Tuesday 13 September 2016

Weird And Wonderful Ways To Make Money

Making money doesn’t have just to be about getting up and going to work every day. Sure, that’s where the bulk of your income will come from, but you can have some fun getting some extra cash from other places too. And many of these alternative incomes are very quirky, and will certainly keep you entertained.

Interested in finding some weird and wonderful ways to make a bit of extra cash? Here are some of my top ideas.

Become A Life Model

If you don’t want to have to do much to get some more money, you could consider becoming a life model. This just entails sitting naked for an hour or so while some artists sketch you. The best thing about doing this is that you don’t need to have the perfect body. In fact, many artists prefer to work with life models who have a more realistic body shape. It makes it more interesting for them to draw and sketch! You should expect to earn at least $10 an hour for your time being a life model. You may even be allowed to take one of the pictures of you home! You can find more information on being a model at sites like the Register of Artists’ Models.

Sell Vacation Photos

If you’re like me, you’ll always come home from your vacation with a camera full of pictures. So why not try and make a few bucks from all these images? There are now websites like EyeEm who will sell all your pictures for you. Next time you get home after a vacation, upload your images to the EyeEm website. The best images will be picked to go in their Getty collection. These will be sold on the Getty website which helps to get all your gorgeous pictures out to a wider audience. All the pictures on Getty should also sell for a higher price. But don’t worry if your images don’t get in the prestigious Getty collection. They will still be for sale on EyeEm’s very own website. And you don’t just have to sell vacation snaps on the site. They will accept any kind of photo at all! Just make sure you get releases from anyone who appears in the pics.

Take Part In A Clinical Trial

Why not do something for science as well as for cash? Taking part in a clinical trial can help you earn a considerable amount of money, and you will also be helping science to make big developments. Most of the time, the trials will be focused on new drugs to fight serious diseases and illnesses. If you are currently ill, you can ask your doctor to see if there are any trials that are studying your particular condition. But you can still take part in clinical trials if you are perfectly healthy. In order to find a trial, visit the National Institutes of Health website. You will find a database of clinical trials around the country. When you are searching for one near you, be sure to filter for trials looking for healthy participants. Before signing up for a trial, it is important to remember that all trials could have some significant side effects. Most of the time, you will come out of the trial without any serious effects. However, you always need to bear in mind that this might not always be the case.

Sell Your Hair

Women have always seen long hair as a sign of youth and beauty. So there is no wonder that there is still a large market for wigs and hair extensions. There are many extensions and wigs made out of fake hair. However, those made out of real hair are much more sought after. And while there is a demand for such beauty accessories, there will always be a demand for real hair. If you have quite long hair, you could consider selling it to a wigmaker. To find a buyer for your locks, simply search on advertising sites such as Gumtree or Craigslist. You can either place an advert for your hair or try to find an advert from a wigmaker who needs hair. You will have to cut your hair and keep it all together with a hairband. Then just pop it in the post! It is also worth contacting your local beauty college or hair salon. They often look for hair models who their hairdressing students can practice on. You may not be paid for this, but you will get a free haircut!

Sell Unwanted Gifts

If you’ve just had a birthday, you will have no doubt got a load of different gifts. Did you get something that you don’t particularly like, or you know that you will never use it? Don’t just leave it kicking around your house. It’ll only be taking up space and gathering dust! Instead, why not see if you can sell it for cash on eBay or another internet auction site? You will be able to easily get rid of unwanted clothes, records, and DVDs on there. Jewelry will also sell particularly well, though you may prefer to take that to your local jewelers to see how much they will offer for it. Generally speaking, jewelers will offer you a better price than what you will get online. You can even sell gift cards that you know you won’t ever use. You can find out more important information about selling gift cards for cash on websites such as this from Cards2Cash.

Refer Your Friends

Is your company currently looking to hire some new staff? And do you have a friend who is looking for their next position? You should refer your friend to your company! Many businesses offer a referral bonus to current employees who suggest their friends apply for the job. If your friend gets the job, then you will be entitled to a one-off bonus. However, you may have to wait until your friend completes their probation period. So make sure they don’t quit or get fired during this period. Otherwise, you’ll miss out on your bonus!

Find Lost Assets

There is said to be millions of dollars sitting around and doing nothing in forgotten bank accounts. If one of these bank accounts belonged to one of your deceased relatives, you could be entitled to claiming the cash! And it isn’t just bank accounts that get forgotten about. There are also many pensions and life investment policies that are dormant and contain money that no one has yet claimed. Finding out if you are entitled to some of this lost cash is easier than you may think. There are many online guides that can take you through the process step by step. The only thing with reclaiming lost assets is that it can turn into a lengthy waiting game. Once you contact the banks, you might have to wait up to three months for a response. But all that waiting could be worth it in the end!

Rent Out Your Spare Room

If you live in a university town or an area of a city that has a high student population, you could rent out your spare room to a student. This is a great way to get a second monthly income alongside your regular paycheck. Once the student has moved in, you don’t have to clean their room at all as they will be completely responsible for it. Just ensure all the communal areas are neat and tidy. Although, they should take responsibility of some of the cleaning as well. If you would rather not have someone in your spare room all the time, just rent out your room for short periods. The best way to do this would be on airbnb. This is a website that advertises your room to those looking for holiday lets in your area. It is also possible to find people looking to rent for longer periods of time on airbnb as well. There are many benefits of turning your spare room into a holiday rent. For example, you will have different people in frequently so you will get the chance to meet lots of different travellers.

Become A Dog Walker

Do you love getting out and about in the fresh air? Then one excellent way to make a bit of extra cash would be to become a dog walker. This is a great side job that can easily fit around your main full-time job. There are two ways to get into dog walking. Firstly, take a look through the classified adverts in your local newspaper for people looking for a dog walker. You might also find such adverts online on Craigslist and Gumtree. If you don’t find any adverts, take out your own in which you advertise your services. When someone sees your ad, they may decide to take you up on your offer!

As you can see, there is a wide variety of weird and wonderful ways to make some extra cash. None of which are boring at all!

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