Monday 20 February 2017

How To Become The Next Big Mama Blogger In Five Steps

As a mom, it can be difficult to find hobbies outside of your kids and family - and sometimes you don’t particularly want to spend too much time focused on other things! But one way that you can combine creativity and your love of family is by, like me, starting a blog. Here are some tips to help you get started.
Find Your Niche
If you decide that you want to become a blogger, the first thing to do is decide what angle you’re coming from. The most successful blogs like Enjoying The Small Things and The IE Mommy always have some sort of niche, whether that’s as broad as being a mom, or dealing with special needs kids, or food blogging. Consider your interests and figure out how you can build a blog that other people want to read around them. Choose the things that you’re good at and that you have some level of expertise in, and that you’d like to research some more.
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Design Your Site
It’s important that your site looks professional and well put together. If you’re not sure how to do it yourself then go for a platform like Wordpress that will help you. You could even hire a designer to put it all together for you so that it looks shiny and well done. It’s also important that you have your own catchy domain name – you could even get it printed on business cards so you can hand them out to people and recommend that they go to look at your site. If you take photographs, make sure that you use a good quality camera and that you take some photography lessons first.
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Get Your Work Proofread
There’s nothing that detracts more from a blog entry than poor spelling and grammar. It’s important to make sure that what you’re writing is readable and easy to understand – and bad spelling will mean that your reader is regularly thrown out and distracted from your amazing household tips. In order to be taken seriously you need to make sure that you run your work through a spellchecker. If you think that you’re more of an ideas than a writing person, then get a friend or your partner to check your work to make sure your grammar’s good before you put it online.
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Know Your Stuff
Make sure that you know your stuff and that you aren’t making things up as you go along – particularly if you’re talking about household tips! You don’t want to tell someone how to remove a stain and then have them ending up destroying their whole carpet as a result. Make sure that you’ve done your research and that you can back up your facts with multiple sources.
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Be Sincere
The most important factor in a successful blog is that your readers like you. Share as much personal information about your family as you’re comfortable doing, and make sure that your writing style is friendly and warm, as if you’re talking to one of your best friends. If you aren’t feeling it, then your readers won’t be either and your blog will never quite get off the ground. You need to really want to share your expertise or to build your own blogging community – if you build it, they will come, as Field of Dreams (sort of) said! If you do any promotional posts then make sure they’re for products that you sincerely believe in – people can smell BS from a mile off. All you want from your friends is a sincere smile and some kind honest words – this is what people want from their bloggers too.

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