Wednesday 12 October 2016

Scandinavian Interiors: What's Their Secret?

Just like America is well-known for its showbiz, and France for its art and food, Scandinavian countries are known for their interior design. Scandinavia has been known for its beautiful, homely interiors ever since the fifties. If you’ve ever experienced a Swedish winter, then this is hardly surprising! If you’ve been seeing interiors in a Scandinavian style, and wondering how you can achieve something just as gorgeous, then here are some quick pointers to help you out.

One of the key steps towards capturing that great Scandinavian style is getting the right form and function. When it comes to furniture, clean lines are the only thing you’ll really have to keep in mind. Sofas, chairs, tables, and everything else in the room need to embrace modern style by having smooth, curved edges and natural colours. Another big staple of Scandinavian interior design is keeping things both functional and innovative. For example, there’s a pretty big trend of having shelving of varying levels and sizes in Scandinavian design. This not only looks interesting and unconventional, but can also provide you with a handy storage solution. You’ll find a lot of Scandinavian companies that offer you bespoke cabinetry and shelving in a range of colours and designs.

Another common motif in Scandinavian interior design is light-coloured flooring. For some reason, wall-to-wall carpets never really took off in Scandinavia. Do a quick search for interior design in any Scandinavian country, and you’ll be hard pressed to find any picture where carpets or rugs cover more space than the floor itself. More often than not, the flooring is a hard wood, and left in its natural colour. It’s also fairly common to see it painted white or some other natural hue. This invites more light into the room, creating a much more spacious, breathable mien. Obviously, if you only had carpets put in last year, then the thought of splashing out for hardwood floors can be a little too much. However, it’s certainly not impossible to find quality discount timber which will be a little easier on your wallet.

Another key feature to Scandinavian interior design is keeping the whole place as clutter-free as possible. While no two interiors are exactly the same, there’s one common thread which you see in almost all Scandinavian interiors. This is a commitment to keeping your spaces well-used and free of any unnecessary clutter. Cabinets and shelving are very popular, particularly when you can store a lot in them without them feeling too intrusive. Minimalist furniture with hidden storage compartments is another great feature for achieving that distinctive Scandinavian look. Of course, if you want the whole place to feel as clear and open as possible, then you may have to have a big de-clutter before taking any more steps. Still, when you’re setting out your Scandinavian interior, stick to the old mantra that less is more.

There you have just three ways you can work towards that beautiful Scandinavian interior that so many of us want. With this advice and more, you’ll be well on your way to a space that screams beauty, simplicity, and function.

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