Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Legoland Birthday Party Tips

The thought of being responsible for a group of kids hopped up on frosting, sugar, and fizzy drinks is enough to make most adults cringe. Throwing a successful party requires a secure area with lots of activities to wear off high levels of energy that accompany birthday celebrations.
“Planning your child’s birthday party can be a piece of cake. It’s all about finding the most cost effective, safe and stress-free way to make a great day for your little one,” says Lara Hannaford, Marketing Manager at LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre.

LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre provides plenty of attractions all under one roof, providing the perfect LEGO® playground for birthday girls and boys.
Hannaford suggests a few things to keep in mind for this year’s birthday party extravaganza:
Keep it short and sweet – Technically you are the babysitter for the afternoon, keep that in mind. A two to three hour maximum leaves plenty of time for cake, food and tons of fun.
Activities galore – Ensure you have provided enough physical activity to burn off all that excitement. Each child will be inhaling the key birthday food groups of sugar and sweets and will need a way to release all that energy.
Party favors – Select a package option that offers take home gifts if you require so.  Parting gifts can be simple, leaving each child with a smile and more entertainment for which the parents will appreciate.
Include the parents – To take some of the pressure off, certain venues offer packages with special adult rates or free adults per certain number of children. Enjoy a little adult time amongst the chaos while gaining a helping hand.
LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre offers LEGO®-themed birthdays brought to you by a LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre host. Winter, summer, spring or fall, LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre provides indoor entertainment for kid’s enjoyment from ages 3-10. Packages offer admission into the centre, a party room and hours of LEGO® fun.

For more information on LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre, Toronto, visit www.legolanddiscoverycentre.ca and follow it on Facebook and Twitter.

About LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Toronto
LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Toronto is a 34,000 square-foot indoor attraction featuring more than 3 million LEGO® bricks, geared towards children ages 3-10 and their families.  Its range of interactive attractions will include hands-on play areas, a 4D cinema, master classes led by Master Model Builders, two LEGO® rides, special party rooms and MINILAND — the venue’s signature re-creation of landmark locations and buildings throughout Toronto and the GTA, made entirely out of LEGO® bricks. Adults must be accompanied by children to enter.

Monday, 25 April 2016

The ABC's of Yoga for Kids

A 2015 Yoga Journal poll revealed that 1.7 million American children under the age of 17 practice yoga. With stats like that, it’s easy to see that this peaceful practice has become a family affair! 

Now, on April 8, 2016, 36 states and 12 countries are committed to celebrating our youth and their physical/mental fitness by practicing 5 minutes of yoga thanks to the creation of #KidsYogaDay by avid yoga practitioner for over 30 years, teacher and speaker, Teresa Anne Power

An internationally recognized expert on children’s yoga and the author of the bestselling and award-winning book, The ABCs of Yoga for Kids — April 8 also marks the release of Teresa's perfect guide for parents and teachers to introduce yoga to even more children, The ABCs of Yoga for Kids: A Guide for Parents and Teachers [Stafford House Books, April 8, 2016]. 
Supported by Teresa’s contagious optimism and passion for her practice, she has immediate availability to speak in a feature/profile or expert commentary capacity on:
  • The benefits of yoga for kids and how it differs from other forms of exercise
  • How yoga can assist with childhood challenges, such as autism, ADHD, obesity, stress and physical disabilities
  • Making the most of yoga as a family and in the classroom
  • Basic guidelines of yoga for kids, including length and number of poses and sessions
  • How yoga helps kids perform better in school
  • Specific guidance for sharing yoga with babies and toddlers
  • And much more!
About Teresa Anne Power:
A yoga teacher for over ten years and practitioner for over 30, Teresa Anne Power is an internationally recognized children’s yoga expert and the bestselling author of The ABCs of Yoga for Kids. Also available in Spanish, French, Italian and Danish, her book has won multiple awards including The Mom’s Choice Award, Family Choice Award, Living Now Book Award, Moonbeam Children’s Book Award, and National Best Books Award. Since, Power has released yoga pose cards, a calendar, coloring book, posters and, coming in 2016, her newest book, The ABCs of Yoga for Kids: A Guide for Parents and Teachers. This guidebook is scheduled to be released on Kids’ Yoga Day, an inaugural international day Power created to celebrate the health and wellness of our youth worldwide through the practice of yoga. She has appeared on both local and national television and radio, and has been featured in/on Parenting Special Needs Magazine,Parenting.com, MindBodyGreen, Sirius XM, Glamour.com, Yogi Times, and more. She currently writes articles about children’s health and fitness on Examiner.com
Power’s 10+ years of teaching young children yoga in schools, yoga studios, and local organizations has helped thousands of kids develop a healthy attitude towards their body. She has also spoken at numerous libraries, schools, yoga studio, and school conferences, volunteers her yoga expertise, and works with Children’s Bureau, Choose Health LA Child Care, Let’s Move West LA, Pathways, Connections for Children and the Neighborhood Youth Association. A graduate of University of Southern California, she earned her J.D. from Pepperdine University School of Law and has a California Real Estate Broker’s License. In 2002, she completed a yoga training program with Indigo Yoga, and is a keynote speaker and teaches children’s yoga training workshops. She resides in Pacific Palisades, California, and is currently pursuing her Masters Degree in Education, Leadership and Change at Antioch University in Los Angeles.
Learn more at www.abcyogaforkids.com and connect with Power on: 
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/The-ABCs-of-Yoga-for-Kids
Twitter: twitter.com/abcyogaforkids

