Thursday 2 March 2017

Ever Heard Of A Healthy Pizza Party?

Birthday parties are such a difficult thing to discuss with your child, aren’t they? They have balloons, games, food and almighty bouncy castles in their eyes and we see the dollar signs rolling. When you’re living to a budget, it’s not an easy discussion to say you can’t afford it. Especially when you don’t have to utter those words.

Childhood is about creativity and adventure. Children believe in magic and unicorns and fairies so they believe that anything is possible. And it is, if you put your mind to it! While there are plenty of party ideas like these ones out there, your home is next big party venue and your brain is the entertainment – so it’s time to put your mind to it and check out some of the best kid’s party ideas on a budget:
  1. Garden party. If you have a back yard, you can hold a tea party or picnic in the garden. Decorating the yard is easy when you have nature on your side looking beautiful. All you need is balloons, glue and string to make bauble bunting like this for the trees or bushes. Serve finger foods and play sporty games in the space you have; the games are free! Children love to play games and that’s exactly what’s on offer.
  2. Pizza party. Have you ever had a healthy party for kids? Probably not as parties are usually full of gummy worms and cookies. But with a pizza party, you’re offering something educational, delicious and homemade – guaranteed parental approval! Aim for pizza bases from and you can choose wheat, gluten and even soy pizza bases that will appeal to children with allergies or sensitivities.
  3. Indoor sleepover. Anticipating rain over the birthday weekend? Handmade invitations to a sleepover can avoid that one! All you need is DVDs, a delicious dinner of whatever you like and some torches for night time ghost stories. Kids are easily entertained and hide and seek is still a favourite. Failing that, set the kids up with the latest video games and listen to the laughter!
  4. Fancy dress party. Have your child pick the theme, and hold a party in the sitting room. Be inspired by different ideas on Pinterest and put your crafty brain in gear for the d├ęcor. Dollar store materials can be used to make the perfect party outfit and you can hold a competition to judge the most creative costume. Prizes can be in the form of homemade cupcakes or trinket prizes from the supermarket.

Children may have some big ideas on their birthday party needs, but you can go above and beyond without spending beyond your reach. Never get yourself into debt with a party of any kind and always make the most creative choices. You’ll find that your house will be the one all the kids want to go to because of your own inspirational creations. Have a birthday party with a bang and don’t panic about the budget; the inspiration is there you just have to find it!

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