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Legoland Birthday Party Tips

The thought of being responsible for a group of kids hopped up on frosting, sugar, and fizzy drinks is enough to make most adults cringe. Throwing a successful party requires a secure area with lots of activities to wear off high levels of energy that accompany birthday celebrations. “Planning your child’s birthday party can be a piece of cake. It’s all about finding the most cost effective, safe and stress-free way to make a great day for your little one,” says Lara Hannaford, Marketing Manager at LEGOLAND ® Discovery Centre. LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre provides plenty of attractions all under one roof, providing the perfect LEGO® playground for birthday girls and boys. Hannaford suggests a few things to keep in mind for this year’s birthday party extravaganza: Keep it short and sweet – Technically you are the babysitter for the afternoon, keep that in mind. A two to three hour maximum leaves plenty of time for cake, food and tons of fun. Activities galore – E

The ABC's of Yoga for Kids

A 2015   Yoga Journal   poll revealed that 1.7 million American children under the age of 17 practice yoga. With stats like that, it’s easy to see that this peaceful practice has become a family affair!   Now, on April 8, 2016, 36 states and 12 countries are committed to celebrating our youth and their physical/mental fitness by practicing 5 minutes of yoga thanks to the creation of #KidsYogaDay by avid yoga practitioner for over 30 years, teacher and speaker,   Teresa Anne Power .  An internationally recognized expert on children’s yoga and the author of the bestselling and award-winning book,   The ABCs of Yoga for Kids   — April 8 also marks the release of Teresa's perfect guide for parents and teachers to introduce yoga to even more children,  The ABCs of Yoga for Kids: A Guide for Parents and Teachers   [Stafford House Books, April 8, 2016].  Supported by Teresa’s contagious optimism and passion for her practice, she has immediate availability to speak in a

CoverrMe: a Free Alternative to GoFundMe  is a free (0% fee) alternative to other crowdfunding platforms such as GoFundMe.  Unlike other platforms, CoverrMe allows people to raise money for any type of crowdfunding project  but  without the fees . Why we need an alternative to GoFundMe GoFundMe has become a real giant in the crowdfunding space. Since its inception, GoFundMe campaigns  raised over $1 billion dollars from Funders, and half of that ($470 million) in 2014 alone - making it the    worlds biggest crowdfunding  platform.  Most campaigns in GoFundMe are of the 'personal crowdfunding'  nature, with people raising money for medical bills, honeymoons, weddings and animal care. GoFundMe  charges a 5% fee on the money raised, so for every $100 you raise, GoFundMe takes their $5 share. In  addition, credit card companies charge another 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. The Founders were recently  bought out of the company - and it seems that it has become a corporate 'money-mac

Three Simple Ways To Optimize Your Level Of Wellness

If you want to live an absolutely amazing life, you need to be healthy. Yet many people manifest signs of poor health. Whether it's chronic fatigue, joint pain, mood instability, or something else, the problems can be corrected through the implementation of sound wellness strategies. To get on the road to great health and fabulous living right now, implement the following techniques:  1. Invest In Home Renovation Services. One of the best ways to improve your level of wellness is by investing in home renovation services. These services are powerful because they improve the aesthetic and functional appeal of your property, which can in turn make your life easier while simultaneously boosting your mood. There's nothing like coming home to a house that you love living in, so start taking advantage of this wellness strategy right now. You can learn more about home improvement professionals in your area and get your free estimate now .  2. Do Yoga.  In addition to investi

Club Called Awesome

ELECTRO-KINDIE FOR ALL! 'CLUB CALLED AWESOME' A NEW ALBUM BY THE SINGING LIZARD SET FOR MARCH RELEASE "Amazing enough on the ears that it deserves to be here, there, and everywhere families are looking for rad summertime mini jams." -- Jeff Bogle,  Red Tricycle " Let me catch my breath!  I just spent the past hour dancing it up to The Singing Lizard's hip techno flair CD,  Make Believe  ... Each song is a soulful pop adventure, and the lyrics are full of positive messages." -- Marcy Fisher,  Our Kids "The difference with her sound is that it's a grown-up, piano-based pop that would not be out of place on the radio next to such singers as Leslie Feist and Regina Spektor." -- Phil Corless,  A Family Runs Through It As one of the first artists to combine original and traditional children's music with electronic, pop, and dance genres,  Liz DeRoche  (a.k.a.    The Singing Lizard ) moves listeners to the beat of an ent

DIY Activities for Boredom Busting

There is that one thing that no parent should ever allow their kids to say, and that is the phrase  I’m bored . Jokes to  the side, we all get a bit bored every now and then but every good parent should always have a few tricks up the  sleeve when it comes down to situations like these. Moments of boredom are actually great opportunities to practice  your skills, develop your talents or simply indulge in some creative arts and crafts. So, the next time your child expresses boredom, do not hesitate to propose some of these fun activities: Organize a Music Gig Source When the sun kicks in, the backyard makes a great venue for organizing small-time family concerts. All you need to do is  set up a patio, assemble a few instruments, gather the artists and start jamming. Pots and pans along with cooking  spoons make great drum sets, while containers filled with rice are good substitutes for maracas. And what is a band with out a guitar player? Using only a shoebo