Tuesday 21 May 2013

AWAKE! Chocolate Review and more...

I am addicted to chocolate! I love sweets period but chocolate has got to be at the tip top of my list. I am also a fan of caffeine, being a mother of three busy babies obviously being alert and awake is very crucial. So when I heard about AWAKE Caffeinated Chocolate I was ecstatic!  I got two of each flavor caramel and milk chocolate and let me tell you, not only was it delicious but I was pretty alert. They have managed to pack an entire cup of coffee worth of caffeine into a chocolate bar. Caramel was my fave but not by much because they were just ridiculous in flavor. Its not the mild milky flavor you see in other milk chocolates either its almost like a mixture of milk and dark chocolate and it is just nuts!

About The Chocolate

Click the link below for nutritional info:

Nutritional Information

They can be found in a ton of grocery stores and even online for more information check out their website at http://www.awakechocolate.com/ 

AWAKE Chocolate 

Play Time!
We decided to take a packing break and head on over to McDonald's for some play time at the play place. It was nice to get out and take some time away from the cardboard. The kids had a blast.

I cannot believe how fast time just whips by. My little guy is now 6 months old and eating solids. Holy cow! That means teething is killing us right now and as soon as that first tooth pokes through no more breastfeeding. I believe six months is very good for breastfeeding, I don't like the thought of a talking toddler hanging onto my chest plus it gives me a little more freedom. The worst part of it though is not the weening its making your milk stop. With both my kids my doctors said just stop, your breasts get so engorged you just want to rip them off but eventually the milk stops filling your breasts and completely vanishes. Your sore for a while but I guess that's life. I know some girls have gotten things called "dry up" pills? I have no idea if that's even a real thing but I'm not really into taking meds I don't really need.


 Oh so handsome! I love my babies and I am so lucky to have such wonderful kids! I hope everyone finds the love and happiness we have its a feeling you never want to let go of!

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