Thursday 2 March 2017

Issues Your Children Will Face (And How You Can Help)

Everyone goes through tough issues during life, and kids are no different. They will always look to you for help and guidance, and as such you should provide it. Issues aren’t always bad. In fact some are trivial. But there are certain things you need to help with as best you can, things that if you don’t help, could force your child to live a life that is worse. Kids are resilient, sure, but there are things that can hurt them and knock them back. This happens in varying stages of their life, so in no particular order, here are some main issues they face and how you can help them through each one.

Getting Into University

It is a huge issue. Everyone wants to get in, but not all can. You need to try your best to get them in. If they don’t, it will hurt their confidence and it will show. It may not be hugely important to them, but you know how vital it is to get into university. Everyone does it these days, meaning people without degrees are the odd ones out. To get them in, consider using admissions coaches, who can be found at You should try your best to help them, it is a pivotal time in their life and one you need to try hard at to help them. You could also consider hiring tutors to help them during their exams. There will always be certain subjects that they struggle with, so try to get a tutor to help them out. Just don’t overload them with things or they will stall.

Being Bullied

It happens more often than you think and is hugely damaging on the mindset of your child. It can force them into a timidness they can’t escape. A timidness that damages their future outlook on life. It can also be physically dangerous if the bullies are that way inclined. This is an issue that you may need to step in on. You may need to pull them out of school and send them somewhere else. It can be hard finding out if they are actually getting bullied, but you will find out based on your child's behaviour. Get the school involved straight away. They need to know and can stop it happening to someone else.


There first brush with death will likely come from a departing grandparent. But, there could be a more unfortunate case where a friend passes away or someone else they consider close. It can be strange, and equally harrowing to talk to a child about death. They won’t understand. But it is a moment you need to spend time on and teach them to deal with it otherwise they will develop a complex which could manifest in bad ways down the line. They may grow scared at doing anything they think dangerous for example. This is something you need to address at the earliest opportunity. A pet can be a good illustration of death, so consider buying them a cat or dog at a young age that they can grow with. It sounds morbid, but it is a great way to show the kids the cycle or life.

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