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Summer is over - how do we create memories?

Ask any adult about their favourite childhood memories and they’ll probably tell you about things they did in the summer. Summer is the season when schoolchildren feel free and their parents, on the other hand, have more time to spend with the family. The real question is how do we create those memories? With  technologies of today, photographs became a part of our everyday routines, but what are other ways to preserve memories? You can create memories and have some fun with your kids, at the same time. Get crafty You spent two weeks at the seaside and collected tons of pretty rocks and shells? Good news is that you didn’t drag that extra bag back home for nothing. Get some wire, paint, chains, and other craft supplies and you can make adorable seashell jewellery with your kids. They will love their handmade pendants and necklaces. Rocks are easily transformed into bugs, flowers, and animals. All you need is some paint and paint brushes. Later on, use them to decorate your g

Your Life In Boxes: The Best Way To Go About Unpacking In Your New Home

Photo Source So, you’re pulling up to your new home. Everything is out of your old place, and you have your new set of keys in hand, ready to open the door to your new life. The first couple of weeks in your new home are going to be hectic. But don’t worry, it’ll all be worth it. So how do you best go about moving in? Getting everything through the door You’re going to have a lot of belongings to get through the door into the house. From big appliances to smaller essentials. It’s best to consider hiring from a company that specialises in interstate removals to help with this. Having transported your material life from one state to another, they’ll be able to help you with guiding the big appliances into your home and carrying the smaller boxes in. It’ll be a weight off your shoulders. Literally. Image Credit Organise the big things It’s a good idea to organise your larger items first. This mainly includes appliances and furniture. After a long day of working on

Swago Shopping Edition

It's time for another round of SWAGO! What is SWAGO you ask? It's a bingo-inspired promotion run by Swagbucks , a website that rewards you with points (called SB) for completing everyday online activities. You can redeem those SB for free gift cards. If you've never used Swagbucks, participating in SWAGO is a great introduction to the site. This particular round of SWAGO is all about online shopping. Here’s what you need to know to get your 200 SB Bonus (and don’t worry, you don’t have to make a purchase to complete a pattern): Shop Swago will begin on Monday, August 29th at 1pm PDT/3pm EDT , make sure you hit “Join” otherwise you won’t get credit for completing the action items. Each square on your Swago Board will contain an action item to complete. Once you complete the action item in a particular square the square will change color signifying the action item is complete. You have a limited amount of time to mark off as many squares as possible so use you

Smart Ways to Reduce Energy Consumption at Home

It’s safe to assume that most of us are concerned about energy consumption at home for several reasons. The more selfish ones are the electricity bill and our appliances, whose life greatly depends on the amount of time and the way they are used. An almost selfless reason is the wish to preserve energy, thus contributing to environment protection.

Smart Tactics for Making School Supplies More Affordable

Many children are now back at school after their summer break. While you might already have bought back to school supplies, there can often be many more things needed throughout the year. Various expenses can pop up that you have to meet. They range from new clothes when old ones have been outgrown to money to take on field trips. These expenses can add up so that you end up forking out a lot of money over the school year. This can be an annoyance for some parents but for others it can mean a struggle to take care of other costs. If you need to stock up on school supplies, try these tips to make it more manageable. Pic sourced from Pixabay Find Ways to Fund Larger Expenses There can be a few school expenses that result in spending a large chunk of money at once. You won't always have that money available, even if you've been trying to save. Many times the issue is that money has been tight for that particular month. You know that if you can wait until next month, y

5 Indoor activities for kids: Rainy Days

No matter how much we hope and pray for a perfect summer full of beautiful blue skies and warm weather, we have to face the fact that we live in the UK and the weather is (very) unpredictable. With this in mind it can be difficult to plan days out to keep kids active and occupied. Some of the best indoor activities for kids combine fitness, fun, family and friends. Shark attack Make your way to one of the many aquariums across the UK for a day of exploring the underwater world, pretend you are mermaids for the day, or that you are kings of the ocean (fancy dress optional). To do list: Take a list of colours and see how many you can tick off as you go around the aquarium. See how close you can get to a shark. Find Nemo or Dory! Culture: An event called Kids Week has just been extended until September 7th, and allows one child under the age of 16 to choose from a selection of London theatre shows for free, when accompanied by a full paying adult (2 additional children can

