Prepare Your Child For Good Oral Health

Ask your child about the dentist. What do they tell you? 60% of kids tell you that going to the dentist hurts and is scary. Why do you think this is? My guess is the fact that every dentist ever portrayed even in a cartoon tends to be a scary person causing people pain. Take the movie Finding Nemo for example, take a look at the pain the dentist causes his patient and the way the fish talk about his work. Nothing said about the dentist is positive.

I have begun a routine with my kids where we play a type of dentist game. The point of this is to introduce your child to someone poking around in their mouth, and teaches them to let someone look at their teeth. 

I begin with a small mirror and let my kids look in their mouth and try to count their teeth, they notice it is not very easy to do just by looking. You can now introduce an object like a small spoon, toothpick, chopsticks, straw, etc. to try and tap each tooth and count. Small ones will only let you look momentarily but every second helps.

You should introduce floss at a small age. These are the best:

They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, etc. and can be found at your local dollar store for next to nothing. These also make a fantastic tool for the first step of my dentist game where you count and tap the teeth. 

You would not believe how many kids skip brushing and flossing everyday, it is surprising. If you have an older child who is just lazy, solve this problem by showing them these pics. 

What a beautiful smile. Did you know that if you live in B.C. there is a program available for low income families for kids to care for their teeth. It is called Healthy Kids. It is available for dependents under the age of 19! If you don't live in B.C. then call around to some dentists or government offices to get information on low income dental programs, there is always something available. 

If you cannot find a program to help cover the costs or are not considered low income but still don't have the money on hand to pay for your child's dental care call the dentists in your area and explain your situation, dentists are more then likely willing to work out a payment plan to get your child the help they need. 

Now for an experiment to show kids how teeth rot. This is a super easy experiment that will show kids the effects of using a cavity protection toothpaste. 

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