Friday 20 February 2015

Clip Clops Review & Giveaway!

Teaching your kids to put their shoes on the right feet takes a lot of patience and a ton of reminders, for some reason they just can't feel that uncomfortable curve in their shoes that we as adults can feel instantly when we slip into our shoes. That being said having my kids be able to put on their own shoes on the right feet is a real time saver as well. When I am getting 6 or 7 kids ready to go outside it can take a good 10 minutes to make sure everyone is properly dressed but with Clip Clops I can actually save a few of those minutes, and trust me every minute counts!

What are Clip Clops exactly? They are adorable little shoe accessories that have a meaning or purpose. Next to being stylish they help direct which shoe goes where. For more information I suggest you watch this video:

And then this one:

Now that you know what these amazing little products do it is time for you to order your own here! Or enter to win 5 pairs of Clip Clops right here!

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