Friday 15 August 2014

Lovable Labels Daycare Packs (Giveaway) & more!

Lovable Labels keeps knocking my socks off with their amazing new products. This month I have gotten a set of Daycare Labels which come in the most adorable designs. These labels are perfect for my daughter this year when she is in preschool. They will go nicely on her back pack, lunch box, clothes, and shoes! I have so many labels in this pack she will have everything she owns labeled.

The daycare pack comes with:
  • 15 sticker labels
  • 16 match it shoe labels
  • 10 fun stickies
  • 60 mini DOTS
  • 8 Snack labels
Each label has its own unique features, the match it labels are made specifically for your child's shoes.  One sticker goes in each shoe and your child will be able to match the stickers to find their shoes, and they will learn to complete the picture properly to get the shoes on the right feet, very cool. The snack labels can be rewritten on using dry erase, sharpies, etc.

I am very excited to begin labeling all my daughters stuff and we want you to label some stuff to. So you can enter to win a daycare pack below!

 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Party

I have been crazy busy the past couple weeks because my son is having his 6th birthday party tomorrow. I am planning an amazing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Party! I have been pulling ideas off the net but I have yet to find any villain decor online. So I created my own. The "Kraang" are the nasty little aliens that the turtles fight in the series so here is what I came up with: 
I took some pink balloons and some streamers and created my very own Kraang. My son loves them and I think they look really neat! I put a net attached to the ceiling and have them hanging in there as if they are busting out and attacking the party. Cool or what?

Be sure to check out the entire party post tomorrow where I reveal everything I created and how you can to!

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