to keep the house warm, here are some of the best ones.



Always make sure to keep your curtains open during the day, heat from the sun is free so you want to get as much of it into the house while you can. When the sun goes down, your curtains will act as an extra layer of insulation to keep in all of that heat you’ve hoarded during the day. It’s best to get yourself a pair of thick curtains because they will be far better at keeping the heat in than a set of thin blinds.


Running the central heating all of the time is going to cost you, but you can reduce the energy bill costs by using smaller heaters. Floor moulding companies can install baseboard heaters for you which will be cheaper to run and will make the floors nice and cozy. This is far more economical than running all of your central heating all of the time because you can switch them on and off depending on which rooms you’re in.


The sofa can be a great source of insulation, just like your curtains. A leather or vinyl one won’t soak up any heat and won’t be much use to you if you’re trying to keep your house warm. Instead, you should be looking at something a lot softer with loads of cushions. That should keep the heat in better. You also need to check where you put the sofa because if it’s in front of one of the radiators it will stop all of that heat from getting out and so you’re essentially just wasting all of that money.

Dress Warm

Some houses are just plain freezing. No matter what you try, you just can’t get it warm. If that sounds familiar, you might have to just accept the fact that it’s going to be cold in the house. The solution to this is to just throw on some thick jumpers. This is also a great way for people to save money because you can get away without using any heating whatsoever if you don’t want to.

Block Out Drafts

Getting rid of drafts is one of the most effective ways of beating the cold in your home. Having that cold air nipping at your heels while you’re trying to relax isn’t ideal but it’s easily fixed. There are specific draft excluders that you can buy but the truth is that they’re pretty pointless. All they are is a small cushion that fits under the door. You can just use a rolled up towel and it’ll be just as effective.   

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Prime Day Deals!

Today is Amazon Prime Day which means Amazon has more deals on then Black Friday! Today is the perfect day to get your prime membership and save yourself a ton of cash on thousands of items!

Items you can save on today include:
Here are a couple of my favorite deals:

Power tools are a great steal and when you sign up for Prime, watch the price drop from $229 to $149 for Prime Day!

Have fun shopping!

Summer Camps In West Kelowna

Being a busy mom I know the struggles of keeping the kids entertained in the summer. I am happy to share with you the variety of summer camp programs still accepting registrations. They are all very affordable and each offers a ton of fun to keep your kids engaged and enjoying themselves while your hard at work. 

 The City of West Kelowna is offering a variety of summer recreation programs available for children and youth. There are still spaces available in many of these camps, register today by going to or by calling the Recreation Department at 778-797-880. Programs include:

Adventure Camps (ages 7-12)
Join our staff as they hop on public transit and explore our greater community. Be prepared for all types of weather and lots of walking.

Instructor: CWK Staff
Location: Westbank Lions Community Centre
July 19, August 2, 9, & 23 9:00a.m. – 4:00p.m.
Play Skills Camp (ages 6-9)
Kids can develop their fundamental movement skills such as throwing, catching, running and jumping.
Instructor: Pacific Sport
Location: George Pringle Elementary Gym
August 8-11 9:00a.m. - 1:00p.m. $75/4
Dragon’s Den Day Camp (ages 5-12)
The kids will enjoy a day filled with themed games, crafts, activities and adventures.
Instructor: CWK Staff
Location: Mar Jok Elementary School
July 24-28 8:30a.m.-5:00 p.m. $160/ 5 days
August 8-11 8:30a.m.-5:00 p.m. $128/4 days
Lego Engineering Adventures (ages 6-12)
Put your engineering skills to the test to build bridges, buildings, vehicles and more.
Instructor: Bricks 4 Kidz & CWK Staff
Location: Mar Jok Elementary School
August 14-18 8:30a.m.-12:30p.m. $88/5 days
Evolve Scooter & Skateboard Camp (7-14)
Riders can find their style by bringing a skateboard or scooter, helmet, elbow pads, wrist guards and kneepads to master tricks.
Instructors: Evolve
Location: West Kelowna Skateboard park
July 17-21 or July 31-Aug 4
9:00a.m.-4:00 p.m.  $273/5 days
Hockey & Power Skating (ages 7-15)
Prepare for the upcoming hockey season with a variety of hockey skating drills.
Instructor: Dave Cunning
Location: Jim Lind Arena
Times, dates and costs located in the Rec Guide

West Kelowna Stage 1 Watering Regulations Are in Effect

Are you thinking before you’re sprinkling?

Just because it’s hot and dry doesn’t mean sprinkling systems should be working overtime. The City of West Kelowna reminds residents to follow Stage 1 Water Regulations, which are always in effect, unless a need for further conservation becomes necessary:
  • Think odd. Oddly numbered addresses water on odd calendar days.
  • Stay even. Evenly numbered addresses water on even calendar days.
  • Avoid burn out. Watering between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. is prohibited – the hottest time of the day is the worst time to water your lawn anyway and helps your grass the least:
    • Automatically Controlled Underground Sprinkling Systems (Residential & Commercial) may only sprinkle between the hours of 12:00 Midnight to 6:00 a.m. on the days permitted by the sprinkling regulations as described above.
    • Manually Controlled Sprinklers (Residential & Commercial), including those attached to outside taps, may only operate from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. and from 6:00 p.m. to 12:00 midnight on the days permitted.
    • Only one ½” diameter outlet (outside tap) may be used at one time for sprinkling, and further, it is not permissible to use an open pipe or hose for irrigating purposes.
Here are some other things to consider:
  • Your driveway doesn’t need a drink. Adjust sprinklers so that water is only being used on lawns and gardens.
  • Less is more. Watering less often may actually produce more drought tolerant lawns by encouraging grass to grow stronger root systems.
  • Yellow is the new green. It’s okay to let your lawn go yellow (dormant) in the summer, so long as you let it green again gradually in the fall – don’t oversoak the lawn come September.
  • Don’t take short cuts. Keep grass at longer lengths of about 6.5 centimetres to 8 (2 ½ inches to 3 inches); shorter grass browns or burns faster during hot weather.
  • Mulch! This provides more nutrients, helps with moisture retention and keeps the ground cooler.
  • Stay sharp! Keep lawn mower blades sharp to prevent tearing grass, which can cause burning.
Visit for more information on water conservation and watering regulations. Residents can also find additional tips at

