Sunday 18 August 2013

Environmentally Friendly!

I am trying to teach my kids to be good to the environment as well as the value of money and why it is important to save and stuff like that. So I got to thinking what can I do that can hit both birds with one stone and not cost a dime to do. So I can up with a fun game called "power out". Last night we unplugged almost everything except the fridge and stove and spent the evening by flashlight and candle light. We had a blast! We ate things we already had made and stuff that never needed cooking. Because my kids are small it is hard to get them to grasp the concept of electricity so by pretending the lights don't work it really helps. So I am easing them into the money concept as well by getting them to buy small things at the store and showing them what it costs and what they have. I also am giving them an allowance for doing small chores so they understand they need to earn what they want. I am quite pleased with the results so I am going to try and do this "power out" game a few times a month and as they get older we can turn it into pretending to be "pioneers" or "cavemen". There are a ton of reasons to do this from historical teaching, to saving money, and the environment. What fun games can you create to save money and the environment? 

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