Wednesday 26 June 2013

Awesome Library Programs and more...

Another great highlight of the Okanagan is our wonderful local libraries. The one in West Kelowna where I live is pretty small but it's really nice and they have some really cool programs for the kids. They have story times during different weekdays and then when summer hits they have the summer reading program. Every time you read a book with your kids you color a section of the beehive, every time you color 7 sections you take the sheet to the library and they give you a sticker, and when your done you get a chance to win prizes. It is great incentive to keep kids reading this summer. I love it.

We went to the park today before we ended up getting rained on again, it was a ton of fun. I don't know what it is but for some reason even though my kids have a swing set in their backyard they prefer to go to the park swings.


 I really like this one little church park because it has a baby swing, my little man loves it and its so cute to see all three of my kids having fun together.

And then you know you had a good fun filled day when your son lays on the trampoline and passes out for over an hour. Good Times!

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