Tips for parents to keep their car clean this summer

Cleaning the Devastation of ‘Hurricane Kid’

Summer has finally arrived and the kids are out of school.

It means trips to day camps, local swimming pools, parks, beaches, cottages, camping or the extended family vacation road trip. But these will do more than just forge memories for your family — they are also likely to leave your car looking like a disaster zone. Little finger prints all over the glass, crumbs on the seat and carpets, unexplained stains for which no one will assume responsibility and the odours from a mix of food remnants, spilled drinks and sweaty days in the summer sun can make your car an unsightly mess.

“We love our kids — we really do — but they are also messy little creatures,” says Megan Currie, Marketing Manager for Armor All Canada. “But you shouldn’t leave your car looking like a hurricane just passed through it.”

Megan offers the following tips to not only clean up those stubborn messes, but to also protect it from future mishaps:

  • Clear the glass. Some household cleaners contain ammonia, which can harm the delicate surfaces of your car, and the glass is no exception. Specially formulated automotive glass cleaner easily wipes away those fingerprints on the inside, and the road grit and bug splatter on the outside. Keep yourself prepared for the next face-pressed-up-against-the-window smudge with handy glass wipes that you can keep in the trunk for clean up on the go.

  • Get the stains out. It is best if you can tackle the stain right away, but kids don’t always notice or tell you when they have dribbled fruit punch onto the back seat. If you catch the spill in time, blot it with a paper towel to try and soak up the excess liquid. If it has set, soak the area with water and then try to dab some of it up. Then spray the area with a specially formulated car upholstery cleaner and dab away to work it into the stain. For best results, place paper towels over the cleaned area and cover with a weight such as a brick. This will serve to wick away excess moisture and any remnants of the stain.

  • Suck up the crumbs. Vacuum your car regularly to pick up all the remnants of cookies, crackers, fruits and vegetables that didn’t quite make into your child’s mouth. For those stubborn, ground in stains like tracked in mud or crusty salt stains left over from winter, a hardy carpet cleaner will do the trick.

  • Clear the air. Keep your car smelling fresh all summer, despite what the kids track in and leave behind. A vent mounted air freshener will circulate a pleasant aroma throughout the cabin and cover offending smells. Or go for the classic mirror-dangler for a long-lasting and refreshing burst of clean fragrance. 

  • Protect. There is nothing like the original. Armor All Protectant will clean off the splash marks from wayward drinks and revive your interior surfaces and get them looking like the day you drove it off the lot. Stay prepared for future messes (you know they are coming!) with pre-moistened wipes you can carry with you.

For more information, please visit Get all the latest updates by following Armor All® on Facebook and watching its videos on YouTube.

About the Armor All® Brand:
For more than 50 years, the Armor All® brand has helped people keep their cars and trucks looking like they just rolled off the showroom floor. We care how your vehicle looks, and have developed a full line of products to be a complete resource for every car and truck owner. Use Armor All products for easy and effective car cleaning — not just the body but also the wheels, tires, dashboard, seats and interior trim. Our passion is to help you get excellent results so you have renewed pride in your ride with less effort.

About Spectrum Brands Holdings, Inc:
Spectrum Brands Holdings, a member of the Russell 2000 Index, is a global and diversified consumer products company and a leading supplier of consumer batteries, residential locksets, residential builders’ hardware, plumbing, shaving and grooming products, personal care products, small household appliances, specialty pet supplies, lawn and garden and home pest control products, personal insect repellents, and auto care products. Helping to meet the needs of consumers worldwide, our Company offers a broad portfolio of market-leading, well-known and widely trusted brands including Rayovac®, VARTA®, Kwikset®, Weiser®, Baldwin®, National Hardware®, Pfister®, Remington®, George Foreman®, Russell Hobbs®, Black+ Decker®, Tetra®, Marineland®, Nature’s Miracle®, Dingo®, 8-in-1®, FURminator®, IAMS®, Eukanuba®, Digest-eeze™, Healthy-Hide®, Littermaid®, Spectracide®, Cutter®, Repel®, Hot Shot®, Black Flag®, Liquid Fence®, Armor All®, STP® and A/C PRO®. Spectrum Brands Canada is based in Mississauga, ON. The Global Auto Care Division manages the Armor All® and STP® brands. Spectrum Brands Holdings, based in Middleton, Wisconsin, generated net sales of approximately $4.69 billion in fiscal 2015, employs more than 13,500 employees worldwide and sells to the top 25 global retailers with products in more than one million stores. For more information, visit