Monday 20 February 2017

Smash Your Fitness Goals With These Lifestyle Boosts

So, you've already decided that getting fit is your goal for 2017. Let's look back to the very start of the year, where you felt as though a new leaf was being turned over and you were brimming with motivation. Fast forward to the present day, however, and for most of us, it's probably a different story now. So many people step into the new year with the best of intentions, only to find that, as always, life ends up getting in the way. You might have had it set in stone that you were going to hit the gym before work, every morning without fail. But then things start to happen - maybe you need to go to work early one morning for an off-the-cuff meeting, or perhaps your child is sick and you need to stay home. All it takes is one of these instances to throw you off the wagon and boom! You are already slipping back into your old, unhealthy habits. But do not fear - the year is still fairly young, and you have plenty of time to turn things around. Here are some of the ways in which you can make sticking to your health and fitness goals a whole lot easier, and how you can really start to see some results.

Realize you can work out ANYWHERE

One of the things that stop so many of us from getting the exercise we need is the mentality that exercise only happens in the gym. When you think about it, gyms are a relatively new phenomenon - the human race has been around for a lot longer than gyms have been, after all! If people 200 years ago could keep fit and healthy without the use of a high-tech elliptical trainer, then we should be able to do so too. Find the opportunity to work out wherever you may be - this is especially useful if you are really strapped for time. This could mean anything from taking the stairs instead of the life in a multi-story parking lot, or it could mean that you do 40 squats during the ad break of your favorite TV show. Start seeing the world around you as your gym and you will soon see new opportunities to exercise wherever you go.

Make your kitchen your friend, not foe

Another reason why so many of us fall off the fitness bandwagon is due to struggles in the kitchen. For the cooks among us who are a little less experienced, the kitchen can be an intimidating and complicated place. But let's face it - you are not going to get any nutritious and healthy meals from Dominos, are you?! Cooking from scratch at home at least 90% of the time is one way to ensure that you are actually filling your body with the essential nutrients and vitamins it needs. If the mere idea of cooking a meal at home fills you with dread, don't be afraid to use a bit of a helping hand! There are many fantastic gadgets on the market these days that make home cooking so much easier. For example, these are the best food processors available, which make blending food so much easier than grinding away with a pestle and mortar. You may also choose to invest in a crock pot, which is a lifesaver for many beginner cooks and busy moms. Simply pop all your ingredients and seasonings in there in the morning set it to 'low' for eight hours, and once you are back from work, you will have a delicious meal to serve up straight away.

Get your kids involved

They do say that living a healthy lifestyle is so much easier when the people around you are all doing the same thing too. If your children have been brought up around a lot of fast food, this might be a challenge - but by being diplomatic, it will be possible to wean them off convenience meals and onto fresh, healthy food. Explain to them that they can still have fast food, but only as a treat. If they are mature enough, explain some of the health implications that eating greasy, fried foods can bring. Once you have made the switch to eating healthy food as a family, you will all be able to support each other and no doubt you will feel much more energized too. Exercising with your kids is also a great way to get back on the fitness wagon, as by combining family fun time with a bit of physical activity, you won't even notice you are exercising!

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