Wednesday 6 April 2016

Important information about buying a hot tub!

Purchasing a hot tub is a big decision and is best aided by research but it can sometimes be tough to separate fact from fiction.

Canadian hot tub manufacturer Arctic Spas has been producing hot tubs made for the harshest climates for more than 20 years. As experts in durable and stylish hot tubs, they know how to set the record straight when it comes to hot tub myths.

“People may only buy one or two hot tubs in their lifetime which is why it’s important to not only do your research, but to make sure that you’re buying a well made product that will last,” said Brent Macklin, Co-Founder of Arctic Spas. “With the amount of technology and innovation in today’s hot tubs, there is a lot to consider when trying to find the right hot tub for your backyard. It’s important to always ask questions and make sure what you’re getting will suit your specific needs.”

To assist those researching their next (or first) hot tub purchase, Arctic Spas has explained and debunked the five most common hot tub misconceptions.

·         Misconception #1: You can save money by buying a cheap hot tub.

While cheap hot tubs cost less upfront, you may find that they cost more over the long term. Cheap hot tubs are less expensive because they have less insulation, less efficient pumps and heaters, thin covers, and other shortcomings. Since cheap hot tubs are less efficient than their more well-built and energy-efficient counterparts, they have higher operating costs.

·         Misconception #2: The more jets you have, the better.

The number of jets that a hot tub has isn't necessarily a predictor of how much you'll enjoy the spa.Jets take many forms and include air jets, water jets, and dual jet systems. Some jets massage while others pulsate. Some feature adjustable nozzles, others don't. The type, size, strength, and position of jets are usually more important than the overall total number.

·         Misconception #3: You’re always spending time maintaining your hot tub.

A well-built hot tub will require less maintenance over the course of its life than a cheaper alternative because they are built with better, more durable parts that simply last longer. When it comes to caring for the water in the tub, a great alternative to manually monitoring your levels is the Arctic Spas Spa Boy. The Spa Boy is a self-monitoring, self-adjusting water care system designed specifically for hot tubs. The Spa Boy uses the world’s first hot tub automation app that takes the work off of hot tub owner’s hands by using salt-water sanitizer generation controlled by medical-grade sensors to provide an automated method of maintaining perfect spa water conditions.

·         Misconception #4: Hot tubs need the most powerful pumps possible.

The more powerful the pump, the more expensive your operating costs will be. If you'd rather enjoy your hot tub as it was meant to be used and have lower operating costs at the same time, buy a hot tub with the right sized pump for its design.

·         Misconception #5: After the novelty wears off, we'll never use the hot tub.

Hot tubs offer numerous benefits and can be used all year long, even in Canada. Imagine a quick dip in the morning, a relaxing soak just after work, or romantic evening reconnecting with your partner. The key to continued use is to choose the right tub for you, place it in a suitable spot, and make your new lifestyle a priority.

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About Arctic Spas:
Founded in 1994, Arctic Spas® is Blue Falls Manufacturing's flagship brand of portable hot tubs andoutdoor spa products purpose-built for extreme weather climates. Arctic Spas® is Canada's largest spa company, manufacturing and retailing spas, all weather pools (swim spas) and other leisure products. Arctic Spas are shipped to and sold in 23 countries around the world, with large markets in the United States, the UK, Scandinavia and Russia. Arctic Spas are produced in Alberta, Canada and in Washington State, USA.

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