Friday 6 May 2016

How To Be Frugal During The Summer And Still Survive The Heat

The summer months can be hard to handle. Especially when you have a young family. You want to make sure that everyone is comfortable and cool but with that, you are mindful of the cost. You don’t want your bills to rise. However, as we are heading to summer, I thought I would share with you a few frugal ways you can survive the heat. These tips will work great for families or individuals.


Homemade popsicles

I think cold popsicles straight out of the freezer are always going to be a crowd pleaser. But what is great about them is you can easily make them yourself at home. Blending or juicing some fruit you have in the fridge. Things like strawberries and mangos always go down well. Adding a little water to the juice and then freezing in moulds. You know exactly what is in them so they are healthy as well as frugal. What it costs for you to make a match I could easily see you saving a fair bit, than just buying them.

Using your air conditioning

You may not think using your air conditioning is frugal, but at times, you need to utilize the tools you have available. Air conditioning provides a cool relief to the rooms of your home and making it much easier to sleep at night. While it isn’t advisable to leave it on all the time there are Smart Ways You Can Save Power With Your Air-Conditioning System. Don’t be afraid to use it on the scorching days.


Purchase a blow up swimming pool in the garden

Buying a blow up paddling pool or even one fit for adults can be bought quite cheaply in the right places. These can provide amazing relief on hot days and can be a lot of fun. Kids love being in the water and enjoying themselves in the sun. So it would be nice if you can let them do that while keeping them cool in the process. If you get one big enough for adults, then you can get in on the act as well. Why should the kids get all the fun?

Water fights

A fun way to cool the whole family down is to have a water fight. You could fill up balloons and launch them at one another, or use good old-fashioned water guns. You may even want to get out the garden hose and pray everyone down. Sprinklers in the garden are also good for things like this. It may provide you with a fun afternoon and an excellent opportunity to cool down in the process.


Airing your home early in the morning and after the sun sets

Take advantage of one the sun is yet to rise and when it has set and open the windows. This is where a nice cool breeze can fill your home and clear the air of the musty heat. Making it more bearable to be in your home.

Keep the curtains or blinds drawn   

You may also want to consider leaving any curtains and blinds drawn to keep your home cool. If the sun can’t get through the window, your room will be much cooler. This is an excellent tip for bedrooms.

I hope these tips keep you cool in the summer months ahead. 

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