Tuesday 4 June 2013

That disconnected feeling...

I apologize for my recent absence. I have just moved and still waiting on Telus to come reconnect me to the communication world. I am actually using a very weak signal from a near by unsecured wireless network right now. I have a bunch of reviews and a few great giveaways I need to get done as soon as I am up and running again. Can't do them now on a count of everything I need pics of being in boxes and this wireless signal is so weak it takes about 5 mins to load a page. So sadly I do not have the time to wait. But please join me this Friday as I will be posting some reviews and giveaways because Telus is coming tomorrow and I will be unpacking like a mad woman to get my house in order. I thank you for your patience and will be back in a couple days, with pics of my gorgeous oasis of a backyard!

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