Five Tips On How A Nanny Can Help Kids Get Back Into The School Routine

Skill Sets Prepare the kids for whatever skill sets they will be required to abide by in school. For example, if potty training is a skill children are required to have before entering the classroom, this is a great place for a nanny to be involved in the preparation.   Healthy eating Nannies can assist children in getting children's nutrition on track, which will ultimately help their attention and energy levels in school.   Picking out outfits Kids love to be involved in back to school shopping! With the parents consent, nannies can plan a fun day with the kids for back to school shopping and school supplies. This gives them a chance to individualize their look, and also find control in a situation that can be a sometimes challenge or anxiety-inducing transition.   Homework preparation: Nannies can help prepare children for the upcoming curriculum in the classroom by developing fun, interactive games that will start stimulating their minds.   Last hoor

Give It A Go Eat A Rainbow

Mom's Choice Awards® Recipient.   Parent Tested, Parent Approved Award Winner.   2016 Family's Choice Awards Winner.   Give It a Go, Eat a Rainbow is an inspired, inspiring romp through eating healthfully. With the help of her son and some talented friends, Guylay makes eating fruits and vegetables a delicious daily habit for all ages. --Tanya Steel, Creator of the White House Healthy Kids Lunchtime Challenge and co-author of Real Food for Healthy Kids  Getting kids excited about eating fruits and veggies is a top health priority for our nation. I'm thrilled to see a fun and inspiring book targeting kids at a very young age. That age group is where the magic can happen in terms of establishing healthy dietary patterns that last a lifetime. --Dr. Tia Rains, PhD in Nutrition  Statistically speaking, zero percent of children in America are meeting the American Heart Association s Simple Seven guidelines for a healthy heart. Why? Poor diet. When it


NEUROPSYCHOLOGIST DR. SANAM HAFEEZ PROVIDES TIPS FOR PARENTS TO EASE BACK TO SCHOOL JITTERS Did you know that anxiety issues are the most common mental health disorders in children? There are an estimated 18 million children and teens who suffer from anxiety. The National Institute of Mental Health reports that 25 percent of teenagers have issues of anxiety, and the statistics don't take into account the young people who are undiagnosed or don't reach out for help. (credit )  Because the start of a new school year can trigger or worsen anxiety in stressed-out children and teens,  NYC Licensed Neuropsychologist and School Psychologist Dr. Sanam Hafeez offers the following tips for parents to help ease back-to-school anxiety for their kids. Start Early Over the summer, most families take their cues from the sun and stay up later. While it may be tempting to keep the late-night fun going up until the end, starting your scho

Back To School With Master Lock - Giveaway!

For The Locker –  A new school year can bring new worries, but don’t let your locker be one for you or your child. Enter to win an aweso.e lock for back to school at the bottom of this post.  ·           Lock up your locker with the  Master Lock 4400D Indoor Bluetooth  Padlock ($70) which turns your phone or any Bluetooth-enabled device into a key. ·           Equally innovative,  the 1500iD Speed Dial Set-Your-Own Combination Lock  ($13.93) opens with a combination of directional movements, is easy to use and comes in four vibrant color options (red, purple, blue and black). Perfect for younger kids who don’t have Smartphones yet! For The Backpack  – Your child’s backpack may include important school documents, personal information, homework and valuable items, such as smartphones, laptops, tablets and money. It is important to ensure protection if items are left unattended. ·           Master Lock 1550DAST Backpack Lock  ($4.51) or  Master Lock 1548DCM Set Your Own Combi