Tuesday 2 February 2016

Fight Back Against Rising Food Costs In Canada

The cost of feeding your family has steadily increased and is becoming more outrageous every single day. The lower the Canadian dollar drops the more import prices rise and we are getting the bad end of that deal. I personally don't feel like I should have to suffer due to stocks that I have no control over. I can control how much I spend if I can create my own self sufficiency. So how do we combat the cost of food and still eat healthy? I have an excellent solution, grow and raise your own meat, eggs, vegetables etc.

Try to raise rabbits for meat and fur and they are absolutely delicious. They don't cost a ton to feed if you supplement with scraps from your fruits and veggies. This way there is zero waste and a whole lot of bunny food. Bags of feed at your local feed store are around $15 for 50 pounds. Here is an excellent article on meat rabbits. Rabbits are easy to raise, breed, and are virtually disease free, I really enjoy raising rabbits.

I also have four chickens which means I get a dozen eggs every three days. I keep my fridge stocked and can sell the excess to friends and family for some extra cash. Free range organic brown eggs sell for $5 a dozen around here. Chickens can be a breeze as long as you have the space. Backyard chickens has all the information you need!

I am also a licensed hunter/trapper which means I can hunt during open seasons for certain birds and other game animals. I have a freezer filled with quail, grouse, and other delicious treats that keep me from buying overpriced grocery store meats. Find out more about getting your hunting license and supply your family with some wild game.

When spring hits get your garden going immediately because vegetables are costing a huge chunk of change lately. But in the meantime since its still wintery out here grow anything you can indoors from green onions to herbs and if you have space experiment with more. The more you can grow yourself the more you save.

Learn to eat less meat in your meals and you can save a ton. Not every meal needs meat, I make delicious perogies with a side salad that are very filling.

Hopefully this helps you to save some of that hard earned cash as we start to feel the pinch of the rising food costs.

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