The ABCs of Yoga for Kids: A Guide for Parents and Teachers is set for release on April 8, 2016 and will be available for purchase at Amazon and other bookstores and yoga studios.

Yoga is not only fun but a great way to keep kids healthy and active. In a large group setting such as a daycare it is an excellent activity to encourage calm, relaxing ways of moving the body. This book is an excellent tool when paired with yoga games

This kids yoga mat is an excellent way to encourage the practice for your little ones and gives you a great gift idea as well! 

Friday, 22 April 2016

Three Simple Ways To Optimize Your Level Of Wellness

If you want to live an absolutely amazing life, you need to be healthy. Yet many people manifest signs of poor health. Whether it's chronic fatigue, joint pain, mood instability, or something else, the problems can be corrected through the implementation of sound wellness strategies. Rejuvenate with NAD IV Therapy; it is one of the proven wellness strategies that can significantly contribute to a healthier and more balanced life. This specialized treatment aids in restoring cellular function and metabolism, potentially alleviating a myriad of symptoms associated with poor health, such as fatigue and mood fluctuations. To get on the road to great health and fabulous living right now, implement the following techniques: 

1. Invest In Home Renovation Services.

One of the best ways to improve your level of wellness is by investing in home renovation services. These services are powerful because they improve the aesthetic and functional appeal of your property, which can in turn make your life easier while simultaneously boosting your mood. There's nothing like coming home to a house that you love living in, so start taking advantage of this wellness strategy right now. You can learn more about home improvement professionals in your area and get your free estimate now

2. Do Yoga. 

In addition to investing in home renovation services, make sure that you start doing yoga. This form of physical activity will entail a wide range of health benefits, some of which include:

-clearer thinking
-lowered blood pressure
-improved memory
-better sleep
-weight management 

Additionally, yoga is an incredible stress buster, which is good news for individuals who lead a fast-paced lifestyle marked by ongoing work-related or personal anxieties.

3. Meditate. 

One final technique you can employ to optimize your level of wellness is meditation. Meditation is a wonderful way to connect your mind and body, fight stress, and develop the ability to control your thoughts so that they direct you into peaceful, powerful living. There are numerous different types of meditation that you can engage in, and one of the more prevalent is breath-based. With this meditation modality, primacy is placed on slowly inhaling and exhaling. As this work is done, you should listen to the cadence and sound of your own breath. In addition to promoting a sense of calm, this mode of meditation can help improve your breathing quality. 


If you're serious about leading a productive and positive life, wellness is not an option. It is mandatory. To start optimizing your level of mental and physical health right now, you can implement the wellness techniques listed here. In so doing, you'll likely find that you obtain the sustained sense of peace, love, and joy that you've always wanted!
Rejuvenate with NAD IV TherapyRejuvenate with NAD IV Therapy

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Club Called Awesome




"Amazing enough on the ears that it deserves to be here, there, and everywhere families are looking for rad summertime mini jams."
-- Jeff Bogle, Red Tricycle

"Let me catch my breath!  I just spent the past hour dancing it up to The Singing Lizard's hip techno flair CD, Make Believe ... Each song is a soulful pop adventure, and the lyrics are full of positive messages."
-- Marcy Fisher, Our Kids

"The difference with her sound is that it's a grown-up, piano-based pop that would not be out of place on the radio next to such singers as Leslie Feist and Regina Spektor."
-- Phil Corless, A Family Runs Through It

As one of the first artists to combine original and traditional children's music with electronic, pop, and dance genres, Liz DeRoche (a.k.a.   The Singing Lizard) moves listeners to the beat of an entirely new style she calls "Electro-Kindie."  The Singing Lizard is thrilled to announce the March 25 release of her third album for families, Club Called Awesome.

