Monday 6 June 2016

The Best Greeting Card Ever! Giveaway!

Send an experience! A greeting card that comes alive and ignites the senses. Send it! Grow it! Eat it!
We created Gift-a-Green because we wanted to bring some "LIFE" to the greeting card industry. Literally! Our Gift-a-Green greeting cards pack a powerful pouch of fresh and organic healthy microgreen seeds that allow you to send it and your recipient to grow (and eat) it. 
Each pouch is designed as a greeting card & gift combo. Simply choose a theme, write your personal message on the back and add a stamp. Now your Gift-a-Green is ready to be mailed to someone special. 

Each one of our 5 exclusive and freshly sealed pouches comes fully equipped with organic soil and non-GMO, organic microgreen seeds which your family, friends and colleagues will adore. They get to plant the seeds and then watch them grow into a healthy and delicious garnish that they can add to any one of their favourite dishes.

We have sourced the finest certified organic, non-GMO microgreen seeds around as well as partnered with a local supplier of organic soil and fertilizer. Our first test production run was a success, but now we need to manufacture and produce 1000's of pouches. This is where you come in. Kickstarter, we need your help to help us fund our large inventory order which will help keep costs low and enable us to ramp up production in our workshop. 
With any additional funds over and above our goal, we want to build a website that will allow everybody to fully customize and ship their own custom Gift-a-Green's direct from We want our platform to allow users to generate any message they want, pick the type of organic microgreens they prefer and then have their Gift-a-Green shipped to any recipient they choose. Creative, Simple and Efficient! That's what we want to build. Kickstarter, please help make Gift-a-Green a leader in eco-social gifting! 

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