Tuesday 13 September 2016

The Effect of a College Degree on Your Professional Life

Many have dropped out of universities following their premise that having a college degree is not such an important item in their resumes, whereas other are putting so much effort into their studies that they neglect everyday pleasures. So, both of these two groups of people need to know whether they’re doing the right thing. Does a college degree really pay off?
The effect of your college education will depend on your personality and interest, but also if you happened to be at the right place at the right time. However, it’s worth knowing that a college degree has a general aimpact on many different aspects of your future career.

A larger number of different job choices

Nowadays, finding a job is not that simple, and sometimes it will take months until you get a satisfactory one, or the one you’ll love, but with a college diploma you’ll have more options. This is extremely helpful, since each job can take you down a different path and you may end up where you have never expected.

Higher income

If you’re studying engineering, information technology or business, you are among the luckiest ones since the average starting salaries for these professions is approximately $60,000 following the graduation. There’s no doubt that the more knowledge you possess in the field, the more money is waiting for you.

Numerous opportunities

During your studies you’re likely to meet a lot of new people, gain experience in areas of life that you would never have imagined. All of this will open up many new opportunities for your future career, especially if you have a degree that can serve as evidence that you are the one for the job. You’ll be able to attend seminars, gain scholarships, do an internship and even find employment.

Decreasing unemployment rates

New job positions are constantly being opened and young high-achieving individuals are being sought to fulfil these openings. If you have a university degree, you are more likely to be the one to obtain that job. The fact is that education has become a prerequisite for any profession. Education has become more accessible and we should use it to its fullest. Of course, that doesn’t mean that having practical knowledge won’t be appreciated, but a diploma is, to put it simply, a springboard for any professional career.

Residence possibilities

If you obtain a college degree it sends a message to the world, a message that you are a person of high achievements, reliable and responsible. This will doubtlessly provide you with better possibilities for student accommodation, if you decide to continue your education. The better student you are, the better chances you have to apply for and get a more luxurious residence.

Promotion opportunities

Let’s imagine that you’ve been working in a field for quite some time, but somehow it seems that you can’t climb the ladder, whereas some co-workers who have been working for the same period of time, or even less, have gone up long time ago. Then you realise that you shouldn’t have given up on your studies and that piece of paper that seemed worthless then seems priceless now. Sure, other factors, such as motivation, dedication, job performance, are considered, as well. However, employers do take into account whether or not a candidate has obtained a college degree, and that can be crucial at times. This is not only bout some paper that you have, but it is about what it represents – a persistent, dedicated person able to complete a given task, ready to tackle the issues and a person who won’t give up when they come across some obstacles.

Sometimes having a college degree doesn’t pay off, or it’s simpler to think so and use it as an excuse for being too afraid to jump into the unknown. For those who never got it it’s just a piece of paper, but for those who did, it’s much more than that.

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