Described as "Regina Spektor mixed with Daft Punk," The Singing Lizardis an electro-pop singer/keyboardist/drummer who creates seriously fun dance parties for all ages.  Enthused Marcy Fisher of Our Kids, "Her songs will have you digging into your imagination and shaking your tail feather!"

Inspired by Radiohead, Daft Punk, and Bjork, Liz DeRoche wrote, recorded, mixed, and performed all the vocals and every instrument onClub Called Awesome.  The thirteen original songs on the album are replete with highly imaginative, plot-driven lyrics, tight electronic elements, and anthemic choruses that touch on themes ranging from starting a club where everyone's invited, being yourself, and trying new things, to enjoying the outdoors and growing up.

Exhibiting a penchant for mixing mediums, Liz DeRoche has created a comic book to accompany Club Called Awesome.  With text by Liz DeRoche and colorful illustrations by Marc Rene, the Club Called Awesome comic book encourages listeners to follow along as three young adventurers band together to start a club called Awesome, meet a robot named Beat Bot, make new friends, play games at the park, take a bite of something new, and celebrate every day.

The flip side of The Singing Lizard as a solo project for kids and families features Liz DeRoche performing and recording music for grownups withThe Pushovers (since 2009), Cane & the Sticks (since 2011), and Tom Goss (since 2013).  Liz tours regularly with Tom Goss and, on his latest release, Wait, she played drums and piano/keyboard, as well as doing the vocal arrangements.  She has produced several remixes for Goss, and on his upcoming album she sings back-up vocals.

A native of Western Oregon, Liz DeRoche traveled the world prior to settling down in Washington, DC, where she lived for eight years.  Since January 2015 she has been happy to call the San Francisco Bay Area home.

Previous albums by The Singing Lizard include Make Believe (2013) andAlphaBeat (2010).

Club Called Awesome will be available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Bandcamp, and at The Singing Lizard's live shows.
# # #

CD Details:  Club Called Awesome
Release date:  March 25, 2016
For all ages, and especially for ages 2 - 7
Label:  AlphaBeat Records
SRP:  $15 CD; $10 digital download
Running time:  38 minutes
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The Singing Lizard Performance Highlights - March - August  2016

March 4 - The Duck Pond, San Jose, CA

April 6 - FamJam Music Series at Perch Coffeehouse, Oakland, CA - Album Release Show!

April 9 - Octopus Literary Salon, Oakland, CA - Album Release Show!

August 13 - Lake Fairfax Park Amphitheater, Reston, VA

August 19 - Kidchella Summer Concert Series, Philadelphia, PA

August 20 - Mason District Park Amphitheater, Annandale, VA

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Visit The Singing Lizard's website HERE.

The Singing Lizard on Facebook.

  The Singing Lizard on Twitter.

  The Singing Lizard on YouTube.

DIY Activities for Boredom Busting

There is that one thing that no parent should ever allow their kids to say, and that is the phrase I’m bored. Jokes to the side, we all get a bit bored every now and then but every good parent should always have a few tricks up the sleeve when it comes down to situations like these. Moments of boredom are actually great opportunities to practice your skills, develop your talents or simply indulge in some creative arts and crafts. So, the next time your child expresses boredom, do not hesitate to propose some of these fun activities.

Organize a Music Gig

When the sun kicks in, the backyard makes a great venue for organizing small-time family concerts. All you need to do is set up a patio, assemble a few instruments, gather the artists and start jamming. Pots and pans along with cooking spoons make great drum sets, while containers filled with rice are good substitutes for maracas. And what is a band without a guitar player? Using only a shoebox, a pvc pipe and a few rubber bands you can make your own guitar from scratch.

Make Jewellery

One man’s trash is another one's treasure! Did you know that you can create outstanding jewellery pieces fit for royalty, just by combining some scrap pieces and household items? The best lesson you can teach your kids is that there are no bad moves when it comes to crafting. You can make exquisite jewellery using uncooked pasta, nuts, bolts, beads and even straws. Encourage your children to be creative and imaginative, to use lots of colour and to combine different pieces in order to create something memorable. 

