It can be fun to dress up your little one and visit friends or family at Halloween. Here are a few helpful hints to have a fun and safe Halloween: 
  • Look for flame-resistant labels when buying costumes. Avoid costumes with baggy sleeves or flowing skirts. 
  • Avoid dressing your child up in anything that could be a tripping hazard, like long dresses or capes, shoes that are too large, or shoes with heels.
  • Be sure any hats or hoods can't fall over and cover your child's face.
  • Use hypoallergenic face paint instead of a mask. Toddlers can become anxious if the mask slips and blocks their vision, nose, or mouth.
  • If you are out walking, use a flashlight and wear reflective clothing. Reflective tape can be put on strollers and clothing to increase visibility. 
  • Remember that young children can choke on anything that can fit through a toilet paper roll. Avoid small candies and decorations with small, loose parts. 
Have a spooktacular Halloween!
For more information check out:
Preventing Choking in Young Children

Remember there is all kinds of dangers to watch out for. Take a look at this list of Halloween dangers you should watch for: http://www.cbsnews.com/pictures/halloween-horrors-15-dangers-parents-overlook/

Halloween is fun and exciting for every age, just be sure to keep your eyes on the hazards!

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