Tuesday 10 January 2017

When Christmas Ends, Payback Begins

It may not feel like it, but Christmas was only two weeks ago. I know, it already feels like longer doesn’t it? Alas, this is just the trick of time, and that means that there are probably plenty of people who are still trying to figure out how to pay off that Christmas debt. Did Santa bring a little more than you could afford this year? Was that Christmas dinner a tad more expensive than you realized. Ultimately, are you struggling to get to payday with the amount left in your bank account? Fear not guys, I’ve got some great ideas on how you can stay in the green now Christmas has been.

A Little Extra Work Never Hurt

As a blogger, I always aim to do a little extra at the end of the Christmas season. It’s a good idea too because there’s plenty of demand there. You’ll find that people are looking to catch up on what they missed and it won’t just be the blogging industry where this idea is relevant. Business clients will be looking to get their company off to an early start this year. Customers will be anxious to buy new items during the sales. It’s worth capitalizing off this type of demand, filling your pockets with a little extra cash. It may not be enough to cover all of your expenses but it will certainly help.

Put Off Payments

It is possible to just push some of what you owe back a little with a personal, low-interest loan. Businesses such as Credit24 specialize with this type of lending. With their help, you can pay off whatever you owe and keep that credit score nice and healthy. You also give yourself a little extra time to pay the money and get your finances back in a healthy state. They key here is choosing a loan with low interest. Look at how much it could ultimately cost in the long term and make sure you can afford it. That way, you won’t run into any further trouble by borrowing to get by.

Frugal Not Frivolous

Here’s a little secret. The annual New Year sales are sort of a trick. Yes, the prices are lower but only on things that you wouldn’t originally want and wouldn’t typically buy. If you’re smart, you avoid the sales altogether because it’s easy to just end up spending more adding to the amount you owe. Instead, wait until the shops are back to normal before you head out onto the high street. That way you can avoid overspending on a lot of junk that, to be honest, is already out of date. It’s time to be extra frugal with your cash. If you do that, you’ll find paying off the debts of Christmas is easier for you than other people.

Dip Into Savings

Not the best idea, but in desperate times you can dip into your savings. That way you can pay off anything that you bought on credit and then just owe the money to yourself. You just need to remember to pay back any money you take out back to yourself. Otherwise, you might end up in a rather sticky situation further down the road.

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