Slimy yet Satisfying

Sometimes it seems that the amount of mess they make is equivalent to the amount of fun they have. So why not enable your kids to make a bit of creative mess? Making colourful slime and goo is quite simple and yet fun and it makes a perfect blend of entertainment and science. You can make the slime mixture using only water and cornstarch. To add a bit more fun to it add food colouring or even glow in the dark paint!

Get Cooking

After a long day of having fun every kid surely craves a bit of refreshment. This calls for another DIY project which can teach your kids their first culinary skills. Summer treats like ice pops, frozen chocolate bananas or ice cream sandwiches are delicious treats that kids absolutely love and with just a bit of help can learn to make them on their own. Lay out all the favourite ingredients on the table, melted chocolate, nuts, fruits and whipped cream and let your kids create their own version of fruit salads.

Art Exhibition

Another great idea for boredom busting but also a nice way to encourage your children’s artistic sides is to create an exhibition of all of their favourite works of art. Ask your kids to make drawings using gel pens and to craft adequate frames for their preferred pieces. After that you can easily create a special spot in the kid’s room to display all these projects for everyone to see.

There are countless of ways to have fun and to be creative. Whenever you catch a moment of free time, do not hesitate to indulge in some loving entertainment together with your children and to create, build, make and experiment using only a bit of supplies and a lot of imagination.

About The Author 

Emma is a teacher, constantly improving her skills both as a teacher and as a parent. She is passionate 

about writing and learning new things that can help you to lead a quality life. She is a regular 

contributor to High Style Life. You can follow her on Twitter @EmmahLawson

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Prepare For Fire Season In West Kelowna

National Wildfire Community Preparedness Day is coming on May 7th and as a host of the events in West Kelowna I have decided to create a series of posts regarding fire safety and how we as a community can battle the upcoming forest fire season. 

As sponsors of Preparedness Day, The Co-operators, the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction (ICLR), and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) are committed to raising wildfire awareness, promoting collaboration and bringing neighbours together to work on projects that can help protect homes, neighborhoods and entire communities from future wildfire risk or current post-fire impacts.

I encourage you to visit their Facebook page (www.facebook.com/FireSmartCanada) to connect with other communities and share stories about FireSmart events on May 7th!

To receive information about the FireSmart Canada Community Recognition program, please be sure to visit www.firesmartcanada.ca/firesmart-communities.

Remember the best way to prepare for a forest fire is to prevent forest fires, be a smart camperand listen to the campfire bans. Try to remove dry and rotting wood that would fuel a fire around your home, camp site, or even in parks. 

Be sure to watch for more information on how you can be a part of West Kelownas Wildfire Community Preparedness Day Event. 


Monday, 18 April 2016

Making Women’s History: How One Dad Is Helping His Daughters and Others Young Girls Do Just That

For a young girl, there’s nothing quite like spending quality time with Dad, working on school projects with him, hearing his voice cheer you on at games, and running into his arms for a big hug after a long day. For his daughters, Sanjay Nambiar is that Dad and then some.
Sanjay, who is an author, is raising identical twin girls. To inspire them and others, he created the Super Duper Princess Heroes, a global cross-media brand that empowers girls through a universe of diverse characters, glamour, social awareness, and fun! He launched the brand with the award-winning children’s book, “The Super Duper Princess Heroes: How It All Started.” Now it is expanding and will soon offer additional books, interactive stories, animation, games, toys, and more.

Through the Super Duper Princess Heroes, Sanjay hopes to inspire girls to cultivate the super hero within, as the brand slogan proclaims: “Be You. Be Powerful. Be A Super Duper Princess Hero!” By combining cuteness with strength, charm with independence, and fancy outfits with dazzling super powers, Sanjay hopes to motivate his daughters and girls around the world to:
·       Have a strong sense of self, individuality, and pride;
·       Cultivate social confidence and emotional intelligence;
·       Identify with stronger female role models in children’s popular literature;
·       Take care of themselves and the world around them; and
·       Find their inner “Super Heroes”.
As the girl power zeitgeist continues to captivate our cultural consciousness, it is refreshing and important to hear support for the movement from men as well as Additionally, the brand’s website also spotlights several real-life Princess Heroes, which makes it a perfect fit for Women’s History Month! For more information, please visit superduperprincessheroes.com.

