Thursday 19 February 2015

Are Multivitamins A Waste of Money?

The other day I went in the cupboard and found I was out of multivitamins for the kids, as well as a few of my choice supplements. As I sat there staring at the bottles I realized I didn't know very much about the very things we were putting in our bodies everyday, the only reason we ever take them is because we are told from birth that vitamins are good for you. So what exactly do these so called "healthy supplements" do for you?

Well lets start by saying multivitamins are great if you are in need of them, say you have a B12 deficiency or are lacking Vitamin D then yes by all means take those vitamins but when a healthy person who is not lacking takes multivitamins filled with an alphabet arsenal you are just pumping your body full of excess. The best way for a person to get vitamins is through what they eat, not only is the source of the vitamin natural this way but the body absorbs what it needs naturally. Our bodies actually only absorb a fraction of what they receive and the rest is simply passed on as waste. More on absorption here. It is easy to see which foods will provide you with which vitamins using these:

Did you know that most vitamins and supplements are synthetic, almost 95% actually. That means they are chemically produced instead of being made from natural resources. You can read more about the difference between natural and synthetic vitamins here!

As I look back at all the money I have wasted buying all of these vitamins and supplements I realize I am so happy I could write about my findings to share with others who are wasting their money and quite possibly harming their bodies instead of doing any good. Here is a great read on the findings of what these multivitamins could be doing to you. Read it here!

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