Tuesday 17 February 2015

How To Survive A House Full Of Coughing, Snotting, Fever Struck Kids

This is the arsenal I have been equipped with during the past 3 weeks of this nasty cold that has spread through our community like wildfire. There is a terrible cold attacking all of these young kids where they are continuously hacking to the point of throwing up. But do not fear it is just a viral sickness and mother nature will surely kick it to the curb in due time, but how in the world do you get through the constant hacking, snotting, fever, etc.? I will tell you, besides patience here is all the information you need to know. 

Do not jump to the conclusion that your child has pneumonia unless your child is having trouble breathing, is vomiting, dizzy, has a frequent headache, a stiff neck,  as well as a fever over 104 degrees Fahrenheit. More symptoms here! There are two kinds of pneumonia, the viral kind where the doctor simply tells you to take the child home give them plenty of fluids, rest and some pain relievers. It will run its course and be done. Then there is bacterial pneumonia which is the worst of the two. Bacterial pneumonia can cause your child intense pain, high fever, and extreme trouble breathing. If your child has a blueish grey color around the lips or fingernails seek help immediately. This is caused from lack of oxygen.

Teach kids to cover their mouths and wash their hands. Kids these days seem to pick stuff up quite easily if they see it on a video so try showing them one of these: 

Teaching kids to wash their hands after they blow their noses, sneeze, use the bathroom and much more is a challenge. I found the if I made a sign for the kids that showed a picture of hands being washed and explained to them what it was there for, they forgot a lot less. If you aren't artistic enough to draw a picture you can find a few printables here:
Patience is key when dealing with a house crawling with sick kids. Medicate when necessary to keep your children comfortable and there are also essential oils some people swear by when there is an illness in the family. Read more here:
 Here is a neat guide on how to make your own essential oils as an added bit of information. Make your own Essential Oils!

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