Friday 5 August 2016

Heating Bill Through The Roof? Frugal Tips For Saving Cash

One of the biggest household expenses is likely to be your heating bill- keeping your home cosy and warm definitely doesn’t come cheap. Short of spending the winter feeling chilly you might wonder what you can do do. Thankfully there are some frugal ways to keep your heating bill down, while keeping your house warm.


Switching off radiators in unused rooms can save you cash on your heating bill. Rather than blasting the heating through the whole house, stick to the important rooms. For example you won’t need to heat up a guest bedroom if no-one is currently using it, and you might not even need to heat up your kitchen as the warmth from appliances like the oven and tumble dryer can keep it toasty enough. Stick to heating the bedrooms, living space and bathrooms- shut the doors to any rooms that you’re not planning on heating to keep everywhere else warm.

Having loft and cavity wall insulation fitted is one effective way to save you money on your heating bills. Up to twenty five percent of heat can be lost through the roof in uninsulated homes. Spending the money on the upfront costs will save you on your bills in the long run, not only will you be able to heat your home more effectively but you reduce your carbon footprint too as less energy is being wasted.

Heat can obviously escape from old and draughty windows, but did you know you could even be losing it through your double glazing? Check all of the seals to make sure you’re not getting any draughts coming through, and to go a step further you could even have energy efficient windows installed in your home. If you’re looking to have new windows fitted anyway then these are well worth considering, as again you’ll save money on your gas bill for years to come.

Solar hot water heating produces a clean, inexhaustible supply of energy. Again you’ll reduce your carbon footprint, as it provides energy without the need to burn fossil fuels. Installing a hot water heater system saves you money in the long term, you’ll notice a dramatic decrease in your electricity bill due to this energy saving hot water heating method. You can heat your home without

It’s so tempting in the winter months to just stick on the heating whenever you feel a bit chilly and leave it on right up until you get into bed. But having some kind of schedule is much more beneficial. It stops it from getting left on all day. With a timed schedule you can make sure the house is warm for the times that you need it. Setting it to come on for half an hour in the morning just before you’re due to get up will make sure it’s nice and warm while you’re getting ready without the risk of accidentally leaving it on all day. If it gets left on by mistake you end up paying a fortune and wasting energy for no reason. There’s a myth that it’s cheaper to keep your heating on all day on low rather than turn it off and on as you need it. However that’s all it is- a myth. If you do this, you’ll most definitely spend more on your heating. Have it on for a few hours in the evening rather than the whole way through, and keep doors shut to hold in the heat. Wearing cosy pyjamas and sitting underneath throws on the sofa will keep you warm if the temperature starts to drop.

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