Friday 8 April 2016

Achieve a Hot Mom Bod with SlimSation Illusion Pants

Most women's bodies aren't ready for serious exercise until six weeks after they have given birth. The extra pounds and loose skin may be unflattering but with Slimsation pants everything is tucked, pulled and held into position.

Designed by John Bourgeois, SlimSation fills the void for the comfy yet trendy pant in the women’s wear market and provides a staple wardrobe piece at an affordable price point.
Using a resilient fabric with great stretch and wash/wear, SlimSation allows for a comfortable “go-to” pant that can be worn from day to night. With women’s hectic daily schedules and responsibilities, having a comfortable staple pant that doesn’t sacrifice style or trend is must in today’s world.
Available in a variety of styles, each personality can embrace the ultimate SlimSation pair that coordinates with their personal fashion taste. The forgiving fabric is aesthetically pleasing for all body types and caters to all women looking for the perfect pant. SlimSation’s products range from $59.00- $79.00.

There isn't a new mom in the world that wishes they could get dressed without criticizing themselves on the way their clothes fit. Its so hard to get your confidence up with loose skin and extra weight. Slimsation pants take care of all those problems and are super comfortable. I absolutely love my Capri's they look amazing and feel terrific. 

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