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Get Set for Summer Fun With the West Kelowna Recreation Guide

From the Get Outside program and added evening Parks Play Days to the very popular, free, Friday night Music in the Park concert series, the latest West Kelowna Recreation Guide is packed with programs designed to make the most of the spectacular Okanagan summer. The Summer 2016 guide offers 72 pages of drop-in and registration-based programs at facilities and parks throughout West Kelowna including hockey skills and skate camps at the arenas, swimming lessons at Johnson Bentley Memorial Aquatic Centre and day camps at Webber Road Community Centre. These are just a few examples—because whatever age, whatever ability, the guide has something for everyone. View the guide online at  or pick up a copy at: Johnson Bentley Memorial Aquatic Centre, 3737 Old Okanagan Highway Mount Boucherie Community Centre, 2760 Cameron Road Webber Road Community Centre, 2829 Inverness Road Westbank Library Branch, Westridge Mall, 31 – 2484 Main Street (High

Palmer's Face Perfecting Oils Giveaway

Palmer’s Skin Therapy Cleansing Oil FACE is   a one-step facial cleansing oil that deep cleans, brightens complexion and balances skins pH.    It’s time to learn more about the cleansing oil phenomenon.  Palmer’s Skin Therapy Cleansing Oil FACE is an exclusive blend of key ingredients that removes make-up & impurities, is non-stripping, non-drying and won’t clog pores. This product is for all skin types – oily, sensitive, dry and aging. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Skin Therapy Oil FACE is an age-defying, multipurpose skin perfecting oil.   Want to to deliver targeted anti-aging skin care benefits directly to your face and rejuvenate skin, while restoring and brightening skin tone and texture? Then you must try this fantastic duo – you won’t be disappointed!  ‘Face’ The Day Right! Introducing Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil FACE Nourish your face and save your skin with Palmer’s Skin Therapy oil. Perfect for… • Individuals who l

Want to move on a budget? Here's how!

Source If you’ve ever moved home, you will already know how stressful it can be. And most of that stress is because it’s just so expensive! However, it is very easy to keep all your costs down during the big move. Saving money on the move can also help you stay very organized. Want to know how to move on a budget? Here’s how to do it. Find A Good Moving Company There are lots of moving companies up and down the country, such as Copper Palm Moving . To find one that is right for you, make sure you call a few different ones so that you can get a range of quotes. This will help you see which companies can do the job within your budget. There are a few things you need to consider while looking for movers. If you are moving quite far, or across state lines, you might need to find a firm who specializes in long-distance moves. Don’t Buy Boxes You will need plenty of cardboard boxes for your move, and they need to be big enough to pack up all your things into. Most people bu


     The Sun and the Clouds are best friends. Together they keep the world warm, the gardens growing, and the sky full of beautiful rainbows. But one day they get into a fight and refuse to be in the sky together. And that means there are no longer any rainbows. Without rainbows, the colors start disappearing until Earth was left with no color … except for one little forgotten box of crayons in one little school desk. Determined to save the rainbows and fix the Sun and Clouds’ friendship, the crayons draw rainbows all over town. Their attempts go unnoticed. Soon they realize that they’re going to have to do something big to get the attention of the former friends. So, the crayons create the biggest rainbow they can and hope it’s enough to bring color back to the world. How the Crayons Saved the Rainbow  teaches the importance of teamwork and perseverance through seven crayons with unique personalities and their desire to see the world in color. Sky Pony Press, wit

Ways to Encourage Your Kid to Make Friends

For children there is nothing better than playing, except playing with friends in a group of their peers. Kids love spending time with other kids their age. Although not all children are as open or sociable, for some kids it is very hard to make friends because they are either shy or nervous. Kids that act different than others can easily end up being the unpopular ones, without even doing anything wrong. It is up to the parents to help them through childhood, which is hard on its own. So what can parents do to help their child when it comes to making friends? Sit down with your children Everybody knows that it is really important to take the time to talk to you children. This should be done even from an early age. Kids who are seen as introverts are not keen on talking and sharing thoughts. Being genuinely interested into what they have to say might make them open up to their parents more. This should not be forced in any way, if they are not open to the idea of talking with

Make Real Money Online!

