Tuesday 19 July 2016

How Becoming Organic Moms can Benefit Your Kids?

Hi there, you gorgeous Organic Moms!
I believe we’ve got something in common (or are about to have)! J
Before I had my family, I was all business and no play; a corner-glass office, always on the wheels to here and there, fast food and an occasional salad serving followed by very little exercising (because I never made the time). After I’ve met my husband, things have started to change gradually for me. Not sure if it was love or me reaching the age when it was about time I started re-thinking my life, but a shift has happened - and for the better. I’ve started taking better care of myself and the choices I make, and suddenly – the life I had been living prior seemed very wrong and opaque. Hold the phone, okay? Before you start judging me, no – I am not one of those women who drop their careers for the sake of their husband’s; I am still working and am as successful as I was, it’s just that I’ve set my (health) priorities straight.

Anyhow, we’re now blessed with three amazing kids and I am doing my best (and so is Mike) to educate them to turn to healthy choices from their early age, helping them understand that eating healthy will not only keep them healthy but it’ll also help save our gorgeous Planet. Ah, if only I had my mother to chase me around the house with celery sticks instead of letting me eat all those crazy stuff! There are many health benefits of celery that everyone should know about! Also, in our family – healthy and organic choices aren’t reduced to food only; we’re talking about organic cleaning products, way to exercise healthy, the clothes we wear, the importance of recycling, organic cosmetics and all other things which constitute life.
Since the choices I’ve been making are working out perfectly for me and my family, I’ve decided to list it all out and (sort of) guide everyone who is looking to balance their life, improve their lifestyle and make a positive impact on the world around us.
Here we go:

It All Starts with Food

Obviously, the first step of the “transition” into an organic lifestyle is food. Explore potentials of your local farmer’s market and you’ll be surprised how amazingly tasty all the veggies and fruits are when they are naturally grown. Further, bear in mind that most organic farms are small, family-based thrifts that create jobs, and consequently benefit the local community.
An additional step to take is grow food yourself. If you are into gardening and have a beautiful space with fertile soil, grow some veggies and fruits yourself for the guaranteed quality. When the soil is free of any chemicals and is fertilized by natural materials, you are getting naturally grown products that have preserved all of their vitamins and minerals.
It is also important to know that eating organic doesn’t mean going vegetarian or vegan; you, of course, can still eat meat but make sure you also purchase it at your local farmer’s market. The meat prepacked and shipped to supermarkets is often GMO or stale.
When your kids get used to the healthy products, they’ll have a tough time switching to the unhealthy stuff, believe me! My kids won’t even touch the junk I sometimes buy at the supermarket… yay!

Opt for Organic Home Products

The hygiene products we use on a daily basis, whether they are for cleaning or cosmetic use, contain a lot of harmful chemicals which are more often than not extremely toxic for both humans and the environment. By embracing organic-based hygiene products you are not only protecting your entire household but you are also contributing to the Planet living (a bit) longer. Still, even though organic products are not harmful, keep them at a safe distance from your kids and pets – and lock them away in the back kitchen cabinet; this course of action would be the wisest thing to do. We’ve had an unfortunate occurrence with Bobby (that’s our Golden Retriever) opening the bottom cabinet with chemicals with his paw and almost spilling everything (and, God forbid, get poisoned!). Luckily, we saw it in time and prevented it! Lesson received and learnt!

Understand the Importance of Recycling

Recycling is very important for both the nature and everyone in your family! Why? Well, recycling is our way to give something back to the nature that’s been taking such great care of all of us. With so much pollution these days - thinking green and recycling is an essential part of living organic. Do know that recycling doesn’t only mean separating glass bottles from used milk cartoons, disposing your electronics and dead vegetables but it also relates to your clothing choices.
Sustainable clothing can get a bit expensive but with good deals that are to be found around (never be too lazy to browse!) and second hand pieces, you’ll be wonderfully dressed and at the same time save money. Also, I’ve found some amazing low cost baby clothing online and my youngest adores it! It’s comfy, it’s of great quality and it came pretty cheap. My warm recommendations, honestly!

Embrace Organic Cosmetics

Organic cosmetics are usually made from natural ingredients, and unlike the “regular” products we keep on our shelves – isn’t at all harmful for the skin. Replace the products you now use to take care of your and your kids’ teeth, hair, skin and body with potent organic options.

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