Friday 17 February 2017

Is Your Home Fit for a Family?

Starting a family is a huge decision. You’ll be bringing new life into the world together with your partner, and it’s both your responsibilities to take care of your child, teach them about the world, and watch them grow. It’s not something that every couple can stomach and you should never commit if you don’t think you can go the whole way. Unfortunately, one of those big considerations you need to be thinking about before you have a child is: “is my home big enough?”.

Whether you want just a single child or you want to start a large family, you’re going to need more space. You can’t expect to have a child if you live in a simple studio apartment with your partner. You’re going to need more space to fit a nursery which will eventually be upgraded to a child’s bedroom, and when they grow older you’re going to need to give them more privacy.

Consider Moving Home

The most obvious way to deal with the issue of space is to invest in a new home. If you’re currently renting a home, then this is the perfect opportunity to dive in being a homeowner. If you are financially stable and have been wanting to move into a home recently, then this is a great time to start looking for properties that suit your needs as a budding family.

You can check real estate websites or realtors near you to find the perfect property. Keep in mind that taking out a mortgage is going to be a long-term investment and it will be difficult to break out of it if you decide to change your mind, so here is a couple of things to think about when you are picking a home.

Are There Enough Rooms?

Think about how many children you want to have and consider the number of rooms you need. Generally, you can fit two or more children into a single room if you’re cramped for space, but eventually, they are going to want their own rooms so you need to plan ahead. You might have empty rooms for a while but they can be used productively such as turning them into studies, storage rooms or playrooms.

A playroom is a good example because it’s something that your children will use when they are young, but when they grow older they probably won’t be using it much and you can claim the room back for something else. It’s important that you think dynamically with your new home by imagining what uses each room as and what it can be used for in the future.

Local Amenities

The next thing to consider is local amenities. Do some research on the quality of schooling near your new home location and ask yourself if it’s enough. Some people prefer to have expensive elite schools so that their children can get the best education, but homes around these locations are very expensive so unless you want to take your child to school on long commutes, you might have to forfeit your ideal schooling path or fork out more cash for a better location.

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