If you have been to my site you have probably read the post I did in my beginner years about making money online. Thousands of people have taken this info and actually made money. So in case you missed it here it is again and if you have already read it I have updated it and added some new real deal ways to make money! Enjoy! Looking for an easy way to make money online? Here is how I do it.  Plus some extra ways you might be able to do as well: Survey & Online Rewards Sites:   These are just the ones I have success with. Sell Stuff: Always checkout your local newspaper! You can sign up for Upwork and be a ghost writer as well as many other awesome jobs. You can also


The Episcopal Center for Children, A Nonprofit Organization in DC, Offers Tips for Getting Kids Outside   WASHINGTON – Getting children with special needs outside is important for their development and growth, says the staff at the Episcopal Center for Children, a nonprofit organization that assists elementary and middle school aged children with special needs. It improves coordination and motor skills.  Many children with special needs have developmental delays. Playing outside can improve flexibility, muscle strength, and coordination. It can also help them improve body awareness, motor skills and balance.  Outdoor play builds self-esteem and improves behavior . As children overcome obstacles and improve physical skills, their feelings of self-confidence and self-esteem go up. They experience personal satisfaction and accomplishment, which builds their confidence in other areas. They improve their social skills.  Playing outside gives children with special needs opportun

TTPM Announces Results of First Diaper Challenge

Parent panel puts 10 leading brands to the test comparing on six critical criteria. Parents and caregivers confronted with the choice of more than 30 leading diaper brands in the  U.S. may find themselves confused about which one is the best for their babies and toddlers.    With diaper costs from birth to potty training hovering around $2000 per child, this represents  one of the biggest baby expenses for which parents find very little guidance.  Leading product review site TTPM® set out to make that process a little easier for consumers this  spring as they fielded their first-ever TTPM Diaper Challenge. A panel of parents put 10 of the most  popular brands head-to-head (or bum-to-bum) in a 30-day challenge to see which was best for their  kids. More than 5,000 diapers were used over the course of a month. TTPM provided the diapers to  the participants who rated the diapers on absorbency, odor control, fit/flexibility, comfort and overall  quality, wit

Freshly Picked Sitewide Sale

Today is the day of our big sale!  In case you missed it, here are the details: When:    May 25th  starting at  10 AM MST   What:  EVERYTHING in the shop will be 25% off for 24-hours only Where:  Online, Sale Hashtag:   #savedbythesale

Stack Your Cash!

It’s time for another round to Stack Your Cash at Swagbucks ! Now obviously, you can’t stack your cash unless you have a lot of it and you can’t have a lot of cash unless you’re a savvy shopper. If you’re here, you’re undoubtedly a savvy shopper so don’t miss out on this deal. Get a 500 SB Swag Up Rebate on your next online purchase through Swagbucks! Here’s how to get your 500 SB Swag Up Rebate: Make a purchase between May 5th and May 31st. Spend at least $25 in the following stores: Indigo Hudson’s Bay Even better, both Indigo and Hudson’s Bay gift cards are available in the Swagbucks Rewards Store to redeem! And the cherry on top, BOTH now are on sale! So get shopping at your favorite stores so that you can shop some more for free!

How to Create a Tropical Getaway at Home With

Summer is nearly here and it is calling for a taste of tropical charm. If you aren't able to escape on an island getaway this year then why not endulge yourself in some stylish tropical decor to give you that dreamy vacation feel? has everything you need to make this summer look and feel lush and luxurious. Give your bed a tropical makeover with these  Poppy & Fritz Cotton Percale Sheet Sets . These sheets are perfect for the summer because the high quality cotton keeps your body fresh and cool in the heat.  Create a beautiful bed ensemble with this  Tommy Bahama Tropical Orchid 3-piece Quilt Set ! Get your little one in on the tropical mood with this adorable set. Pink Flamingo Set Relax in style when you take your next ciesta in this  'Tropical Passion' Hammock ! Greet your gets casually with this cool  Tropical View Coir Doormat ! For more amazing products check out to create a summer look you will love!