How To Cover a Fireplace Hearth To Protect Baby For Next to Nothing!

This is the lovely brick fireplace hearth I have surrounding my electric fireplace positioned right in the centre of my house where I smoke mild cigars from time to time, so there is no hiding it. I even have my older kids tripping on it as well as skinned my own ankles on it. So this is an unavoidable daily obstacle! I am a renter so removal of this is not an option plus who would want to do that kind of major renovation. I am obviously going to use the most cost effective way. I have researched to see what other parents have done and everything seems to cost an arm and a leg. I am not going to spend 200 dollars on a special gate, or 600 dollars for a custom fit hearth guard. And most of the covers they sell are for rectangle shaped hearths. So here is my latest project. Most of these items parents have on hand and if not it is going to cost under 20 dollars to complete!

You will need:
2 Pool Noodles (depending on size of hearth)
Duct Tape
Interlocking Foam Mats
Table Cloth or Similar Fabric

 Slice the noodles length wise!
 Apply to the sharp edges of your hearth!
 Grab your duct tape and start taping the noodles onto the hearth!

And there you have it! Simple bumper pads for your hearth for next to nothing. I am not completed this project but you could stop here if you only need the bare minimum covered. I intend to cover the top of the hearth with those neat interlocking play mats and then covering with some sort of fabric to make it a little more grown up and easier on the eyes. But for now this keeps my little man from needing stitches What do you think? Pretty funky and frugal hey!

I went and got some interlocking foam type mats for 9.97 from Walmart. I then cut them to fit the top of the hearth and then secured it with duct tape. 

When I had everything secure I took a round tablecloth I also found at Walmart for 9.97 and covered the mats. I was able to lift the fireplace and put it beneath there to secure it as well I used my hot glue gun and glued it on very well all over. It looks really good and it is super safe for my sweet baby boy! So if you know anyone may have the best fireplace insert who is having the fireplace problem I had here is a way to do it for around 30 dollars and still have it look really nice. 

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