Sunday 20 October 2013

DIY Ghost Lanterns!

 Please excuse my tardiness my kids and I have been sick this past week, I am the last to get it and it is a rough one! Snot, cough, headache, and all those other nasty symptoms. But keeping my spirits up with my funky crafts is the best way to go, that and Advil cold and sinus! Love that stuff. 

So keeping with my frugal Halloween theme I got a great lantern project for you. My baby absolutely loves those dissolving puffs in assorted flavors and seeing as he has no teeth yet, I am quite comfortable with him snacking on those. But what am I to do with all the empty containers? That's when I looked at the shape and thought lantern! There is so many adorable path markers you can buy in stores for a steep price, well these babies are 100% free if you have glowsticks or flameless candles on hand, if not they can be obtained for a buck or two at the dollar store.
Simply use an exacto knife or sharp scissors to get the hole started for whatever face you plan on making for your lantern. This is my first one and I stuck with your basic spooky ghost eyes and mouth. Take your scissors and cut your holes. That is all you need to do. The end result in the dark is really awesome I think I am going to use my box cutter and see how detailed I can get with my designs.

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