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Cheap DIY Silhouette Shirts

I absolutely love the look of these awesome shirts I made for my kids and I. There are tons of tutorials on screen printing and what not but they are all pricey and can cost quite a bit by the time your done. So the solution is to find a better way to get your personalized look on your shirt.  I had this great idea as soon as I found Tulip Fabric Spray Paint! All you need to do is make a stencil and spray the shirt. Well first I made my daughter this one: I made myself one with a big buck head to and it looks wicked cool. And then I made my oldest boy this one:  They are really neat looking, and they are as simple as: Find a picture you like the silhouette of Cut it out Glue it to the shirt using washable school glue Spray with Tulip Fabric Spray Paint Let dry for 4 hours Turn it inside out and wash it Wear it Boom your done. Now you can create numerous new looks with one bottle of paint and some cheap shirts. I found a few of mine at Walmart for $

Preventable Death Of Children

My kids are my life, most parents feel the same way. We all want the best for our kids and try to do our best to create a happy, healthy life for them. A couple of things have really tugged at my heart strings this week regarding children and safety.  First one of the kids in my sons school was accidentally ran over by a vehicle and left in critical condition, he is the sweetest boy and I hope he pulls through. If you would like to read his story you can do so here: Jonah's Story The boys accident was completely avoidable and preventable.  The next tragic story I just read about and didn't even think was a possibility is leaving your child in a hot car. Apparently this happens more often then you would think, people are totally crazy about when people leave dogs in cars but what about a child? Until I read this story I wasn't even aware of the problem. This is not something that is labelled as bad parenting either, we all make mistakes and even the most cari

Duck Breeding Facts & Information

I have been raising birds for almost two years now and have learned so many things it is amazing. Ducks have got to be my favorite bird, closely followed by chickens, I also raise quail but I'm not much of a quail person, they are high maintenance. Breeding ducks and hatching eggs has been a fun experience for sure and I have learned a few things I thought I should share so here are some duck breeding facts: Ducks breeding period is from late winter to early summer, although some breeds will lay all year. Mating can be violent and stressful on females, they can lose a lot of feathers and get injured during mating.Males bite down on the scruff of the neck causing painful marks, bruising and even cuts. More than one female per drake is recommended, I have just the pair of Welsh Harlequin ducks and my female is very sore and tired looking.  You may need to separate your males and females if mating becomes too stressful. Male ducks will try mating with other species, s

E.A.T. End Allergies Together

As a mother of 3 I am very glad that my kids can eat anything I give them. There is no worries about dying due to a bite of food. Others aren't so lucky, we were recently at a birthday party and were eating Dairy Queen ice cream cake for dessert, nobody thought anything of it until one little boy piped up and said "I can't have peanuts" well who would have thought an ice cream cake may contain traces of peanuts. The family hosting the party called and asked and yes it is true anyone with a severe peanut allergy should not eat ice cream cake due to traces that may be present. Poor little guy.  So what are we doing in the world to try and find a cure for food allergies? Nowhere near what we should be doing. So E.A.T. has some information to share with the world.  JUST ONE BITE AWAY...   People with food allergies can’t just eat. The action of eating is often scary and life threatening, and yet eating is a part of every day life, and a way of lif

Favorite Color Swap Reveal

This years favorite color swap I was partnered with one of our wonderful hosts Beth. Beth has her own amazing blog at Printcess . Her unique style and entrepreneurship has really inspired me to become all that I can be. I had so much fun swapping with her and I cant wait til the next swap. First item I simply adored was this wonderfully hand painted and embellished martini glass. Monogrammed to suit my fancy. An awesome blue animal print bag of keychains and jewels. I love animal prints.  This killer Starbucks cup which has enjoyed many iced coffees thus far. Love how she found the perfect combo of colors! Pink and blue bookmarks handmade by Beth. This huge amount of awesome camo fabric. I was just thrilled to see this I already redid my purse with it and made myself a pillow. Must find more! A very unique bow and arrow pen, Super cute note pad, which is perfect for me because the best saying on there is "Living The Minivan Dream" and I just

#MakeWaterWork For Your Ducks & Chickens

My ducks and chickens need fresh clean water all year. It can be costly if you aren't lucky like me and have water ways that run through your backyard. When we first got our chickens and ducks we noticed a small stream that runs through the yard so we decided to take full advantage of it and build a small pond.  The other day I was getting all my chickens fresh water and realized I can divert the water into a small creek through the chicken run, into the pond, and so on. So my chickens can get fresh clean water all year without wasting any and saving physical energy that can be used elsewhere.  It is of course a work in progress, it is going to look stunning when I am done though. I am going to finish the digging and lining today then later tonight I am going to get some plants and rocks to make it beautiful. With the extreme heat and drought conditions we may face this summer it is never a bad idea to find ways of conserving water. Now that'

DIY Father's Day Gift

Father's Day is quickly approaching and I would like to show some appreciation to the daddy in our life by making his day super special. By creating extra special gifts that are made using our little artists our Father's Day is going to be awesome! One of our gifts is a two piece. Not only have the kids created an adorable card/banner but I took this adorable picture and I am going to get it developed, blown up, and framed. So if you have a dad in your life that likes fishing this is the project for you. Begin by stamping your little ones feet in some colorful paint. Let it dry and then draw the fishy tails and other water details. Add an additional "We Love Dad" and you have the perfect photo prop and card for your special man to enjoy.