About Sanjay NambiarSanjay Nambiar has written severAdditionallyning books, including “The Super Duper Princess Heroes: How It All Started”, “Maybe (A Little Zen for Little Ones)”, “Still There? (A Little Zen for Little Ones)”, and “Remember the Stars (A Little Zen for Little Ones)”. Through his books, he hopes to inspire readers and convey positive messages to kids. Sanjay grew up in Carson, CA, where he overcame a gang- and drug-riddled environment with the help of a closely-knit family and a focus on education. He graduated with honors from U.C. Berkeley, with degrees in Economics and Neurobiology, and earned an M.B.A. from UCLA. Sanjay now is a freelance copywriter and lives with his wife and endlessly energetic identical twin daughters in Los Angeles, CA, where he sometimes bemoans the monotony of the pleasant weather.

Friday, 15 April 2016

DIY Drawer Stops - Keep Your Drawers From Coming Out!

Did you know that one of the rules when opening a licenced daycare is you cannot have drawers that come all the way out. The reason is a toddler could pull the entire drawer out causing injury to themselves. 

Older dressers all have drawers on a single track with no stoppers. Your options are to install tracks with stoppers that cost a small fortune or buy a new dresser or four. That was not OK to me. So I created a solution that cost less then $5 for every dresser in my home. 

This is so simple anyone can do it. All you need is a drill, screws, and hardware wire. Here is how: 

Begin by removing the drawers from said night stand/dresser. Then drill holes directly in the center of where the drawer will go.

Now put a screw in the back of the first drawer but not drilled in all the way and wrap hardware wire around the screw. Once the wire is wrapped around drill the screw in tight. 

Next measure wire to be just a bit longer then the length of the dresser with the drawer pulled out. String the wire through the hole you drilled in the first step and place the drawer just inside the dresser. 

Now with the drawer pulled out but still in the dresser, drill another screw partially into a solid part of the back of the dresser and wrap the wire around it. Drill it tight. And now you can push and pull the dresser drawer without it being pulled out on tiny toes because it is now anchored to the dresser. 

Thursday, 14 April 2016

West Kelowna Watering Regulations

It’s sunny and the flowers are blooming and West Kelowna residents are starting up their sprinklers for the season. Residents are reminded that Stage 1 Sprinkling Regulations are always in effect in West Kelowna, unless a need for further conservation is required.
Here are the Stage 1 Sprinkling Regulations for West Kelowna:
  • Sprinkling is only permitted at residential, commercial, and other non-agricultural properties as follows:
    • Even numbered addresses: Watering is only permitted on Even Calendar Days.
    • Odd numbered addresses: Watering is only permitted on Odd Calendar Days.
  • Automatically Controlled Underground Sprinkling Systems (Residential & Commercial):
    • Properties equipped with an automated time clock sprinkler system may only sprinkle between the hours of 12:00 Midnight to 6:00 a.m. on the days permitted by the sprinkling regulations as described above.
  • Manually Controlled Sprinklers (Residential & Commercial):
    • Properties equipped with only manually controlled sprinkling systems, including those attached to outside taps, may only operate from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. and from 6:00 p.m. to 12:00 Midnight on the days permitted by the sprinkling regulations as described above.
  • Sprinkling is not permitted between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. during any day at any time of the year.
  • Only one ½” diameter outlet (outside tap) may be used at one time for sprinkling, and further, it is not permissible to use an open pipe or hose for irrigating purposes.
  • Under certain situations, such as drought conditions, protection of works and the efficiency of the system as a whole, the city may introduce additional restrictions.

Over the past few years water conservation has had a positive effect in the reduction of peak flows and overall water consumption and the City of West Kelowna thanks its customers for their cooperation.
Visit www.westkelowna.ca/water for more information on water conservation and watering regulations. Residents can also find additional conservation tips at www.okwaterwise.ca.

Super Grip Lock - A Simple Safety Solution

Bump keys are a major security threat to nearly every family in American as shown in this ABC News Report;https://supergriplock.com/abc-news-report-on-bump-keys/.  .             

The International Association of Police Chiefs fighting crime since 1893 understands the problem and they introduced Super Grip Lock to law enforcement in the Police Chief Magazine.  However, the general public is still uninformed that bump keys allow anyone to open locked doors as shown by the ABC news reporter.

If you rent or stay in a hotel or motel you have another problem: Staff, housekeeping and maintenance all have access to keys or cards that also open guests locked doors.

The inventor 70 year old grandmother Melinda Moore of Sweet Home, Oregon knew if she held the deadbolt handle in the locked position that no one could unlock her door. Then she invented Super Grip Lock to do that job for her.Now families can be sure their deadbolt will stay locked at or when traveling using her invention.

