Sunday 17 November 2013

Durable, Babyproof, Decorative Presents!

 I absolutely love seeing wrapped presents under the Christmas tree! The only problem all of us parents with small children face is they get destroyed or unwrapped. Well I found the perfect solution to this problem.
Take a new or old plastic tablecloth and a nice big box and let your kids help you so they can see first hand that this is not a real present. This way there should be little to no temptation to unwrap the gift.
 Rather than simply cut and tape you must secure it so it is as durable as need be. That is where your handy glue gun comes in. I glued the present as tightly as I could making sure there is no seam that can be easily torn open and in doing so I now have a waterproof, completely sealed, baby and toddler friendly decorative gift for under my tree.
 I enjoyed the first one so much I used an empty tissue box and made a small one to. My baby can drool on them, throw them, and beat on them with out any worry of it being ruined. Now my tree looks really cute and complete with these babyproof decorations! I bet these would even hold up to winter weather if you make sure to seal them tight, outdoor decorations are ridiculously priced so I might be making more of these.

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