Thursday 8 January 2015

Raccoons Brutally Murdered My Birds!

Raccoons are nasty animals that will slaughter your pets at any given chance. We have lost 3 out of 5 birds this winter because raccoons sneak up and snatch them at night. I would not be as  angry at these greedy animals if they didn't leave such a brutal murder scene in my backyard. 

As the sun went down last night we went to put the birds to bed only to find one of my ducks was decapitated and laying in front of the run, I could here scurrying in the bushes so I grabbed my remaining birds and ran inside. Not knowing what I was dealing with I settled my birds with some fresh water and left them inside while I investigated what was out there. I shined the spotlight we had on the trees and this is the image that was staring back at me:

I am not impressed that this big beast was so sneaky and was able to rip my poor duck apart. The sun had barely begun to go down when this nasty creature took the life of my duck so be careful and keep a close eye on your flock! I am now going to get some traps and distinguish this problem so I can get some new members of my flock. Trapper hats anyone?

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