Please visit our Website at www.supergriplock,com

A. See how and why Super Grip Lock works..
B. Watch the Super Grip Lock testimony of Police Lt. Bryon23 year veteran.
C. See the posts by the users of Super Grip Lock onPinterest at; http://www.pinterest.com/search/pins/?q=super%20grip%20lock%20
D. See how Super Grip Lock works for travelers in theTravel Video.
E.  See the accolades from the lock industry, law enforcement, marketers and our customers.

Instructions are printed on the Product. No Tools needed to make it work.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

The Importance Of Keeping Your Kids Active - Bloom, A New Kind Of FundRaising!

Exclusive partnership provides schools an opportunity to raise money and
earn wellness-based incentives from the nation’s leading educational fitness provider

Bloom has partnered with Adventure to Fitness, the nation’s number one educational fitness program for kids, to create a first-of-its-kind, high-profit product fundraiser.

Beginning today, the Passport to Fitness program is available to schools. The first savings card fundraiser from Bloom, schools raise unrestricted funds by selling Passports for $20 and collecting a flat 50 percent profit from each transaction, and in lieu of traditional fundraising incentives, each student and classroom can earn a year subscription to Adventure to Fitness.  

Developed by parenting, medical and educational experts, Adventure to Fitness is used by over 100,000 teachers daily. 30-minute, animated live-action episodes are centered around core subjects like math, history and science, and provide moderate-to-vigorous physical activity for children. Teacher and parent guides with suggested activities to reinforce lessons learned are also provided with each episode.

“Knowing that there are few opportunities for children to play at school, and that classrooms are in need of financial resources, we saw an opportunity to make a positive impact by developing a program with Adventure to Fitness that will not only raise funds to support educational programs, but help children and entire school communities become healthier and happier," said Ryan Hedspeth, President of Bloom.

The Passport to Fitness is a plastic savings card that features eight direct deals from prominent up-and-coming brands, including ZeroWaterLe ToteThe Bouqs, and Scentbird, and Adventure to Fitness content is gifted to qualifying schools on behalf of these featured companies.  

Each card also has a unique code that provides access to a 6-month subscription to Bloom Bonus Rewards, an exclusive online shopping portal with premium discounts on select merchandise from name brands, vacation and travel, and event tickets throughout the country. The offers and technology were originally developed as a loyalty and incentive platform for Global 100 companies but will be featured in the fundraising industry for the first time through an exclusive partnership with Bloom.

Bloom’s incentive program is designed to provide Adventure to Fitness content to schools that reach specific sales goals. Those selling 1,000 Passports will raise $10,000 and receive a one-year subscription to Adventure to Fitness for each classroom. When schools sell 1,500 Passports, they will earn $15,000 in unrestricted funds, annual classroom subscriptions, and each student will also receive Adventure to Fitness content for their home.  

Schools interested in the Passport to Fitness program can learn more by visiting www.BloomForGood.com/A2F. 

What does Adventure to Fitness do? Adventure to Fitness draws on children’s interest in technology. We live in a world that is increasingly digital. By putting the Adventure to Fitness program in a digital format, we reach kids on their level. Our videos and online activities create an interactive framework in which kids play, get active, and understand new concepts. Innovative media makes it possible to motivate educational and healthy desires in our children. Our program draws on that power through friendly characters, high quality animation, compelling stories, and more.”

Why is physical activity in children so important? According to the CDC and WHO, it is recommended that children (5-17) should accumulate 60 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity per day.
    • Most of the physical activity should be aerobic.
    • Physical activity should be age-appropriate and revolve around playing and having fun. 

Physical activity among children is critical for better health as it:
    • helps maintain a health body weight
    • decreases childhood obesity
    • improves blood flow and mental clarity
    • promotes strong muscles, bones, and joints
    • develops a healthy cardiovascular system (heart and lungs)
    • develops coordination and movement control
    • helps manage stress, depression, and anxiety (mental health)
    • helps to develop self-confidence and self-esteem
    • and creates healthy habits for a lifetime.

Physical activity also positively impacts learning and academic achievement. It improves:
    • attention and concentration in class
    • classroom behavior
    • grades, graduation rates, and GPA
    • standardized test scores
    • school attendance (fewer days of school missed)
    • educational aspirations

How to encourage active lifestyles: Engaging in physical activity as a family can be rewarding and beneficial for children. Studies show that children that are encouraged and supported to be active by family and friends are more likely to participate in physical activity.

Eat This, Not That! 
Instead of cheesecake, eat a frozen yogurt parfait
Craving pizza? Turn it into a salad!