Sunday 17 August 2014

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Party

My son turned 6 last week and we had his party yesterday. We had a whopping 13 kids come over and have some crazy fun. I went and decked out my house the best I could on a budget and I was able to do his entire party for $150 including food! Here is what everything looked like along with descriptions on how I did it.
For my chandelier I took strips of cheap plastic table cloth and tied all the ninja turtle colors around it. Turned out really neat.

I created sillouettes of NYC using chalk and black construction paper, I had them placed all around the house to give the feel of being in New York.

I used cardboard, black construction paper, and duct tape to create a huge Leonardo sword that my son is actually able to play with. It stands about 3 feet tall.

I also made Donnie's staff which is made from rolled up paper and duct tape. It is just about 3 feet long as well and very sturdy.

For Mikey's nun chucks I used rolled up paper and toilet paper tubes cut into chain like links. I cut a slit in each ring to connect them and then taped them back together using silver duct tape to create a life like chain.
I made lots of NYC manhole covers or sewer lids to place all around the house as well. I just used a big bowl and one a bit smaller to get the perfect circles in white chalk, then created the pattern in chalk as well.
For my brick wall I used a plain plastic red table cloth and drew all the bricks on with a sharpie. To make it more realistic I made cracks and holes and added some turtle power graffiti in the middle.
For the back wall where all my food was laid out I used strips of plastic table cloth in a blue and green pattern, then I did a pattern on top of that using black and green twisted streamers.
Green balloons with plastic table cloth masks. 
So this is how the dining room looked, minus my ninja turtle table cloth and all the food.
I bought some cheap dollar store bins and put a sign on that said "Mutant Ooze".
All of the drinks had ninja turtle labels on them, the nutritional facts are so cute. I cant get a clear picture on my phone so you can check them out here:
I splurged and got him a Bulk Barn Pinata for his party for $18. The kids loved it. I filled it with candy bought at the dollar store and in clearance bins at Shoppers Drug Mart. It cost me about $9 to pack it full enough for 13 kids.
This is the pic I used for my graffiti on my brick wall.
I made about 20 Kraang balloons for the kids to battle with in the backyard.
Each child got their own individual worms and dirt wrapped in cellophane. Chocolate pudding, chocolate baking crumbs, and sour gummie worms.
I also made lime jello as mutagen for each child in their own little green container, and everyone got a  green bubble wand. I wish I got a picture of all the kids playing as well as the table filled with food but what can you do? I used empty coffee containers, you know the silver ones, and used them to hold the bubble wands giving it more of a city trash can look. The rest of the table was green dishes, lots of fruit, veggies, chips, water, and I ordered pizza from Papa Johns. I got 4 large pizzas delivered for under $50 using their lunch special. The cake was just a store bought chocolate sheet cake that I put his ninja turtle toys on, and that's that. 

Everything came in well under $150 and it was a terrific party! If you have any questions on how to do anything please just ask in the comments and I will reply and if needed post instructions on how to make whatever you need.

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