Friday 16 January 2015

Babyville Boutique Review & Giveaway!

Babyville Boutique is a company that creates the best fabric, embellishments, ribbons, and so much more for all of your cloth diaper DIY's. But that is not all you can create with Babyville's amazing products, the possibilities are endless and you can see much of it on their blog, Facebook page, Pinterest page as well as their website.

I personally love their new camo fabric and ribbon, I used mine to give my purse a makeover and I think it looks awesome! Not only does it look terrific but it is now more durable.

These are the products I received and I am super excited to create more amazing projects with them. My next project is going to be a wet bag for my kids wet clothes when we are out and about. Whether it be an accident during potty training or a trip back from swimming a wet bag is a great idea! Instructions for this and more click here

I love these adorable projects like these no sew headbands! Click here for instructions!

 These blocks are so adorable and are so easy to make. For instructions click here!
 For more awesome projects like these ones and to buy all of your project materials visit Babyville Boutique! And now for the giveaway!

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