Wednesday 20 November 2013

Crock-it Lock-it Review!

This is a product I am very excited to be reviewing. I love my crock pot and I love taking things to family get togethers. I have never brought my crock with me due to the fact that I don't want it to spill during transport. Well now I have absolutely no reason to worry because my Crock-it Lock-it is completely spill proof!
 This is a revolutionary product. Men and woman have been potlucking for generations and now we can drag our entire crock pot with us as opposed to the usual Tupperware where we need to warm things up in the microwave or stovetop. This product is universal as well, fitting all sizes of crock pots.
So now this Christmas I will be bringing a giant crock pot full of sweet potatoes, one of my personal faves that nobody ever seems to make. I am going to be crocking and carrying all kinds of tasty treats and you can to by visiting the Crock-it Lock-it Shop! These would make an excellent gift this holiday season, so cross some people off your list by getting them something practical!

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