Wednesday 29 January 2014

Date it! Labels Review and Giveaway!

I never used to label anything. I just put stuff in bags or containers popped it in the freezer and assumed I would just know what was in there when I looked at it. We rotate our freezer stock monthly so our dates are never past their prime. But the other day I noticed I had some cubes in bags in my freezer, they were transparent and slightly yellowish/brown. Then I found another bag of cubes, some were orange, and some were green, and some were yellow. Ok so I had an idea of what the first bag was, those were chicken stock cubes but the last one was baby food cubes, but what kind of baby food? Peas? Green beans? Corn? No idea. No date on them either. They looked a little on the freezer burnt side so I tossed them. But what a bummer to just throw away good already prepared baby food just because I didn't know what they were and when they were made. Baby food cubes can look freezer burnt when they aren't just because of the moisture they contain but I am not chancing that with my baby.

 This brings me to my review. I got to try Lovable Labels Date It! Labels and I absolutely love them. I can put them on containers or bags and put the name of what it is and when I put it in or made it and here is the best part, if you write in permanent marker you can take rubbing alcohol and erase it and reuse that same label! Pretty sweet!

So I used them today in my frugal freezer prep. I went to Superstore today and found a beautiful roast. It was a Certified Angus Beef Inside Round Roast for 12.97 but it was marked down 30% making it only 9.07 and it was marked down early.

So I got a great deal already, then to stretch my great deal even further I took the roast and cut off 3 nice size steaks and now I have a nice roast dinner and a steak dinner for us.

 Date It! Labels have some super cute designs you can pick from. I chose retro because I love the nostalgic look. It makes me think of a simpler time.

So I labelled my meat popped it in the freezer and that was that. Now I know what it is, when it was packed, and saves my sanity and helps me feel more organized!

And now is everyone's favorite part, the giveaway! Lovable Labels has decided to give one of my lovely readers a set of their own Date It! Labels. So just enter the rafflecopter form and goodluck!

  a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Oh and as my Daily Impact Day 2 update I decluttered some more and got a big bag of clothes to donate to the salvation army.

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